Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 180

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 180: Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm

Ye Chuan had made a prompt decision but when he reached the Bluestone Mine leading everybody, he discovered he was still a step late. No need to mention Five Style Sect that was nearest to the Paradise Realm, even Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong had already arrived leading the elites of his sect.

In this operation, Ye Chuan brought all the younger generation disciples of Cloud Mist Sect whose cultivation was Rank 7 Wuzhe or above. With a total population of 800 people, they appeared overwhelming with numerical strength. But compared to Five Style Sect and Black Cauldron Sect, their number was still too small. Altogether the troops of Five Style Sect numbered nearly 2000 and as for Black Cauldron Sect, nearly the whole nest had come out. Even the previous generation disciples had rushed over to this place. Altogether they had 3000 people. They neatly lined up in a formation and their momentum was threatening.

After the Paradise Realm came out of the ground, the three huge sects of Cloud Mist Mountain Range quickly made a move.

Ye Chuan saw tall and big Tuoba Xiong far away, but he said nothing merely assessed the situation carefully. For the first time, even this old man Tuoba Xiong didn’t dare to advance. Everyone was just observing this ancient Paradise Realm.

Outside the layer upon layer of palaces, cloud and mists were lingering and although its momentum was broad but no-one could clearly see the true features of this Paradise Realm. Even divine sense also couldn’t see through it. And under the ground, inside the mining pit which was roughly 100 meters deep, there was a stone coffin. At an unknown time, the lid of this stone coffin had already opened. Inside it, there wasn’t skeleton rather a black passage that led to an unknown location. Anything that approached near this stone coffin would disappear instantly.

Rumbling sound frequently came from the depth of the ground and the ground continuously shook. As for the palaces of the sky, they were sinking slowly wanting to re-sink deep underground. Moreover, the cover of this stone coffin was also closing slowly. On the lid of this stone coffin, a dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws was engraved, but it was different from the common dragon. Its tail was especially sturdy and it didn’t have wings but there were sharp bony thorns on its back making it look incomparably ferocious.

Is this the entrance to enter the Paradise Realm?

Once the stone coffin is completely covered, can they be able to enter again?

All the people of three sects were intently watching at the slowly closing stone coffin, and their complexion was tense.

The dark passage that led to unknown place inside the stone coffin appeared daunting, so no-one dared to rashly storm into it. But if they continued to wait in vain like this, then they would miss a golden opportunity.

“Let’s go, outstanding disciples of my Black Cauldron Sect, follow me!”

Tuoba Xiong gritted his teeth and ordered, then took the initiative to advance. And when he was roughly three meters away from the stone coffin, his body suddenly distorted and then disappeared. As for more than 3000 disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, they slightly hesitated, then bracing themselves, they followed after and disappeared one after another as if traveling through the time to another invisible world.

Among the three major sects, Tuoba Xiong took the lead to make the decision.

This old fellow that handled affairs by fair means or foul, in front of Heavenly Maiden and Tian Ku, perfectly knowing the consequences of offending Heavenly Yao Sect, he directly retreated; but facing this ancient Paradise Realm, he was the first person to grit his teeth and became ready to risk everything. To be able to adapt to different situations, he really was a formidable man.

“Master, shouldn’t we also enter?” Horned Demon Na Gusi was very eager to enter and seeing the people of Black Cauldron Sect were rushing in, he was somewhat impatient.

“No need to be hasty, wait a minute.”

Ye Chuan scanned the troops of Five Style Sect and then his gaze fixed on the dragon-shaped pattern on the lid of the stone coffin.

Sturdy tail with bony thorns on the back, this kind of dragon had never been seen before in Wilderness World. And after carefully flipping through his previous life’s memories, vague memory fragments slowly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan.

According to the legend, outside the Wilderness World, there is a distant world beyond the highest heavens called the Dragon Kingdom. That place’s heaven and earth gave birth to an ancient Heavenly Dragons. Among these Heavenly Dragons, there were winged dragons that had a pair of wings that span 108000 li and there were also fiercest demonic dragons that had the most doughty body. Among all the Dragon Clan, the body of demonic dragons was abnormal and they were famous for being fiercest and bravest in close combat. These demonic dragons’ tail was especially sturdy, moreover, they coincidentally had bony thorns on their back which were their ferocious killing weapons during close combat.

“Demonic Dragon’s stone coffin, can it be, this is a Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, is the dwelling left behind by the Demonic Dragon that came from the world beyond the highest heavens?”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and was shocked.

He was sure that millions upon millions of years ago when he could conceal the heaven with his hands, there absolutely was no trace of Demonic Dragons in Wilderness World. So, if this was truly a Paradise Realm left behind by Demonic Dragon, then it must have happened after he was trapped in the God Burial Valley.

Perhaps, after he, the overlord Sage, was trapped in God Burial Valley, this Demonic Dragon might have used great power to tear the void and come here; or, perhaps an unprecedented cataclysm had occurred in Wilderness World causing the appearance of the passage leading to the world beyond the highest heavens. After that, the Sage realm experts of Wilderness World might have entered that passage in succession, proceeding to the world beyond the highest heaven and the experts of the world beyond the highest heaven might have also come to this Wilderness World.

The expression of Ye Chuan changed, the more he thought, the more shocked he became. He wondered what exactly happened in this Wilderness World when he was trapped in God Burial Valley. But to confirm his guesses, he had to think of a way to travel all over the Wilderness World, verifying his conjecture little by little. Even if it had already been a long time, there inevitably would be some clues.

“Noble son Ye, how come, aren’t you going?”

Liu Hong walked over with a smile on her bewitchingly charming face.

When she was at the entrance of Cloud Mist Sect, seeing Paradise Realm had come out from the ground, she had hurriedly returned back, but now, looking at that dangerous and unfathomable dark passage of the stone coffin, she instead wasn’t in a hurry. She wanted Ye Chuan and his group to enter first because she wanted Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect face all the dangers inside first. Her face was full of smiles and was extremely warm but she had a scheme in her heart.

“Nothing urgent, inside Paradise Realm, I am sure that there are layer upon layer of dangers. Your Five Style Sect and Black Cauldron Sect have many experts, so I am waiting for you all to open up the path first.”

Unlike Liu Hong, Ye Chuan straightforwardly said his intention, and with a smile yet not a smile, he added, “Miss Liu, didn’t you say your father is swept inside this Paradise Realm? But why aren’t you entering hastily to look for him? Perhaps, he is waiting for your help. If you all enter too late, perhaps you all might be too late to save him, so pitiful. Miss Liu, you will not be impervious to your own father’s misfortune, do you?”

Want to play dirty with me? What to play scheming in front of me?

Ye Chuan also smiled, only his smile had a trace of coldness.

The passage of stone coffin was slowly closing, once closed, they will lose a golden opportunity. But, compared to Five Style Sect, Cloud Mist Sect still had more time to waste. Ye Chuan didn’t believe that Liu Hong, this woman could afford to waste time any longer.

Sure enough, the complexion of Liu Hong changed all of a sudden and her eyes glimmered with pallid light.

Until now, in front of Ye Chuan, she was putting on naïve airs and acting weak, deliberately showing a sweet and fragile appearance to gain sympathy, wanting to make Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, prostrate himself under her feminine charms. This move, she had put to repeated tests and proved right, unknown numbers of genius disciples were duped by her. So she had basically thought that if she sweetly said few words, then Ye Chuan would lead the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect to enter helping her clear the path, but, to her surprise, she had miscalculated this time.

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