Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 177

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 177: Too beautiful to be unimaginable

A trace of light cyan light wandered about the body of Ye Chuan.

And the female sea demon Hai Lili had already disappeared as she was taken into the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp. So, now, there was only Ye Chuan inside the cave, but Ye Chuan stood motionless without any intention to leave.

The instant he tamed female sea demon, many memory fragments flowed into his brain, and an inexplicable energy circulated a few laps within his body, then slowly settled down at his dantian changing into a qi vortex, vaguely showing the sign of the formation of fourth Heaven Swallowing Talisman.

The energy fluctuation within Ye Chuan steadily increased.

In the sky of Heavenly Dragon Peak, a huge energy vortex quickly emerged, attracting worldly spiritual-qi of the surroundings within the radius of ten li. Shortly afterwards, the limit increased to 20 li, 30 li. The bloody mist of Evil Dragon Abyss seethed and wanted to gush out seeming also wanting to engulf Ye Chuan.

The qi vortex of his dantian rapidly rotated and began to condense more and more, moreover as if was starving, he swallowed the worldly spiritual qi of the surrounding.

Ye Chuan knew that this was a fortune so he sat down cross-legged on the spot to cultivate in seclusion.

Outside the cave, fatty Zhao Dazhi who was feeling aggrieved quickly responded. He immediately returned to notify and very soon, Flame Devil Yi Yangzi and Horned Demon Na Gusi came here together to personally guard the cave.

Kumu warrior also came and sensing the energy fluctuation within the body of Ye Chuan, his complexion changed.

The cultivation of Ye Chuan was low, but no matter whether his physical strength or his energy fluctuation, he was far stronger compared to the cultivator of the same realm. In his view, even the later stage Xiushi realm elites were unlikely to be as strong as Ye Chuan. Every Kumu warrior was innately powerful, but Tian Ku admits that when he was in Xiushi realm in those years, he wasn’t as strong as current Ye Chuan.

“This generation’s Big Disciple is really outstanding, can it be that Cloud Mist Sect will really rejuvenate in this generation?” Kumu warrior Tian Ku muttered to himself.

Unlike wilful and proud Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he had always been conforming to the norms of society and practice what he preaches, moreover, strictly follow every command of white-haired Heavenly Empress. Heavenly Maiden left but he continued to stay. Unless he received the command of Heavenly Empress, he will never arbitrarily leave Cloud Mist Sect.

Originally, like numerous disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, he also looked down upon steadily deteriorating Cloud Mist Sect in his heart. But these past few days, he slowly experienced the details of this ancient sect. This very ancient sect was like a majestic mountain that had experienced the loss of nutrient over the long years, gradually withering up and bare without even a little green. But, once a drop of nourishing dew fell from the heaven, its vitality would immediately reignite. It seems Ye Chuan was that drop of nourishing dew!

The sudden change in worldly spiritual power and the sudden seclusion cultivation of Ye Chuan quickly alerted every disciple of the sect. And everyone looked forward to the future.

Nowadays, despite the internal strife of Cloud Mist Sect already suppressed, many wounds had yet to heal. Many were still feeling pressure due to the task of Da Qin King as well as Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect eyeing covetously. Second Elder Nangong Ren had become a cripple and Great Elder Zhu Guohong had yet to return, so there was an urgent need for a top-notch expert in Cloud Mist Sect to assume the command. Ye Chuan had both courage and cunning and had already displayed his forte, but the only downside was his cultivation was a bit insufficient.

With Ye Chuan’s stratagem, if he were to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm in one stroke then it would be logical to officially assume the position of Sect Master. When that moment comes, the disciples of the sect would also have a true pillar to feel proud and elated!

Three days quickly passed but there was no movement inside the cave.

After half-a-month, the cave was still very quiet.

The energy vortex in the sky of Heavenly Dragon Peak became bigger and bigger which not only attracted the worldly spiritual qi of entire Cloud Mist Sect, even Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were affected by this energy vortex. After that, outside Cloud Mist Sect, many spies of these two sects began to appear.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were full of expectation and also began to worry.

After full three months, the seclusion of Ye Chuan ended, and he walked out of the cave. But disappointing everybody, he had only broken through to Rank 3 Xiushi. After initiating such big movement, he had merely advanced by a small rank. Ye Chuan nevertheless was in high-spirit, inside dantian, there was a new flowing water shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman, and his strength had jumped from 54,000 jin to 72,000 jin.

A single Heaven Swallowing Talisman increased his strength by 18,000 jin, and condensing a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman was far better than breaking through a small rank.

Ye Chuan who once was able to conceal the heaven with his hand in Wilderness World had a unique and profound understanding of cultivation path. Unlike other people, he didn’t blindly seek the cultivation speed but strive to reach the pinnacle of every realm. Only moving steadily and surely like this, someday, he would be able to set foot on even glorious peak than his previous lifetime. No need to mention about the vast increase in strength, the flowing water shaped fourth Heaven Swallowing Talisman still made him have a reverie. He wondered what kind of profound mystery it had.

“This cultivation technique I found in the ancient tomb of God Burial Valley is truly amazing. Taming the female sea demon had this kind of unexpected benefit, if I were to use Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame this Kumu warrior and even Heavenly Maiden, then wouldn’t it……”

Exiting the cave, he saw Kumu warrior Tian Ku standing far away like a small mountain and Ye Chuan suddenly had this thought.

Taming yao beast not only increase his powerful helpers, he also had a chance to inherit their unique innate skill. After cultivating for a long time, he discovered that this Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Cultivation Technique he had obtained in God Burial Valley was even more marvelous than he had previously imagined.

Kumu warrior was also a type of special yao beast, and compared to ordinary yao beasts, their lifespan was even longer and their innate skill was also unique. Ye Chuan was sure that if he was to tame this big fellow, then his cultivation would definitely soar rapidly. If it was not him having misgivings due to Heavenly Yao Sect and white-haired Heavenly Empress behind this Kumu warrior, then he would have immediately thought of a way to tame him.

The cultivation of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was slightly above Kumu warrior Tian Ku, furthermore, she had a great destiny, so if he was to tame her, then that would be wonderful. As for Half-Sage white-haired Heavenly Empress, that was unimaginable.

Looking at the distant rising and falling Cloud Mist Mountain Range, Ye Chuan who had just left the cave suddenly held his head high and uttered a long, loud cry looking forward to his future.

“Reporting……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, not good, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

After the loud cry of Ye Chuan reverberated through the sky, the voice of fatty suddenly come from the distance, then bloody nose and swollen face fatty with blood on his war robe was flying towards him stepping on a flying sword.

“What happened? Fatty, didn’t you just go to guard the sect’s entrance, how come you are beaten so badly?” Ye Chuan said with a smile yet not a smile. Fatty, this fellow was truly pitiful, no matter where he went and no matter what happened, he seemed to always get injured.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, not good, this isn’t good. The people of Five Style Sect are invading on a large scale, our disciples can’t withstand much longer.” Fatty Zhao Dazhi said an astonishing news while panting.


Black Cauldron Sect had just left, but why did Five Style Sect come here?

The surrounding disciples of Cloud Mist Sect turned pale with fright.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

The complexion of Ye Chuan shrunk, then dragging fatty, he left walking as if on wings. Compared to the flying speed of fatty after stepping on the flying sword, Ye Chuan’s speed was far faster. Behind, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi as well as others also followed.

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