Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 178

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 178: Paradise Realm

“Get out of the way, let me enter, this miss wants to see your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

Outside the entrance of Cloud Mist Sect, lovely and charming Liu Hong shouted at the top of her lungs. She was surrounded by numerous disciples of Five Style Sect, and as if tigers and wolves’ momentum, they were threatening. But under the command of Protector Yang Tian Kuang, a hundred or so disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had arranged sword formation, standing in combat readiness not budging an inch. The atmosphere between them was bloodstained, it seemed, several waves of clashes had already erupted between them.

After returning from Heavenly Yao Sect, Protector Yang Tian Kuang had firmly stood at the side of Ye Chuan, and after following Ye Chuan to suppress the internal strife, he assumed the command of sect guardian. As for his eyes, after using the medicine Ye Chuan had refined before he entered the seclusion cultivation, he had slowly recovered to normal. Now, he was even more dead set to stand on the side of Ye Chuan. And when he heard Liu Hong had led quite a few disciples of Five Style Sect to come here, he didn’t hesitate to step forward to push them back.

“Our Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is in seclusion, he is not seeing any guest, please return.”

Yan Tian Kuang’s complexion sunk, but no matter whether Liu Hong used force or persuasion, he didn’t yield.

“I have an urgent matter to see him, if you delayed the matter, then can you afford it?”

Liu Hong was impatient and her particularly full and round chest was rising and falling, making people’s mouth parched and tongue scorched. But Yang Tian Kuang didn’t make the way so she didn’t know what to do. Finally, with no other choice, she shouted loudly from outside the sect. “Noble son Ye, come out, noble son Ye……”

Unyielding Yang Tian Kuang truly made Liu Hong anxious, so discarding her virtuous maiden’s demeanor, she shouted loudly.

“Noble son Ye, come out……”

“Five Style Sect’s Miss is requesting noble son Ye for an audience.”


The disciples of Five Style Sect that were clustered around Liu Hong also began to shout. Some had a sharp voice and some had a low and hoarse voice, and when all of them were shouting, it appeared just as the wail of ghosts and howl of wolves.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were responsible to guard the sect entrance looked at each other in blank dismay. Even Protector Yang Tian Kuang also sweated. They had seen many people that come to challenge the sect, but hundreds of people shouting together in front of the sect entrance, this was the first time, they had encountered such matter. It seems, like Liu Hong said, they truly had some urgent matter, but they again couldn’t let them enter without careful consideration. They could only hope that fatty whom they had sent secretly to notify would return quickly, otherwise, this might really go out of control if they continue to drag on for a long time.

Ye Chuan dragging fatty arrived at the entrance of the sect and was dumbfounded. Beyond his expectation, bewitchingly charming Liu Hong who used to speak cutely in former days was unexpectedly rallying up such disturbance, “Miss Liu, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, noble son Ye, I am finally able to see you. There is a problem, a big problem!” Liu Hong went straight to the point and seeing Ye Chuan, she finally relaxed.

“What’s the problem?” Ye Chuan lowered his voice.

According to his understanding, although Liu Hong always dressed gorgeously attracting bees and provoking butterflies, but she wasn’t a rash person. For her to suddenly come urgently looking for him like this, she must have encountered some problem.

Was there infighting in Five Style Sect too, and because the situation was getting out of hand, she came here to request reinforcement?

Or to say, Liu Hong had accidentally learned that Cloud Mist Sect was about to face with imminent disaster, so she especially came here to notify him?

On the surface, Ye Chuan maintained his composure, but he was perturbed inwardly.

“Noble son Ye, do you still remember the minefield, Bluestone Mine of Five Style Sect I have previously taken you to?”

Liu Hong took a breath, then added, “Do you still remember, at that time, you said that there was a treasure underground which I can dig out?”

“I remember.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and said, “What, didn’t you all dig out a treasure?”

“What treasure! 100 meters deep underground, there was an ancient stone coffin. All the disciples of Five Style Sect that touched that ancient stone coffin disappeared without a trace, even my father is also missing!” Liu Hong was anxious and also angry, moreover, she seemed to blame Ye Chuan for all this.

After this matter occurred, Five Style Sect was in commotion and all the experts of Five Style Sect did everything, but including the elders, all could find no way out.

In the vicinity of that underground stone coffin, there seemed to be an invisible space that could swallow everything. Everyone would disappear as soon as they approach that stone coffin including the people with high cultivation. There were several Daoist Master realm experts of Five Style Sect that didn’t believe in heresy, so they join hand to explore, but the result was, all of them suddenly disappeared right before everybody’s eyes.

After exhausting every means they could think to no avail, Liu Hong suddenly recalled the first person that discovered the unusualness of underground, Ye Chuan, so she hurried over here.

“What? Your father is also missing, a stone coffin?”

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed and was shocked in his heart.

Who was the father of Liu Hong? He was the Sect Master of Five Style Sect and was the overlord of one region sitting on the equal footing with Sect master Tuoba Xiong of Black Cauldron Sect! Even he suddenly disappeared meeting the accident, this situation was serious. If this was not handled properly, then as a light consequence, internal strife would occur within Five Style Sect and Liu Hong who had lost her backer would be the first to be affected, and as a heavy consequence, Black Cauldron Sect and Cloud Mist Sect would involve in it. And with the style of that fierce and ambition Tuoba Xiong, Black Cauldron Sect wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Once he took advantage of this time to annex Five Style Sect, Cloud Mist Sect would have even bigger pressure.

In an extremely short period of time, Ye Chuan understood the gravity of the matter, “Yi Yangzi, come with me, as for everyone else, stay in the sect. without my order, no one is allowed to take even a half-step outside the sect! Miss Liu, please!”

Ye Chuan quickly made the decision, then bringing along Flame Devil, he wanted to left with Liu Hong.

Whoosh, suddenly a sound came from far away.

Looking up, everyone including Ye Chuan were shocked. From the distant horizon of the direction of Bluestone Mine, suddenly a powerful shockwave came, then a majestic mountain peaks collapsed causing dust to rise. After that, a peerless energy fluctuation soared from deep underground and along with a rumbling sound, the entire ground shook. Shortly afterwards, towering palaces slowly rose from underground and as if the palace of heaven, it appeared before the world, and then, ancient and profound aura spread all around.

The entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range was disturbed, and at the same time, everyone looked up to see that indistinctly visible layer upon layer of palaces suspending in the midair and were dumbstruck.

Inside Black Cauldron Hall of Black Cauldron Sect, 108 big cauldrons simultaneously shook and let out a thunderous sound. And Tuoba Xiong who was sitting on the throne of this hall with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and soared, then directly breaking the roof, he rushed out and seeing the layer upon layer of palaces far away, he was stunned.

“Paradise Realm, this is an ancient Paradise Realm, the ancient legend was real!”

Inside Cloud Mist Sect, Kumu warrior Tian Ku suddenly knelt on the ground, then he prostrated towards that indistinctly visible layer upon layers of palaces with unprecedented excitement. After that, he held his head high and uttered a long, loud cry, and his body expanded to 10 meters. After that, he crushed the message talisman to notify the white-haired Heavenly Empress who was far away.

This time he had come to Cloud Mist Sect because he had received the order to come and protect the Heaven Burning Furnace that was lent to Ye Chuan in order to avoid any accident. But he unexpectedly witnessed the arrival of Paradise Realm.

Every Paradise Realm was the mountain-dwelling left behind by an almighty expert of ancient times. And every Paradise Realm had many fortunes, cultivation techniques and treasures hidden within them. Obtaining the heritage of a Paradise Realm, the benefit might be even higher than Heaven Burning Furnace.

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