Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 18

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 18: Accept deferentially than to decline courteously

Late at night, Purple Cloud Peak.

The spirit of Ye Chuan sweep past towards Purple Cloud Peak while staggering from side to side. And ill wind that was blowing at this moment caused his entire spirit to thoroughly get ice-cold, and this cold wind that was blowing seemingly wanted to sweep his spirit away, making him sink into vice and get lost in boundless darkness forever.

The spirit of Ye Chuan was injured, and the injury was not light.

At that time, relying on his secret magic art, he had narrowly escaped the attack of Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun. But the latter suddenly released surging Yang Qi, heavily injuring his spirit, and giving him burning pain as if raging flames had burned him. If he was even a step too late, then the consequence would have been too dreadful to contemplate.

The cold wind whistled, and in the second half of the night, the wind got bigger and also got colder. And from a distant place, the roaring sound of yao beasts frequently came, making people feel jumpy.

Ye Chuan finally reached halfway to the top of the hill with great difficulty. Afterwards, his speed became increasingly slower, and every step he took consumed large amount of his effort. Far away in the horizon, the aura that would make the heart of people to feel jumpy came through, that was precisely the aura of the evil spirit that loved to eat spirits. Reacting to the existence of Ye Chuan’s spirit, they were rushing towards him from all around.

Just at that time, a continuous warm light came down from the hilltop shining upon his spirit.

This warm light was very faint and was very tiny, but it quickly made Ye Chuan to feel warmth, and his vigor rose with force and spirit. After that his spirit was able to discern the direction of Purple Cloud Courtyard in the middle of this thick darkness, and return back to Purple Cloud Courtyard quickly. Just after returning to the study, his spirit and body fused together. And as for those evil spirits that specially like to eat spirits, they were a step too late and had just arrived outside the door along with the ill wind. After reluctantly lingering there for a while, they had no choice but to dissipate on their own accord.

Lamp exist Soul exist, Lamp extinguish Soul extinguish!

In God Burial Valley, together with Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, he had obtained this Cyan Lotus Lamp. Right now this Cyan Lotus Lamp displayed its mysterious power, forcing those evil spirits outside the door to retreat.

After sitting cross-legged in front of Cyan Lotus Lamp for a while, Ye Chuan felt his ice-cold arms and legs gradually warm up, and his injured spirit also felt more at ease.

“One’s every movement having Yang Qi as if blade, good, what a Alchemy Hall Master, what a body refining expert!”

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, while killing intent greatly flourished.

In a Wilderness World, after cultivating to Rank 7 Wuzi, if one again achieve a breakthrough, then they would have a qualitative changes and enter into Xiusi realm, and no longer can be classified as mortal. But each powerful Xiusi were again different.

Some Xiusi realm cultivators cultivates various kind of remarkable abilities, they were commonly referred to as Spirit Xiusi, and they possess great magical power; and some just like in Wuzhe realm continues to refine their body, muscles, bones and blood to reach the pinnacle, commonly referred to as Martial Xiusi. The entire body of Martial Xiusi seethe with Yang Qi, and nothing including spirit and ghost could invade them. And after breaking though and reaching Immortal realm, Spirit Xiusi would be known as Spirit Immortal, and Martial Xiusi would be known as Martial Immortal, representing two kind of completely different cultivation style.

Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun was obviously Martial Xiushi specialized in body refining. And that Yang Qi surging within his body was specialized in restraining evil spirits and Yin spirits, so without any extra trouble, he nearly caught and scattered the spirit of Ye Chuan then and there.

Suddenly in the darkness ‘whoosh’ sound resounded, and at an astonishing speed whistled towards him.

Pursuing troops came so quickly? Ye Chuan was amazed inwardly, and suddenly opened his eyes.

A golden light flashed, and with speed which was difficult to see with naked eyes broke into the room from the window. Ye Chuan hurriedly circulated Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body sparing no effort, and just when he was about to circulate secret art to counter attack, this golden light suddenly stopped.

A little fellow appeared in the front and stopped on the arm of Ye Chuan. After that it familiarly patted its wings towards Ye Chuan, and a trace of interrelated as bones and flesh feeling rose in the mind of Ye Chuan.

“Eh, is this that mutated fly that I’d refined? No, wrong, this is a……, Wild Golden Cicada?”

Ye Chuan exclaimed in surprise, while his mind began thinking rapidly. After carefully observing this little fellow that had landed on his palm for a while, Ye Chuan increasingly became surprise.

That’s right, this was certainly that small fly which he had tamed before by dripping a blood, and later had disappeared into Evil Dragon Abyss. But now the appearance of this little fellow was completely different from before. It had transformed into a Wild Golden Cicada, and its pair of golden wings was especially conspicuous.

Fly was fly, even if it was mutated, its innate skill was limited, and was not worth training, but a Wild Golden Cicada was different. In ancient times, it was one kind of most powerful yao beast. Two wings Golden Cicada was more powerful than Rank 7 Wuzhe cultivator in strength. Transforming into four wings Golden Cicada, all Xiushi realm experts would flee at the mere sight of it. Transforming into six wings, eight wings and even legendary twelve wings Golden Cicada, they could run wild in this Wilderness World, turning into Great Sage of yao clan.

Ye Chuan was overjoyed. He knew that that time even he had made an error of judgment. Also he didn’t know whether all those flies packed in hills were the variety of Wild Golden Cicada or just that this Golden Cicada lived inside the body of that one fly, or it accidently transformed inside Evil Dragon Abyss?

Although Ye Chuan didn’t know the specific reason for the time being, but obtaining a powerful Wild Golden Cicada, this alone was undoubtedly an unexpected great harvest.

Carefully observing for a while, Ye Chuan put away this Golden Cicada and Cyan Lotus Lamp. And to the surprise of Ye Chuan, this Golden Cicada no longer hid inside his dantian, rather changed into a golden light and entered into Cyan Lotus Lamp. Soon after that, on the body of lamp, a small Golden Cicada inscription appeared.

“Could it be that there is another world inside Cyan Lotus Lamp? Still what secrets are concealed within it?”

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone for a moment, but unfortunately, now his spirit was still far away from being sufficiently strong, so he was unable to probe the secrets within this Cyan Lotus Lamp. Muttering to himself for a short while, he simply circulated his secret arts and poured the energy of Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body into this Cyan Lotus Lamp.

He had a premonition, after fusing enough energy, this small Cyan Lotus Lamp would give him a greater pleasant surprise.

After that raising his head, he looked at the color of the sky outside through the window, then Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the ground, while calmly cultivating.

This evening he had encountered very dangerous situation after using Yin Spirit Nightwalking, but also had unexpected gain. Not only did he understand his true enemy in Cloud Mist Sect, he also became aware of the dangerous situation. Moreover he got a powerful helper Golden Cicada.

Nan Tiandu continuously guarded outside the door, while carrying out the instruction of Second Elder without any carelessness, but to go through crisis and great changes, this Golden Cicada he had refined was best helper for Ye Chuan, as the feelings of people were unpredictable, those reverent and respectful followers could have deceitfulness, but the yao beasts whose lives were closely linked as flesh and blood would never betray.

In the previous lifetime, Ye Chuan had nurtured Emperor Monarch Black Python, Blue Eyed Bewitching Empress and Medicine King Ghost Hand and so on Great Sage of yao clan, and only concealed the heaven.

This lifetime, he had Refining Yao Swallowing Heaven secrets and Cyan Lotus Lamp. With those, he wanted to nurture even more powerful absolutely loyal helper, and swallow the heaven and sweep the earth.

Ye Chuan drew the support of Dragon’s Vein Crystal and spiritual qi of heaven and earth to silently temper and refine his muscles veins, while patiently strengthening his body and nourishing his spirit. In this fashion, time swiftly passed.

After dawn, Ye Chuan opened his eyes and walked outside and began sweeping the courtyard as always. Just when he had swept partway, chaotic sounds of footsteps and hubbub sound came through outside. Opening the door to look, he saw Jin Hua sitting on the stretcher with a bundle of bramble on his back was approaching from far away. And following after him were a crowd of people. These people were following him up the hill in this early morning just to watch the excitement.

Offering a humble apology? [T.L note: To bring bramble and ask for the punishment (idiom) = offer a humble apology, and I have used latter one.]

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, he hadn’t expected that this silkpants Jin Hua would really come here.

He had pulled down his pants and violently beaten him in the public, but he unexpectedly endured all of them and still came here to apologize, this kid could really be cheap! Secretly want to play dirty? It seems the lesson of yesterday was still too light!

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I’m guilty, I beg your pardon, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

With tears of pain flowing down, Jin Hua arrived in front of Ye Chuan by rolling and crawling on the ground. After that he hugged the right leg of Ye Chuan and wailed, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have sown discord to attract Nan Tiandu to come and look for you, and also shouldn’t have consider everyone beneath my notice. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I, Jin Hua am guilty, I beg your pardon. You can punish me again, use these brambles to beat me again.”

Jin Hua who was arrogant and domineering in the past preformed this drama perfectly. All the onlookers around were dumbfounded to see this and all of them were completely deceived by his lifelike performance. If he had not heard everything yesterday when he had used Yin Spirit Nightwalking, then even Ye Chuan himself might have also completely deceived by him just like these onlookers. With this type of acting ability, not going to theatrical troupe to play the role of vivacious young lady was too unfortunate.

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, don’t be like this, I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was also wrong. I shouldn’t have been so heavy handed. Junior apprentice brother stand up! Seeing junior apprentice-brother, your appearance like this, I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother’s heart also don’t feel well ah!”

Ye Chuan affectionately brought up Jin Hua, and with two eyes brimming with tears, he wiped all the tears and nasal mucus of Jin Hua without exception.

Boy, act, continue to act, we’ll act together! Secretly scheming against I, your father, let’s see who will play with whom!

Ye Chuan acting was even more lifelike than Jin Hua. You are tough, then I am even tougher; if you are sinister, then I am even more sinister!”

Ye Chuan decided to accompany Jin Hua in his drama. As a matter of fact, directly killing wasn’t interesting, slowly blending and tasting, just like sipping a tea was most important process. Jin Hua, this kid was base and shameless, but, that just happens to be the liking of Ye Chuan. After being trapped inside God Burial Valley for hundred thousands of ten thousand years, it had already been a very long time since he had last time tasted the flavor of scheming and poking fun at other peoples. And timely, this Jin Hua came to knock at his door.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, please beat me, beat me again, ruthlessly beat me!” Jin Hua said with resolute face. In order to lower the guard of Ye Chuan, he was ready to risk everything.

Ye Chuan raised his head, and said with some hesitation, “That won’t do, junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, isn’t this fine? I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was also wrong, so I have already forgiven you, hereafter, we’ll join force to develop our sect.”

“No that won’t do, Senior Apprentice-Brother, please beat me. Use these bramble to hit me, in order to prove that you really have cooled down your temper, and forgave me.” Jin Hua continued to act.

“Okay, then I am forced to accept deferentially than to decline courteously.” Ye Chuan picked up a bramble, and an evil smile secretly appeared in his face.

Jin Hua felt the current situation was anything but reassuring, and the situation seemed to have deviated from the track. At this moment, Ye Chuan would no longer decline again. Is this situation created by myself? Or, is this brat, Ye Chuan also acting stupid?


A crisp sound suddenly resounded in the sky of Purple Cloud Peak.

Without giving any time for Jin Hua to think, Ye Chuan firmly lashed down. The tied up gauze in the wounds of Jin Hua cracked once again, and on his butt where the old wounds had yet to heal completely, another bloody deep mark appeared.

“He……, he really hit?”

Jin Hua was stunned, and he immediately wanted to resist, call out numerous followers to rush up in a crowd and kill Ye Chuan, but thinking of his father’s instruction, he had no choice but to endure, so very reluctantly he endured another round of lashing. Only a few lashing, and tears were already flowing out because of pain. The acting of this time cost him a great deal of pain that entered up to his bone marrow. And he quickly began to wail Father and call Mother.

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