Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 184

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 184: Frenzied Golem

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, be careful!”

“Jump over, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, quick!”

Na Shan and Na Shui shouted. They wanted to jump down and obstruct this ferocious dog-headed golem, but their legs however didn’t move as they didn’t dare to truly risk everything. Fortunately, Liu Hong jumped in time, and from behind her, a rumbling sound resounded as that huge stone that was tossed far away by this dog-headed golem with terrifying strength collided with another stone.

“Use the flying sword to poke its eyes!”

Liu Hong didn’t have time to look for Ye Chuan to calculate the accounts. She just urgently gave order and personally also wielded a light cyan colored flying sword.


Na Shan and Na Shui respectfully accepted the orders, then wielded their flying swords in unison. Suddenly, three flying swords whistled towards this dog-headed golem, stabbing towards its eyes.

This stone lump with extraordinary strength was practically invulnerable to all kinds of attacks but what about its eyes? Were they also made from stones becoming practically invulnerable?

But, she had no choice, since she had let Ye Chuan flee ahead of her, she had to personally make a move here.

Roar! The dog-headed golem opened its mouth and unexpectedly issued a roar similar to the dragon roar, then raising its hands, it blocked the three flying swords. The three flying swords failed to pierce the eyes of the dog-headed golem, but they were finally able to find its vital point. After blinding both eyes of this fellow, it would just become a big target, moreover, it could no longer chase after them.

“Wind Style Sword Formation!”

Liu Hong shouted loudly and she disappeared into the wind. She had used Five Style Sect’s secret technique to change into a wind. But she didn’t directly rush towards the dog-headed golem rather kept on changing position. She jumped from one stone to another while initiating a swift and fierce attack from different angles.

She slowly began to show the deadly attacks of Five Style Sect.

Under the leadership of Liu Hong, Na Shan and Na Shui advanced and retreated together while ferociously launching Style Techniques’ attack in unison. Three small flying swords, in their hands, constantly changed their formation. Sometimes, they were in ‘品’ shape and sometimes they were in a single line changing into ‘一’ shape as they tried to pierce the eyes of the dog-headed golem. After waves after waves of violent attack, the dog-headed golem finally screamed as its left eye and right eye were blinded one after another. With the cooperation of three people, they were able to destroy the eyes of this dog-headed golem.

After that, a series of strange fluctuations came from the dog-headed golem, and its three meters tall body unexpectedly expanded to five meters tall, then fiercely punching, it destroyed a small mountain-sized stone.

Injured dog-headed golem was thoroughly angry, and then, it began to attack in frenzy. Just like a rampaging bull, it smashed through all the things that were blocking it. Na Shan and Na Shui accidentally were almost caught and torn in half. And at that time, Big Lu gritted his teeth and lifting a huge stone, he rushed up wanting to take the chance of this chaos and ferociously smashed the head of dog-headed golem from behind, but the result was, even though he was able to smash its head, but there was no injury, instead the dog-headed golem discovered his position, and a ferocious punch of dog-headed golem send him flying again.

“This fellow cannot see any longer, let’s attack it together, I don’t believe that we’ll not be able to kill it!”

Liu Hong ordered, then Na Shan and Na Shui initiated swift and fierce attacks in succession. As for Big Lu fallen on the ground, he crawled up, and although his injury seemed to be serious, he patted off the dust and joined the battle again. Don’t know whether he innately had the different physique, but that strike didn’t kill him, moreover, he still was valiantly fighting again. He didn’t have a flying sword, and his only weapon mace was also broken, so he just lifted a big stone and began throwing it at the dog-headed golem.

Even delicate looking Tuoba Xiaoniao also wield her flying sword and entered the battle. Although her attacks weren’t as fierce as Liu Hong because she wasn’t skilled in flying sword, but in any case, she could still impede dog-headed golem that was ferociously charging and attacking.

Now that even Tuoba Xiaoniao had joined the battle, Ye Chuan who was continuously looking on with folded arms was embarrassed to continue staying idle, so just like Big Lu, he also threw rocks at the dog-headed golem.

But what made Liu Hong spit blood was, although Big Lu was putting forth his strength to lift big stones and was throwing them ferociously in quick succession, however, these stones didn’t leave even a bruise on dog-headed golem, but Ye Chuan simply stood and took aim for a long time, then leisurely picking up a small stone, he would throw it lightly. His throw was so light that this stone wouldn’t even create a splash even on a calm lake, let alone injure the dog-headed golem. Seeing such action of Ye Chuan who didn’t seem to exert himself, Liu Hong who had placed high hoped on him wanted to truly spat blood.

“This brat……”

Liu Hong hatefully gritted her teeth, but she could do nothing about Ye Chuan. He had already said that his cultivation was merely a Rank 3 Xiushi which was weakest among this team, so, even if she didn’t believe him, what could she do?

The entire group of people surrounded the dog-headed golem and attacked. When the latter rush forward, all of them would retreat and would jump from one stone to another dodging the attacks of the dog-headed golem. And if this stone lump turned around, they would immediately chase and attack fiercely. Like this, let alone a stone lump, even if it was an iron lump, it would definitely wear out and die. Under the continuous attack of the entire group of people, the dog-headed golem slowly began to wear out. Everywhere on its body, there were many pits made by flying swords, and it began to get weaker and weaker.

And when the entire group of people thought that they could win certainly, a chance suddenly appeared.

After sustaining ferocious attacks, the dog-headed golem staggered. Liu Hong seized this change to hastily rushed forward using her technique, but before she could initiate an attack, the dog-headed golem who appeared to be very weak suddenly straightened up, then grabbed the right leg of Liu Hong. And seeing the circumstance was anything but reassuring, the nearby Tuoba Xiaoniao subconsciously rushed forward to rescue her, which resulted in, the dog-headed golem releasing Liu Hong and palmed Tuoba Xiaoniao flying.

Everything happened in an instant.

Before everyone could react, Tuoba Xiaoniao had already crashed to the ground and a trace of blood came out from her mouth. As for Liu Hong, she was completely fine, and she quickly slipped away like a thief to the top of the faraway stone. She wasn’t injured in the slightest, merely was somewhat in sore straits with disheveled hair. At the same time, the dog-headed golem stepped towards Tuoba Xiaoniao on the ground. Its momentum was threatening and it seemed to want to vent all its anger on Tuoba Xiaoniao.

“Be careful!”

Big Lu ferociously threw out a big stone wanting to stop this ferocious dog-headed golem, but the latter completely ignored him and continued to walk towards Tuoba Xiaoniao. Its energy was completely locked on to Tuoba Xiaoniao and its killing intent was also surging.


Tuoba Xiaoniao rolling on the ground opened her eyes and happened to see dog-headed golem’s leg stepping towards her, so she involuntarily screamed.

How big was that foot?

Filled with stone lumps, its foot was very uneven and was more ferocious even compared to the teeth of a crocodile. Moreover, this foot was ten times bigger than an average person’s foot and was frightening as millstones!

Delicate Tuoba Xiaoniao felt powerless to dodge and also didn’t have enough time to dodge, so while screaming, she closed her eyes. As for Big Lu, he also couldn’t help but closed his eyes as he was unable to see a youthful woman crushed into a meat pulp.

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