Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 185

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 185: Lend you a thigh to hug


A loud sound spread far and wide, and Tuoba Xiaoniao considered she was screwed. At that time, she firmly closed her eyes and subconsciously turning over, she tightly hugged a stone pillar with her both hands.

But even after a good while when the sound had completely vanished, Tuoba Xiaoniao found she was actually still alive. She opened her eyes to look, and the first thing that reflected in her eyes was Ye Chuan with a grin on his face, and that terrifying dog-headed golem was motionlessly collapsed on one side. It had already died, and there were innumerable cracks in its stone body as if it was smashed with a huge war hammer.

Seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao was about to meet mishap, leisurely Ye Chuan finally made a move.

The First Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Heaven Defying Dragon; Second Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Skeleton under corpse mountain and sea of blood; Third Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Living Buddha; Fourth flowing water-shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Monstrous Blue Sea. With four Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulating together, the strength of 72,000 jin suddenly burst out which stumbled this huge dog-headed golem, then punching it in the passing, it’s body exploded. The dazzling flying swords attack of Liu Hong and others for a long time was inferior to Ye Chuan’s this single punch!

“You, did you save me?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao found this hard to believe. Like Big Lu, Liu Hong and others, although she already knew Ye Chuan had hidden his strength, but this punch was too fierce. Was this strength of Xiushi realm cultivator?

Impossible, there must be an issue, was dog-headed golem happened to explode itself due to the exhaustion of its power or did Ye Chuan have a peerless treasure hidden with him?

Liu Hong shook her head, she didn’t dare to believe that Ye Chuan truly had such terrifying power. That punch of just now, even the later stage Xiushi realm cultivators might not have such strength, it was almost comparable to the strength of Daoist Master realm expert. Has Ye Chuan already broken through to Daoist Master realm? Obviously not, because, the gap between the small ranks might be concealed, but Xiushi realm and Daoist Master realm was completely different and the gap between these two realms was not something that could be concealed.

Tuoba Xiaoniao also didn’t dare to believe, not not believe in the strength of Ye Chuan, rather she had never thought that Ye Chuan would actually take a risk to rush over and save her at the final moment.

This fellow would always ridicule and mock her every time he met her, moreover, he was very hostile towards Black Cauldron Sect, so how could he save her?

“Well, I saved you. But, wifey, can you loosen your hand? You have been continuously hugging so tightly. Still hugging my thigh so tightly, let’s not mention about how my leg is so sore, the crux point is I am embarrassed. Hugging my thigh in such broad daylight, if this was night, then wouldn’t…… cough, even if you have already had the bridal chamber with me, shouldn’t you pay a bit more attention?”

Ye Chuan looked at Tuoba Xiaoniao with a bad smile on his face.


Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed again. She just noticed that the thing she was firmly hugging wasn’t a stone pillar as she had thought but was Ye Chuan’s thigh. And her not too big but firm and upright boobies happened to tightly stuck on his thigh, moreover, they could clearly feel each other’s body temperature.

In former days, she found Ye Chuan, this brat, not pleasing to the eyes looking from any angle and even hated to the extent that she would grit her teeth wherever she saw him, but now, she was tightly hugging his thigh in public, now, how could she face other people?

The heart of Tuoba Xiaoniao was jumping like a little deer and she felt so ashamed that she wanted to look for a hole to crawl into.

“Xiaoniao girl, next time, if such situation arose again, then you can come back looking for me, I will not mind a sore leg.” Ye Chuan smiled and jumped on a stone.


Tuoba Xiaoniao was both embarrassed and angry. Now she owed an extremely big favor to Ye Chuan, and she wanted to curse him but it wasn’t good to curse him too. In any case, he saved her life, so how could she curse him, moreover, how could she return this favor in the future?

Tuoba Xiaoniao had a lot of worries now, if she had known she would encounter Ye Chuan here in advance, then she would have simply not participated in this muddy water and stayed back in Black Cauldron Sect cultivating in ease.

“Noble son Ye, you are so awesome, you’ve really concealed yourself. Since we are still in danger, can you talk about the profoundness behind that move?” Liu Hong jumped over to Ye Chuan and with a smile on her face, she looked Ye Chuan up and down wanting to uncover his secret.

“Where is the profoundness, I just stretched my leg like this and that big fellow stumbled and cracked open on its own.” Ye Chuan replied.

In front of this double-dealing and backstabbing Liu Hong who was very adept at scheming, he naturally wouldn’t stupidly tell the truth. That punch of just now was so fast that no-one was able to see the details, but even if Liu Hong clearly saw, he wouldn’t admit it.

Liu Hong was half believing, half doubting, but looking at dog-headed puppet with cracks everywhere, she suddenly had a thought.

The dog-headed golem completely covered in stones was practically invulnerable, but its eyes were the biggest flaw, however, after the remainder of Ye Chuan, Liu Hong discovered another flaw of this big fellow, that was its legs. With both legs broken, even if it was powerful, what could this dog-headed golem do? Wouldn’t it just change into a stationary target?

The eyes of Liu Hong shone and the certainty of being able to successfully crossing this Myriad Beast Forest increased greatly.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, there is a thing inside, quickly come and see!”

“Is that a rune crystal stone? Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, quick!”

Na Shan and Na Shui suddenly shouted in unison.

Liu Hong stepped on the flying sword then flying over there, she squatted down and looked carefully. After that, she slowly inserted her hand into the crack on the chest of this dog-headed golem. And after feeling for a little while, she fished out a human-shaped crystal. On its surface, there were many runes, rather than calling it rune crystal stone, calling it a small crystal human was better.

“Eh, this is……, this is earth grade cultivation technique?”

Liu Hong pondered while trying to hold the law seal, and she screamed in endless excitement.

At first glance, this crystal stone appeared as if a small man with rune craved on his body, but looking carefully, one could discover that many techniques sealed on it including a powerful cultivation technique.

In Wilderness World, cultivation techniques were divided into Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow, these four grades. And unlike Cloud Mist Sect with long inheritance, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were new sects that rose abruptly. In recent years, although they were so thriving that they had overshadowed steadily deteriorating Cloud Mist Sect, but their heritage wasn’t deep. Most of their cultivation techniques were yellow grade and black grade, so accidentally obtaining an earth grade cultivating technique, even Liu Hong, this Five Style Sect’s golden daughter involuntarily got overjoyed.

Liu Hong suddenly closed her mouth and tightly held the small crystal man.

A very difficult problem was placed in front of everybody.

There were a total of six people but only one small crystal man, even if Na Shan and Na Shui weren’t mentioned, there still were Lu Yingkui, Tuoba Xiaoniao and Ye Chuan, what’s to be done?

Could it be that she had to make public this earth grade cultivation technique she had obtained with great difficulty and cultivate it together?

Liu Hong rather found that difficult, an earth grade cultivation technique would definitely fetch extremely high price outside, and could even cause foul wind and rain of blood. Moreover, it was obviously not her style to surrender the things she already had in her hand and cultivating it together, but if she wanted to keep it for herself, then how should she persuade others?

Liu Hong’s gaze wandered as she secretly looked at Tuoba Xiaoniao, Ye Chuan and others.

She could casually find an excuse for Big Lu to muddle through this; Tuoba Xiaoniao’s strength was weak, even if she was unwilling on her heart, she wouldn’t say much; the crux was Ye Chuan. This small crystal man should belong to the person who had gotten rid of this dog-headed golem, and Ye Chuan had landed the final hit, earning himself a big credit, so if she wanted to muddle through him, it would be difficult. What’s more, who was Ye Chuan, he was able to tightly sat on the position of Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple despite many dangers, moreover, he quickly suppressed the internal strife of his sect. Could she be able to muddle through this kind of person?

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