Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 187

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 187: My courage is very small

“Be careful, it’s a tiger-headed golem.”

Liu Hong exclaimed and became the first person to jump on a stone on the roadside.

Although she walked behind the troops but her eyes were sharp. She was able to see the big fellow hidden inside the boulder from the crack. And just after she had shouted, the boulder on the road exploded as a huge tiger-headed golem rushed out. It was even bigger compared to dog-headed golem of just a moment ago and its entire body was also similarly a large piece of stone lump.

“Be careful, this is a big fellow!”

“Use flying swords to stab its eyes!”

Everyone jumped on the stones on either side of the road in succession, then wielding their flying swords, they send out their flying swords to attack. And as for those who didn’t have flying swords, they threw stones at it. This time, Big Lu who had been walking in the front also didn’t dare to be conceited and arrogant, he obediently jumped on the stone, dodging the spearhead. Now, the main attackers were Liu Hong, Na Shan, Na Shui and Tuoba Xiaoniao, these four people.

As for Ye Chuan, he didn’t have a flying sword, even if he had, he wouldn’t have used it easily. Now, he was merely standing on the sidelines becoming a bystander with the excuse of providing support from the back.

Since they already had experience of dealing with a dog-headed golem, this time, the entire group of people were much calmer. Facing 6-7 meters tall tiger-headed golem, although they were still nervous, but they at least knew what should they do.

Four flying swords circled through the sky and at the opportune moment, they would initiate a fierce and swift attack.

The cultivation of Tuoba Xiaoniao was not considered high, merely was Rank 4 Xiushi, but she was dexterous and extremely intelligent. Very quickly, she was able to keep up with the rhythm of Liu Hong and others. The four flying swords combined into one forming a new swords formation. And while attacking, these four people were constantly changing their positions to dodge the attack of this tiger-headed golem. As for Big Lu with a sturdy body, he would rush forward to help the person whoever got into danger.

An ear-deafening roar resounded one after another.

Compared to the dog-headed golem, this tiger-headed golem was stronger, faster and even had the ability to jump on the stone, so its overall combat capability was much higher. But, its speed wasn’t able to keep up with the speed of flying sword, so the attacks of the group would frequently succeed. Still, although it was stabbed around its eyes, its eyes were still fine, moreover, it attacked even more ferociously under its anger as if its stone lump body had an inexhaustible amount of power. This caused the entire group of people to repeatedly be in danger while dodging.

“We cannot continue like this, lead it to that stone forest, we will trip it there!”

Liu Hong skillfully dodged the attack of the tiger-headed golem, and stepping on the flying sword, she jumped to another stone, then looking at this very powerful tiger-headed golem, she commanded as she became more and more nervous.

The tiger-headed golem had inexhaustible strength but everyone wasn’t the same. If they continue to dogfight like this, they would exhaust their strength. After that, they would be in trouble with two choices, either die in the hands of Myriad Beast Forest’s tiger-headed golem or give up halfway and withdraw, but she couldn’t accept either case.

Using flying swords to stab its eyes, the difficulty was somewhat big, but the danger was relatively lower as if the attack didn’t work, then they could immediately withdraw anywhere changing the position. But if they wanted to trip this tiger-headed golem, then the danger was relatively higher as they had to run in a straight line, and if they were accidentally stepped by the tiger-headed golem, then they would change into a meat pulp.

Naturally, Liu Hong looked towards Ye Chuan who was providing support from the back. At the crucial moment, it was the turn of Ye Chuan to make a move again.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, my cultivation is very weak, and I was merely lucky last time. This tiger-headed golem’s legs are so thick…..” Ye Chuan somewhat awkwardly said.

Just a moment ago, he made a move to get rid of the dog-headed golem, but the small crystal man however landed on the hand of Liu Hong. Although he didn’t vie for it, but this matter had made him unhappy. Now, if she wants to make him take a risk and get rid of this even more ferocious tiger-headed golem, then that naturally wouldn’t be so cheap.

“Whatever treasure we find in it, consider it yours.” Liu Hong was unusually straightforward. She also knew how to make other people exert themselves at the critical moment.

That’s more like it!

Ye Chuan nodded, then he began to circulate four Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, but before he could make a move, a tall figure stepping on a flying sword brush past him who said, “Brat, go and attract the golem, then just lead it to the stone forest, and leave everything else to me!”

Na Shui, one of the trusted subordinates under Liu Hong, the instant he brushed past Ye Chuan stepping on the flying sword, he coldly looked at Ye Chuan.

Compared to that dog-headed golem, this tiger-headed golem was bigger in size and even fiercer, so he was sure that even more powerful treasure was sealed within its body. Perhaps, it was an ancient times’ treasure, or might also be another small crystal man which recorded cultivation technique that was even more powerful. If he was lucky, then he might obtain top-earth grade cultivation technique or even a heaven grade cultivation technique!

In order to let Ye Chuan exert himself, Liu Hong was very straightforward, but the disciple Na Shui of Five Style Sect under her however wasn’t. He couldn’t wait to have all the treasures of this Paradise Realm in his embrace. His potful of meat, he was reluctant to part even a bowl, no, let alone a bowl, he was reluctant to part even a mouthful!

“Brother Na Shui, are you sure?” Ye Chuan touched his nose and looking at the disciple Na Shui of Five Style Sect who was standing not far away, he said with a smile yet not a smile.

“What, you don’t even have the courage to draw the tiger-headed golem?”

Na Shui asked a question in reply. He had a deep prejudice against Ye Chuan.

Before Ye Chuan had arrived, only they brothers obtained the warm flower-like smile of Miss Liu Hong and she would repeatedly say them to protect her, this made their desires to flourish, and they earnestly wished to get on intimate terms with her as quickly as possible. But after Ye Chuan arrived, all of their good dreams popped like a soap bubble. Liu Hong still smiled, but she clearly was treating them more coldly now, no wonder these Na brothers had a bad impression on Ye Chuan!

“Something like that, I have stated, I am very weak, so my courage is also very small.”

Ye Chuan again touched his nose then looking at Liu Hong on one side, he continued, “Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, since the person under you said so, I have to try reluctantly. But after we get rid of this golem and find the treasure, you will not say that your words don’t count, will you?”

“No, now go.” Liu Hong felt somewhat stuffy in her chest. Ye Chuan’s this question was too direct, didn’t he know how to be a bit tactful?

But, honestly speaking, she truly had other plans, she thought that after getting rid of tiger-headed golem and finding its treasure, she would forcibly use some logic to bestow it to Na Shui, but now that Ye Chuan had already asked so, it was no use scheming, she was forced to give up and wait for next time.

“Good, it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously!”

Ye Chuan smiled then suddenly jumped down from the stone, unfortunately, he happened to land behind the tiger-headed golem. The big fellow made up of a stone lump turned around, nearly colliding against Ye Chuan. If it had collided head-on, then he would have changed into a ground meat.

“Be careful!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed and subconsciously stepping on her flying sword, she flew forward wanting to help Ye Chuan stall this ferocious tiger-headed golem. Big Lu also carried a big stone and threw it. Only Liu Hong, Na Shan and Na Shui stand motionless.


The tiger-headed golem opened its big mouth and issued a loud roar, then ferociously swatted.

After chasing for a long time, finally, a prey fell in front of it, so it wanted to swat Ye Chuan to a meat pulp.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder why Ye Chuan is keeping this act up around them still. Guessing they’re still useful as advance scouts?

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