Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 188

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 188: Do not pretend to be thighs without skill


Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed.

Seeing it was already too late for Ye Chuan to dodge and was about to swat into meat pulp, she closed her eyes not daring to look, as her heart couldn’t bear to look. Although Ye Chuan was hateful, but he, after all, was teammate now, moreover, didn’t he just save her life?

Bang, a big crater appeared on the ground. With tiger-headed golem’s hand hitting the ground, the entire ground shook for a good while and clouds of dust flew up.

Eh, what about people?

Tiger-headed golem had its eyes wide open and even Tuoba Xiaoniao was also the same.

Looking inside the crater, there was nothing, let alone the corpse of Ye Chuan, there wasn’t even a drop of blood.

“Hai, here, let me see whether the head of this fellow is made up of stone or not?”

Ye Chuan’s voice suddenly came from the top of a boulder at the side of tiger-headed golem’s head. At an unknown time, he had already climbed to a boulder at the side.

The tiger-headed golem confusedly raised its head seemingly not understanding how Ye Chuan disappeared all of a sudden and arrived at the top of a boulder.

Ye Chuan jumped off the boulder while holding a thousand jin stone in his hand, and he ferociously smashed the forehead of this tiger-headed golem with the stone.

“Good, very good!”

“Well done!”

Liu Hong and Big Lu cheered. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was low, his this move showed that his guts was sufficiently big. For the most part, even Big Lu didn’t dare to get so close to the tiger-headed golem. Even the eyes of Na Shan and Na Shui shone, and although they didn’t say with their mouth, but they somewhat admired Ye Chuan in their heart. As for Tuoba Xiaoniao, her pair of red eyes were also shining while re-examining Ye Chuan, this wicked man.

After getting smashed by one thousand jin stone, moreover, ferociously getting smashed on the forehead, who could endure?

The faces of Liu Hong and others lit up with pleasure. At least, with their cultivation, they would be unable to endure this, even an expert of Daoist Master realm might not necessarily endure this. But, the tiger-headed golem was able to resist. Even though the stone in the hand of Ye Chuan was disintegrated, the head of tiger-headed golem however was fine without even a small crack. The head of this fellow, not only was made up of stone but was much harder compared to normal stones.

“Attack, use flying swords to cover me!”

Ye Chuan didn’t take the advantage to initiate a fatal attack rather retreated quickly, rushing towards the not-far-off stone forest.

Circulating four Heaven Swallowing Talismans in full power, it was not necessarily impossible to make this tiger-headed golem fall, but, since Na Shui, the disciple of Five Style Sect, had already said that as long as he drew it to the stone forest, he could leave everything else to him, so why should he take more troubles?

Ye Chuan coldly smiled. He wanted to see how this Na Shui would deal with this tiger-headed golem.

Roar! The tiger-headed golem roared loudly then ferociously chase after Ye Chuan. Although its movement was slow, its one step covered more than 20 meters, keeping in step with Ye Chuan.

After Ye Chuan had ferociously smashed its head, although the tiger-headed golem didn’t suffer any injuries, but as if it felt pain, it flew into a rage, and not looking at Liu Hong and other people, its gaze was fixed at only Ye Chuan.

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh sounds suddenly rang out.

Liu Hong, Na Shan and Na Shui finally made a move. They immediately speed up their flying swords to tie up the tiger-headed golem that was pursuing relentlessly behind Ye Chuan.

Although they disliked Ye Chuan, but now, in any case, they were on the same boat, a glory of one was the glory of all and a loss of one was the loss of all. At the very least, if Ye Chuan was to die, then they would lack a person that would attract the stone lumps.

Tuoba Xiaoniao and Big Lu also made the move, but regardless of sharp flying swords or heavy stones, this tiger-headed golem completely ignored them and stubbornly chased after Ye Chuan with the determination to kill him. Ye Chuan’s that attack of just now had thoroughly ignited flames of fury of this big fellow. And with the distance between them decreasing more and more, it stretched out its big hand to catch Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan seemed to be trying his best and his speed suddenly increased a bit, dodging the big hand of the tiger-headed golem. Shortly afterwards, he began to flicker left and right running in a ‘zigzag’ manner. Like that, the tiger-headed golem that was closely chasing behind began to find it difficult. If it took one big step, then it would accidentally overtake Ye Chuan and Ye Chuan would turn back; if it took a bit smaller step, it would never be able to keep up with the speed of Ye Chuan. No matter what it did, it wasn’t able to grab Ye Chuan.

When Ye Chuan felt that this tiger-headed golem’s speed had slowed down, he would either slow down like he giving the other party a bit of hope or would simply stop. He would even pick up a stone then throw it towards the tiger-headed golem. Although the power wasn’t big, but his every throw would accurately smash the face of this tiger-headed golem. There were quite a few times when it had wanted to give up chasing Ye Chuan, but its flames of fury were ignited again and again. And after working with perseverance, slowly, Ye Chuan lead it to enter the neighborhood stone forest.

Inside Myriad Beast Forest, there were innumerable stones and a curved narrow winding trail to pass through among them. In addition, there furthermore were different sized stone forests. Inside the stones forest, the path was even narrower and some places even had a dead end. The tiger-headed golem hotly pursued and fiercely attacked, but after entering the stone forest, it discovered that after setting foot on a narrow winding road, even if it wanted to turn around, it was very difficult, moreover, Ye Chuan who was always running in front of it had disappeared all of a sudden without a trace.

“Hahaha, brother Na Shui, luckily I didn’t fail to accomplish the task, now I will see your move!”

Ye Chuan laughed and raising his head, he shouted, and seeing Na Shui seriously stepping on the flying sword and rushing over, he still smiled, merely his smile was rather cold.

“Look clearly!”

Na Shui suddenly rushed out and hiding between the two boulders, he stretched out his legs, then put forth the strength to trip tiger-headed golem.

Tiger-headed golem who was wholeheartedly looking for Ye Chuan to tear him into pieces wasn’t alert so it quickly bumped against the leg.


A sad and shrill blood-curdling scream resounded in the Myriad Beast Forest.

The ambushed tiger-headed golem was completely fine, and Ye Chuan who was running in the front turned around and was rather stunned. Na Shui who had considered that his attack would succeed however was so filled with grief that he wished he was dead. His entire right leg below the knee was completely broken.

“Second brother, second brother……”

Five Style Sect’s disciple Na Shan rushed over and dragged away Na Shui who was feeling so much pain that he wanted to die. Carefully looking, his life wasn’t in a serious danger, but his one leg was completely disabled. It was not the dislocation of the bones rather the joint was completely broken into pieces. Only the layer of skin was connecting the entire right leg, moreover, since the ointments to set broken bones were useless, it must be amputated immediately.

After looking carefully, Na Shan still couldn’t bear to raise his hand, after all, they were brothers. Instead, Liu Hong was decisive enough, after coldly snorting, she wielded the flying sword, and then the right leg of Na Shan was cut off at the base, and the latter instantly screamed.

“Ai, truly is pitiful, he was too careless! Such a big stone lump, directly using your leg to trip it, how is that possible? Must have used a stone pillar!”

Ye Chuan came over and looking at the deathly pale Na Shui, he shook his head, and at an unknown time, he was already dragging a stone pillar.

“Noble son Ye, did you use this stone pillar to trip that dog-headed golem?” Liu Hong asked.

“Yes, didn’t you see it? This was too careless, since brother Na Shui said leave everything to him, I thought that he had some weapon even harder than this stone pillar, ai….., too careless, too unworthy!”

Ye Chuan shook his head and had the appearance of sympathy and deep concern. As for Liu Hong, she closed her mouth and felt a bit stifled.

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