Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 182

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 182: A dog-headed golem

“Surnamed Ye, you……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao turned around and furiously glared at Ye Chuan.

Seeing Liu Hong was laughing, she was embarrassed and also angry, moreover, blushed to the root of her ears. There was no other maiden whom Ye Chuan called wifey other than her.

Tuoba Xiaoniao grabbed the hilt of the sword hanging on her waist and pulled half of it, but she endured and didn’t attack. She just furiously turned away.

In this dangerous and unfathomable Paradise Realm, it would be very dangerous to travel alone, but under embarrassment and anger, Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t care about it.

“Well, well, sister Xiaoniao, noble son Ye was only joking, nothing else. Don’t lower yourself to the same level as him.”

Liu Hong stopped Tuoba Xiaoniao, then looking at everyone, she slowly said, “It is unfathomable and dangerous ahead, so now, all of us are in the same boat, sharing glory and loss together. Only if we all unite, we will have the hope to break through this stone forest. I suggest we form a team and select someone as a leader to lead us to venture into the unknown, how about it?”

“I agree.”

“There is nothing to say, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, you can be the captain. If you order us to go east, then we will definitely not go to the west.”

The two disciples of Five Style Sect quickly made their position known, agreeing in unison. As for other three people, they however were silent.

“Big fellow, what is your name and what’s your thought?” Liu Hong’s gaze wandered around and she began to ask one by one.

“If we encounter a formidable opponent, how will we divide up the workforce? And if we find treasures, how will we distribute?” This tall and big person directly asked the important matter of cooperation in a low, muffled voice. They had taken risks to rush into the Paradise Realm to quickly find the treasures, who want to prepare a wedding dress for another person?

The gaze of Liu Hong glimmered and said: “If we encounter enemies, then we will naturally face them together, crossing a river in the same boat. If we find treasures, then we’ll divide according to the contribution. By the way, big fellow, what is your cultivation level?”

Very calculating Liu Hong spoke evasively. Her talk sounded very normal but in fact didn’t explain anything, moreover, without batting an eyelid, she changed the subject of the topic.

This big fellow was bold to say directly, but his brain department seemed to be lacking. He simply nodded his head and said, “Fine, then we can form a team together. My surname is Lu and given name is Yingkui, am a loose cultivator. Currently, my cultivation is Rank 5 Xiushi. Many people call me Big Lu, hereafter, you all can also call me Big Liu.”

“Xiaoniao, what about you? What is your cultivation and do you agree to form a team?” Liu Hong looked at Tuoba Xiaoniao and enthusiastically pulled the latter’s hand.

“I agree, and my cultivation is Rank 4 Xiushi, I have just made a breakthrough.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao simply answered while reluctantly letting Liu Hong pull her right hand. In her heart, she was feeling uncomfortable but if she was to shake off in the presence of all, then it wouldn’t be too polite, so she wasn’t able to shake off Liu Hong.

“Noble son Ye, what about you?”

Liu Hong looked towards Ye Chuan, and continued to speak making her look pitiful, “Paradise Realm is dangerous, but I don’t know whether my father and others are fine. But, I can vaguely sense his aura behind this stone forest. Noble son Ye, can you help me (humble way)? After forming a team, you can be the team captain and I will act as a guide.”

“Form a team then form a team, but I cannot be the captain. Every one of you is Xiushi realm experts, but I, Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple have just made a breakthrough to Rank 3 Xiushi realm and my cultivation has yet to stabilize, so even if I want to serve as captain, I am not capable enough, I am truly ashamed. Miss Liu, I think it’s better for you to be the captain, I just hope that you will give me a bit of consideration when running into the danger.” Ye Chuan replied.

Liu Hong wanted to form a team with a mind to become the captain. Ye Chuan saw through this but didn’t reveal it and also was too lazy to contend for that position.

With the people of Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect who had different thoughts in their heart, in addition, this big fellow who was an unfamiliar loose cultivator, even if formed a team, it was impossible to truly unite and when they ran into a true danger, it was impossible to count on another person. But since they had coincidentally met, there was nothing bad in forming a team and walk a part of the path. Moreover, it was not too late to leave after scouting the circumstance of this Paradise Realm.

“Noble son Ye is flattering me, I am only a little woman without any ability. Honestly, I should have followed behind everyone but thinking about my father whose life or death is unknown, I am feeling very sad and impatient, and since everybody doesn’t have any objection, I will undertake a difficult job that is beyond me, let’s go. Na Shan, Na Shui, you two brothers walk in the front taking the lead. Big fellow, follow after them and as for us three, we will cover the back.”

Liu Hong quickly ordered making the two disciples of Five Style Sect walk in the front. Although her voice sounded tactful and pleasant to hear, her eyes however were flashing with a trace of complacent light. Since she had successfully become a Captain, not only she could command all of them to withstand the formidable opponent, even when they find any treasure, wouldn’t she have the final say?

The smile of gorgeously dressed Liu Hong appeared sweet and innocent, but in fact, she was adept in scheming. No one knew how many schemes she had in her heart.

The entire group of people set out, and very cautiously, they entered stone forest shrouded in grey mist.

Originally, both disciples of Five Style Sect walked in the front leading the way, but after walking for a little while, the big fellow, Big Lu rushed ahead, then with a mace in his hand, he became the person leading the way. Everyone was dumbfounded seeing this and thought that this big fellow was not only lacking in his brain department, but he was also moving without considering others. Liu Hong however quietly gave the signal to Na Shan, then he slowly dragged behind to safeguard Liu Hong’s back.

Ye Chuan neither walked slowly nor walked quickly at the back and he observed all the small actions of Liu Hong but he didn’t even bat an eyelid, and pretending to know nothing, he slowly followed behind Liu Hong. While walking, he appreciated the back view of both Liu Hong and Tuoba Xiong.

These two women were completely different types. One was hot, sexy as well as bold, and she wore miniskirt as if the shorter it was the better. And another completely covered her body from head to toe wearing the standard gown of Black Cauldron Sect. And looking from the back, one was petite and dainty, and while walking, her pert buttocks jumped wanting to emerge abruptly from under the miniskirt; another one was endearing little bird with a graceful bearing. Looking at them, each had something to recommend them.

“Brat, what are you looking……” Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly turned around and angrily glared at Ye Chuan.

All along the path, she always felt the gaze of Ye Chuan so she was naturally unable to endure any longer. If energetic Zhu Sijia was in her place, then she would have already acted violently long ago.

“Looking at the path, wifey, when you walk, didn’t you look on the path?”

Ye Chuan had a bad smile on his face but he squinted his eyes, then he began to circulate four Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

“You……” Tuoba Xiaoniao gritted her teeth. She had seen many shameless people but she had never seen the second person who was as shameless as Ye Chuan in the entire Cloud Mist Mountain range.

Looking path then looking path, but all people had risen their head, but how come you are lowering the head throughout the way? Could it be that you are looking the path from between the gap between the thighs?

Tuoba Xiaoniao was short of breath as she truly wasn’t able to keep her anger under control, and her right hand had already grabbed the hilt of her sword. But just when she was about to attack, she suddenly felt something was wrong. The entire group of people had stopped without uttering a single world. As for big fellow Big Lu who was in the front leading the way, all his muscles were tense.

Tuoba Xiaoniao turned around and happen to see a terrifying scene.

In the front, a boulder which diameter was about 50 meters suddenly cracked open and a three meters tall stone man came out. It had a body of a human and the head of a dog, and just like a puppet, it automatically took a step. Although its expression was dull, but its power however was astonishing. That one step shook the ground.

A dog-headed golem with innate super strength appeared in front of everyone which rushed towards them with soaring killing intent.

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