Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 186

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 186: What a vixen

When Liu Hong was observing the strange cultivation technique on her hand’s small crystal human, Ye Chuan was also secretly sizing it up.

It was merely an earth grade cultivation technique, and this was not even worth mentioning to him. In the past, when he concealed the heaven with his hand, not to mention earth grade cultivation techniques, even heaven grade cultivation techniques, he had many of them. At that time, he had already mastered 3000 techniques, why would he be interested in other cultivation techniques? So with his instruction, all the gifts that were offered to him in respect were taken by Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Blue Eyed Yao Empires and his other followers.

But, when he carelessly swept a glance at the small crystal man on the hand of Liu Hong, his eyes shone all of a sudden.

On this small crystal man, a lot of magic seals were carved which appeared to have no pattern, but looking carefully, one could discover that it was a cultivation technique. And the key point of this cultivation technique didn’t lie on its grade rather lied on its very uniqueness. It was completely different from the cultivation techniques frequently seen in Wilderness World.

Ye Chuan and Liu Hong similarly tried to set about these law seals in proper series, but they were obstructed for a moment. They tried again and again, but they still frowned as they still felt something was amiss.

“Your Excellency, this isn’t a normal technique, rather a rune technique which is a technique of refining runes.” The old evil spirits Hei Kui’s voice resounded in the brain of Ye Chuan.

“Rune Technique?”

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised. Although he wasn’t that proficient in the aspect of refining runes, but he had dabbled to some extent in his previous life, however, this was the first time he encountered this kind of technique.

“This is not a common rune technique either, if my guess isn’t wrong, then this technique originated from the world beyond the highest heaven.”

The old evil spirits Hei Kui’s voice resounded once again, and pausing for a bit, he continued, “According to the legend, my Puppet Sect’s special cultivation technique, Great Puppet Technique, is also originated from the world beyond the highest heaven. Later, I don’t know how but the founder of our Puppet Sect obtained it, and after successfully cultivating it, he established Puppet Sect. Your Excellency, if my sense isn’t wrong, then not only this rune technique has the feeling of the world beyond the highest heaven, even that small crystal man in itself has a bit of aura of the world beyond the highest heaven, and it isn’t refined using a common technique.”

Ye Chuan became silent but his eyes however became more and more bright and piercing.

During the time when he was trapped in God Burial Valley, he didn’t know what kind of changes occurred, but what about this old evil spirit Hei Kui possessing this puppet doll? Perhaps, he happened to have experienced something! Even if he didn’t know, there were definitely other evil spirits that were far stronger and had lived far longer in this wilderness world, and if he was to tame all of them, then wouldn’t he be able to understand what had happened in the time period when he was trapped in God Burial valley?

Ye Chuan was excited in his heart as he was able to finally think of a way to quickly and effectively investigate the entire Wilderness World. Now he had a hope to see Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Blue Eyed Yao Empress and other followers.

If he wanted to set foot on the pinnacle someday, then he naturally had to make a great effort, but there was an even better way which was to stand on the shoulder of the giant. Using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, he could tame yao beast and all kinds of evil spirits, as well as Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Blue Eyed Yao Empress and other followers of former days. Like that, he would have giants under him, and also the so-called ‘power’. At that time, who will be able to stop him!

To conduct oneself a business, one needs to borrow power, cultivation was also the same.

Ye Chuan was somewhat absentminded, and the words of the old evil spirits Hei Kui let his imagination roam.

“Noble son Ye, noble son Ye……”

Liu Hong came to the front of Ye Chuan and whispered in a low voice as her eyes were flashing with unknown thoughts.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, what happened? Since my contribution is the greatest, shouldn’t you give me this small crystal man?” Ye Chuan came back to his senses and looking at Liu Hong with an evil smile, he called her Big Senior Apprentice-Sister.

The face of Liu Hong suddenly reddened hearing the words of Ye Chuan, but unlike shy Tuoba Xiaoniao, she quickly reverted back to normal and sweetly smiling, she said, “Noble son Ye, I’m truly sorry, I came here wanting to discuss with you. This time, brother Na Shan has used great effort, moreover, he happened to never have a suitable cultivation technique, that’s why, even though his talent is pretty good, his cultivation is not up to much. So, how about giving this small crystal man to brother Na Shan? Myriad Beast Forest is so big, I am sure that there are many similar golems with many treasures hidden within them, so each and every one of us will definitely have an opportunity in the future. Noble son Ye, what do you think?”

Liu Hong wanted to monopolize this small crystal man extracted from this dog-headed golem, but she didn’t directly say she wanted it, rather expertly used Na Shan as a pretext. She said discussing, but in fact, she was emphasizing her contribution, moreover, there was an indistinct aggressive threat on her words. Furthermore, the complexion of Na Shan and Na Shui was also ill, which stated that, if Ye Chuan was to make even a brief remark of not agreeing, then they had the intention to immediately fall out.

“This……, it’s not fine like this. Who doesn’t wish to obtain good thing? Brother Na Shan’s cultivation is not up to much, but at least, his cultivation is much better than me. Here, my cultivation is the weakest, so, shouldn’t you consider me the most?”

Ye Chuan shook his head. And although Liu Hong was still smiling and her appearance was glowing with enthusiasm, but her smile was somewhat stiff. As for Na Shan and Na Shui, their complexion became even uglier. And after pausing for a bit, Ye Chuan looked at Liu Hong and her two followers’ expression, then sneering in his heart, he indifferently continued: “Everyone wants this small crystal man, but, since Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu has spoken, you can decide.”

The technique of the world beyond the heaven which might even be personally left behind by Demonic Dragon, Ye Chuan also want it, but, considering Liu Hong had helped her look for Qingyang Fruit’s seeds in the past, he didn’t want to fall out with her as long as it was possible. Besides, Liu Hong had also not spoken wrongly, this Myriad Beast Forest was so big, so there certainly must be more than one golem. And the really good things were always at the rear.

“Well, then I will thank noble son Ye on the behalf of brother Na Shan.”

Liu Hong slightly bowed with a smile, then turning away, her complexion quickly sunk, and she issued orders to rest and reorganize.

In this battle, although they had killed dog-headed golem and accidentally obtained a small crystal man, but the entire group of people was also in sore straits. Big Lu’s injuries were most serious among them. Liu Hong took out a bottle of medicine from who knows where and personally helped big fellow to bandage his wound with a tender expression as if she was an innocent girl in love. With her charming face, elegant, bold and unrestrained bearing, moreover, that shining white slender legs and tender appearance, straightforward Big Lu was instantly charmed. This poor idiot who had never touched even a hand of a girl in his lifetime, how could he withstand this kind of temptation?

After resting, the entire group of people advanced forward.

All along the way, while being cautious, Liu Hong talked and laughed, and everyone also had a smile on their face. And no need to speak about narrowing the distance with Liu Hong, Big Lu was completely submissive to Liu Hong now. The big fellow was clearly injured, but he still excitedly continued to rush forward to open the path in the front with flushed with success expression as if he had already obtained the inheritance of this Paradise Realm.

Ye Chuan stuck to his old way observing every move of Liu Hong. On the surface, he maintained his composure, but he was secretly even more alert and guarding against this very calculating vixen.

When the entire group of people was talking and laughing relaxing to some extent, danger came once again.

Big Lu who was walking in the front suddenly stopped and was absolutely terrified. In front, there was a huge boulder on the path. And under the attentive gaze of everyone, this boulder cracked little by little, and before the big fellow hidden inside came out, they could hear the ear-deafening tiger roaring sound.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder how many guards Ye Chuan will have to eliminate before they realize that he’s been playing them this whole time.

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