Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 181

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 181: Myriad Beast Forest

“Noble son Ye, then we will enter first and wait for you inside.”

Liu Hong smiled revealing a sweet smile, but after turning around, her complexion became gloomy.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, can’t we wait a bit longer?” A disciple of Five Style Sect asked.

After Gushan Leng, the Big Disciple of Five Style Sect suddenly died in the Great Competition of three major sects, Li Hong had her wished fulfilled, assuming the position of sect’s Big Disciple. After that, she was addressed as Big Senior Apprentice-Sister. Secretly she was proud of herself for this achievement, but on the surface, she kept this information a secret because she wanted to continue pretending weak in front of Ye Chuan.

“Wait? That boy is an old fox, what should we wait for?”

Liu Hong snorted then swaying her very slender waist, she returned to the front of Five Style Sect’s large troops. After that, commanding everyone, she led all the disciples of Five Style Sect into the passage of stone coffin. Then, with a group after group of people disappearing, more than 2000 people completely disappeared.

After that, powerful auras came from the horizon.

All of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect looked all around only to see experts stepping on the flying swords flying towards this place from all directions. Among them, there were experts of other sects and also loose cultivators.

The news of the appearance of Paradise Realm in Cloud Mist Mountain Range had spread faster than any flying swords, and many experts had rushed over after getting the wind of it. Not long after, even larger number of people would arrive here.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan commanded and he rushed towards the passage of stone coffin without any hesitation.

When he was ten meters away, he felt nothing, but after taking one more step, when he reached nice meters away from the stone coffin, he suddenly sunk and felt like floating up in his mind. And rushing forward again, when he was 5-6 meters away, he involuntarily vibrated, not trembling rather involuntarily vibrating at a high speed and he felt as if his shoulders were about to tear and fly out. And when he was three meters away from the stone coffin, the vibration reached the peak, and as if a wave, his body rippled and distorted, then disappeared.

Fatty, Zhu Sijia and others who were closely following behind along with roughly 800 disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also disappeared within a few breath of time.

All the experts that were flying towards this place stepping on their flying sword after hearing the news were stunned to see this, but after a little while, someone dared to advance and disappeared into the passage of stone coffin.

The ground continued to shake and the layer upon layer of palaces in the midst of cloud and mist also continued to sink leaving merely the towering top exposed outside the ground. Furthermore, the closing of the lid of the stone coffin also accelerated. And the demonic dragon pattern on its lid began to shine as if a ferocious ancient times rune.


After feeling dizzy, Ye Chuan finally felt his both legs landing on the solid ground.

Opening his eyes, he looked around. Behind was nothingness where even light couldn’t enter which appeared as if it was an abyss that devours a man without spitting out the bones. On the left side was a forest that stretched as far as the eye could see. On the right side was a swamp. And straight ahead was a spectacular stone forest. He couldn’t see the end of this strange stone forest. He didn’t see any trace of Flame Devil and horned demon Na Gusi and also couldn’t see the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect including fatty and Zhu Sijia. Among all those people who had rushed in together, only he alone was here.

Amazing measure!

Ye Chuan was amazed in his heart. Even though so many people had swarmed in together, everyone was dispersed in the different location. This kind of transmission measure was unusual. In his previous life, he had a contest of strength against many experts but he had never encountered Demonic Dragon, so he didn’t know what kind of abilities the other party might possess, thereupon, he needed to be especially careful.

Carefully scanning all around for a while, Ye Chuan walked towards the stone forest in the front. He was careful in his every step.

In the sky, a thin gray mist was floating, but unlike the bloody mist of Evil Dragon Abyss, it didn’t have any corrosive property. It didn’t seem to have any harmful effect, but for some unknown reason, these gray mist gave Ye Chuan a very bad feeling. Being enveloped under this gray mist, the entire Paradise Realm appeared as if it was a huge grave, and this was a place where the dead wandered, if living people came in, either they would die or they would change into a living corpse.

The Stone Forest appeared not far away, but after walking for a while, he discovered that it wasn’t so because even after he had walked for a while, there didn’t seem to be any change in the distance. The grey mist in the sky was unconsciously causing the illusion. The light of this place seemed to be distorted and even time and space of entire Paradise Realm were distorting.

A burst of noisy sound suddenly came through.

Ye Chuan quickened his step and following the source of the voices, he unexpectedly discovered a few familiar faces.

He saw Liu Hong dressed in a short leather skirt was making gestures while shouting loudly and also running towards him. In addition to her, there were two disciples of Five Style Sect, a tall and big person as well as a gentle and graceful endearing little bird-like woman dressed in Black Cauldron Sect’s robe.

Tuoba Xiaoniao?

Ye Chuan was surprised, he had never expected that he would meet her in this place. He paused, then strode forward.

“Noble son Ye, are you also here in this Myriad Beast Forest?”

Liu Hong turned around and on her overbearing and cold complexion of just now, seeing Ye Chuan’s figure, immediately a sweet smile appeared. She was wearing a fish scaled armor on her upper body which tightly wrapped around her boobies that appeared as if they wanted to burst out of her solid armor. On her lower part, as always, she was wearing a super short leather skirt which barely covered her pert buttocks, but her especially slender shining white legs were especially conspicuous.

As for those two disciples of Five Style Sect, they were repeatedly stealing a glance of boldly dressed Liu Hong in secret and being charmed, both of them were burning hot both inside and outside. But Ye Chuan however didn’t even spare a glace and a trace of disgust flashed in his eyes. Before, he didn’t mind, but now, with regarding this double-faced and double-crossing woman, he had more and more bad impression. His gaze fell on the boulder in front of this stone forest and he found that three words ‘Myriad Beast Forest’ were carved on it.

“Noble son Ye, what’s wrong, your complexion doesn’t look very good. What about the other disciples of Cloud Mist Sect? Are you the only one here?” Liu Hong leaned over, appearing as if she wanted to stick with Ye Chuan, causing a spring breeze to assail his senses. Then raising her head, she threw out her chest making her already plump chest appear even more towering just like an impressive mountain peak on a flat land.

The two disciples of Five Style Sect looked over in jealousy and their gaze was rather ill. As for Tuoba Xiaoniao, she turned around and her lips moved as she cursed in a low voice. She couldn’t tolerate Liu Hong, this kind of fickle and lascivious woman, the most, and clearly, she regarded Ye Chuan as the same kind of trash. Moreover, recalling the matter of Ye Chuan peeping her when she was bathing last time, she became even more furious.

And in this operation, the person whom she didn’t want to see the most was Cloud Mist Sect’s Ye Chuan, but to her surprise, she met him so quickly, truly was enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

“Yes, only I am here.”

Ye Chuan replied. Now, he was secretly alert and disgusted with Liu Hong, but on the surface, he nevertheless had a sincere appearance as he sighed, “Ai, wifey is also here, but you are not greeting even though we are meeting, truly treating me worse than a stranger, Miss Liu, do you also think that my appearance is that bad?”

“Hahaha, hahahaha……”

Liu Hong covered her mouth and roared with laughter. At that time, Tuoba Xiong looked for Big Bird to come bully and humiliate Cloud Mist Sect, but he courted humiliation to himself, this matter had already spread all over the Cloud Mist Mountain Range and long been cited as a joke. And seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao once again, Ye Chuan truly was bitterly sarcastic, causing her to laugh.

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