Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 183

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 183: Innately super strong

“Be careful, big fellow, go forward!”

Liu Hong turned pale and hastily ordered.

This dog-headed golem that had appeared suddenly was too strong and was like a heavy boulder rolling on a narrow and winding road. If met head-on, then even an elephant would be crushed and if they wanted to dodge, then they didn’t have space to dodge.

At this critical moment, as a captain, Liu Hong didn’t go forward and also didn’t order two disciples of Five Style Sect, rather instructed stubborn Big Lu, revealing the calculation of her heart. The so-called forming a team was, in fact, merely looking for a few no-cost labors, nothing else.


The big fellow Big Lu however didn’t think much, and without waiting for Liu Hong’s order, he rushed forward. Dong, he ferociously smashed the dog-headed golem by his mace.

But, the mace which weighted three thousand jin snapped into two, and the dog-headed golem that was moving threateningly towards them merely paused for a bit, moreover, that mace was not able to leave even the slightest scratch.

Big fellow Lu Yingkui who had always bragged about his innate superhuman strength was dumbfounded and was so overwhelmed that he didn’t move. At that moment, a big fist arrived in front of him and sent him flying. His shoulder was sunken and his right arm was dislocated. Receiving this attack head-on, he was seriously injured and after falling on the ground, he struggled for a good while, but he wasn’t able to stand. Dong dong, the sound of footsteps got closer and closer. The steps of this dog-headed golem were so heavy that if it was to step on him, then he would truly be crushed into a meat pulp.

“Na Shan, Na Shui, use hooked rope, quick!”

Liu Hong was tense and her eyes were full of fear.

Na Shan and Na Shui were not only the disciples of Five Style Sect, they were also her trusted subordinates, so encountering the danger, she made Big Lu rush forward secretly preserving her strength. But, now that she was facing dog-headed golem, this terrifying big fellow, she couldn’t afford to do that.”

“Yes, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister!”

The two disciples of Five Style Sects agreed then simultaneously jumped on the rocks of both sides of this path. After that, both of them took out a long rope with a hook tied on its end. Then spinning it above their head, they tossed out with all their strength towards the legs of this dog-headed golem, then one person pulled one leg with all their strength towards the opposite side.

Hooked Rope Separation!

Na brothers quickly displayed their special technique. If they jointly used this technique on a common people, then pulling with their strength, they could tear that person into two half. This move was simple and fierce. But, this time, their time-tested deadly move was ineffective. After the legs of this dog-headed golem were hooked, even after they used all the strength they had, they weren’t able to move them the slightest as if they were pulling the mountain.

On the contrary, this dog-headed golem paused and grabbing the hooked-rope, with its hands, it instantly pulled over Na brothers and ferociously collided with them.

“Run, quickly run!”

Seeing this dog-headed golem was so powerful, Liu Hong was so scared that she turned pale, then turning around, she ran. Ye Chuan also turned around and slip away, running away even quicker than Liu Hong. The big fellow and Na brother that had fallen on the ground also stood up and while staggering, they also ran as fast as they could. Behind, the innately super strong dog-headed golem who was practically invulnerable chased them relentlessly. Although it was slow in movement, but its one step covered everybody’s several steps, so the distance between them continuously decreased. And even worse was, it picked up a boulder and threw towards them which coincidentally blocked their route of retreat.

Liu Hong who had taken the lead to flee for life turned around and seeing that dog-headed golem was getting nearer and nearer, cold sweat appeared on her face. Before she was vying to become a captain, but now, she didn’t know what to do, moreover, she didn’t even have the courage to try to resist.

Dong, dong, dong……, the dog-headed golem approached in large strides, and just looking at its fists made them tremble with terror. Just after receiving a single punch from that fist, Big Lu was half-dead, moreover, that punch hadn’t landed on his vital point. If bewitchingly charming Liu Hong or endearing little bird Tuoba Xiaoniao were the one that received that punch, then wouldn’t that fist have taken their life?

“Noble son Ye, what should we do? Noble son Ye……” Liu Hong asked in a trembling voice. Recalling Ye Chuan who hadn’t made any move, she suddenly felt as if she found someone to lean on in her heart.

Leading the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect to the victory in three major sect’s Great Competition, going to Heavenly Yao Sect and return successfully burrowing a peerless treasure Heaven Burning Furnace, and quickly suppressing the internal strife of Cloud Mist Sect……, Ye Chuan did all of these things, which among them weren’t highly admirable?

The sinister eyes of Liu Hong had already discerned that Ye Chuan was extraordinary, and the fact also proved that she really hadn’t misjudged him. Although Ye Chuan said that he was only Rank 3 Xiushi, but she didn’t believe that. And now, when truly ran into danger, she quickly recalled that this powerful Ye Chuan who was real knowledge but not showy.

The eyes of Liu Hong were suddenly filled with hopes, but when she turned around, she was dumbfounded.

Ye Chuan who was standing behind her throughout the way had already disappeared at an unknown time. It seems he had run away faster than anyone else.

“Hey, here.”

Ye Chuan waved his hand from the boulder top and said with an evil smile, “Miss Liu, I’m sorry, my cultivation is the weakest and my courage is also the smallest, so I ran away first. I will help you make the formation from up here, you all can continue. As for wifey, if you don’t want to die, then come up and provide support to Captain Liu Hong together with your husband, moreover, we can also sit by and watch her Style Technique’s big killing moves.”

Liu Hong was a type of person who speaks a human language if she saw human and speak a ghost language if she saw ghosts, so seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, she turned around and fled, but Ye Chuan slipped away even faster, he wasn’t stupid enough to rush forward like Big Lu. With a single glance, he knew that this three meters tall dog-headed golem was a melee expert and fighting it in a close combat was the stupidest idea unless one had a heaven-defying strength.

But, even if one had heaven-defying strength, there was no need to fight it head-on.  After breaking through to Rank 3 Xiushi and condensing four Heaven Swallowing Talismans, Ye Chuan’s strength had increased sharply to the terrifying 72,000 jin. So he had the confidence to compete head-on against this three meters dog-headed golem, but, was that necessary?

Clearly not, even if he wanted to make a move, he had to put it off until the final moment when he had no alternatives. Liu Hong had still yet to make her move, so he even more wasn’t in a hurry.

Liu Hong didn’t use the Style Technique of Five Style Sect to make a deadly move, on the contrary, she was the first person to jump beside Ye Chuan. As for Tuoba Xiaoniao, Lu Yingkui and Na brother, they also jumped to other huge stones in succession. At that time, no one dared to face dog-headed golem head-on as no one was truly stupid.

“Noble son Ye, you are too heartless, running so quickly, are you not afraid that I will be killed in one punch by this dog-headed golem?”

Liu Hong with slightly red eyes pretended to be still badly shaken delicate and charming young girl, she thought to stimulate Ye Chuan to make a move.

Blindly running away wasn’t the way, it hadn’t been a long time since they entered this stone forest, and there still were unknown dangers in the front. But, if they retreat now, how would they cross this stone forest, and how would they explore this ancient Paradise Realm? Did they don’t what the inheritance of this Paradise Realm?

Liu Hong paid no attention to the jealous gaze of Na Brothers, as well as, completely ignored the disgusted expression of Tuoba Xiaoniao. She directly tried to seduce Ye Chuan in public as she directly leaned on Ye Chuan. Even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t believe that Ye Chuan’s cultivation was only trifling Rank 3 Xiushi.

With regarding her beauty, Liu Hong had always been very confident. As long as she leaned on Ye Chuan’s bosom, she didn’t believe Ye Chuan would be hard-hearted enough to let ferocious dog-headed golem destroy a flower. But, when she was full of confidence, she suddenly felt empty and nearly fell down from the stone to the feet of the dog-headed golem. Ye Chuan with a bad smile had instantly jumped to another huge stone.

“Noble son Ye, you……”

Li Hong was angry and her face became rather hot, but before she could finish speaking, she suddenly felt she was rising higher and higher. She lowered her head and looked, then became pale.

Below, the dog-headed golem who was unable to jump had suddenly stretched out its hands, then it held this heavy and tall stone high. This several thousand jin heavy stone, as if it was a small sandbag, it wanted to throw it far away!

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