Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 175

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 175: This person is too rogue

The rustling sounds became clearer and clearer.

The female sea demon slowly walked in leaving behind moist footprints all the way from outside the cave to the inside.

Now, the sound of singing disappeared and the wind also disappeared making this cave very silent.

This moment, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was motionlessly lying on the ground with her eyes closed, and her long eyelashes were clearly presented before Ye Chuan. Even though she was overflowing with talent, and even though her cultivation was very high, being caught unprepared, she suddenly lost her consciousness. She had continuously been vigilant against Ye Chuan, but who would have thought that the danger would unexpectedly come from outside the cave, moreover it came so suddenly and strangely.

Ye Chuan also collapsed to the ground and remained motionless, but, unlike Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who had truly lost her consciousness, he however was only acting. His acting was so perfect that no one could see any flaw. He had also closed his eyes, but his ears were alertly listening and his divine sense was observing every action of this female sea demon.

Female sea demon was very prudent. She stopped ten steps away from them and observed carefully. And after a while, confirming Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden had truly lost their consciousness, she slowly walked over.

“Master, do you want me to kill her with one slash?”

The old evil spirit Hei Kui’s sound resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan and its little hand slowly took out a hidden dagger from his bosom.

“Capture her alive without injuring, just look for an opportunity to make a move.” Ye Chuan secretly instructed.

As early as when he was in Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan was already aware of this female sea demon following him. For the cultivators of this mainland, overseas had always been a mysterious world, so subduing this naturally talented female sea demon was far better than directly killing her.

Again looking for another one!

This two-faced old evil spirit had already experienced the strong means of Ye Chuan, but at this time, he realized that Ye Chuan was also romantic. Only Heavenly Maiden wasn’t enough, he even wanted to capture this female sea demon of unknown origin, truly wasn’t an average person!

Two-faced was two-faced, but he still had to act accordingly. The old evil spirit Hei Kui put away his dagger, and silently waited for the favorable opportunity while silently counting, one step, two steps, three steps…… After taking seven steps, when female sea demon was about to squat down and look for Heavenly Dragon Rice seed on the body of Ye Chuan, she suddenly swayed and felt the sky and earth were spinning.

The medicinal liquid the old evil spirit had silently sprinkled before on the ground quickly showed its effect.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, female sea demon’s innate skill was hard to guard against, but the scheme of Ye Chuan was even harder to guard against. Female sea demon who was cautious all along accidentally fell into the trap. The reason why Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had collapsed to the ground was, on one hand, because of the sound of singing of this female sea demon and on the other hand, also because of the effect of that medicinal liquid.

That wasn’t any ordinary medicinal liquid rather a full bottle of bewitching water. After Ye Chuan refined it, it was practically colorless, odorless and even tasteless. But inside a relatively sealed space, smelling it for enough time, it was even sufficient to knock out an elephant.

“Ga ga ga, collapse for me!”

The old evil spirit Hei Kui laughed and suddenly jumping, he kicked the waist of this female sea demon. Then, the staggering female sea demon screamed and collapsed to the ground. And seeing a puppet doll unexpectedly standing up and had a gloomy gaze with ill intention, the always intelligent female sea demon Lili was dumbstruck on the ground and for the time being, she didn’t know how to react.

“Hey, girl, we finally meet. This is the bewitching water I have refined personally. An average person can never smell it even if they want to smell. Inhaling few mouthfuls of this can nourish the skin.”

Ye Chuan walked to the front of female sea demon and said with an evil smile.

Sizing up this female sea demon lying on the ground, he had to say, her figure and her face didn’t lose to any stunning woman of the mainland. Although her skin was not very white, was somewhat chestnut color, but perhaps because she lived in water throughout the year, her skin was exquisite and smooth. Even Zhu Sijia and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia would lose to her in this aspect.

“You……, you already knew I will come here?” Female sea demon came back to her senses and tried to move wanting to get up, but her hands and legs were soft without any strength. And the gaze of Ye Chuan especially terrified her.

At overseas, unknown number of powerful loose cultivators including now dead Dark Tree Monarch had coveted her beauty wanting to make her their belonging. And among the men who had seen her true face, all of them had such desire. And now, she had landed on the hand of Ye Chuan, moreover, she couldn’t move and was completely at his mercy, like this, wouldn’t he……?

Female sea demon who had always been bold behind Ye Chuan now lost color. Now, she could only lie on the ground without any strength to move, exposing her graceful body in front of Ye Chuan just like a helpless little lamb.

“Of course, I knew, if I cannot know this much, then how can I be Big Senior Apprentice-Brother? Did you truly believe that nobody knew your whereabouts?” Ye Chuan unscrupulously looked at this mature beauty in front of him, and said indifferently, “You have come here looking for Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed, right?”

“How did you know?”

The female sea demon Lili was startled and her beautiful face lost even more color, “How do you know about Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed?”

After that thing was seized, even experienced and knowledgeable Dark Tree Monarch and his clan’s experts weren’t able to discern it, for this reason, Dark Tree Monarch had especially traveled a long way to this mainland with that thing, wanting to find an expert of mainland who could identify what treasure it was. But Ye Chuan, this seemingly young kid, how was he able to recognize this most valuable ancient treasure of Sea Demon clan?

“I guessed it, but now it’s confirmed.”

Ye Chuan smiled evilly, and just when he was about to continue speaking, he felt a killing intent coming from behind. Turning around, he saw Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had already woken up at an unknown time. Unfortunately, although her eyes were open, but she was still under the effect of bewitching water. And after a short time, just like female sea demon, she noticed she had no strength in her hands and legs and wasn’t able to move.

“Boy, still not handing over the antidote!” Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia ferociously glared at Ye Chuan and gnashing her teeth, she said. Now, she hated Ye Chuan, but hated herself even more. She was very careful, still outside her expectation, in the end, she still fell into the trap of Ye Chuan. This kid, he was truly resplendent and hard to guard against!

“There is no antidote, even if I have, I wouldn’t give you, continue to lie down.” Ye Chuan replied.

“You……, brat, you are very despicable!” Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was very angry. She had never before hated a person so much like this.

“Ziaxia girl, my temper isn’t good, so don’t be impulsive, otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I won’t be even more despicable. Don’t forget, ever since ancient times, Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect have the tradition of the alliance by marriage. You say, if I send someone to purpose a marriage alliance to Heavenly Empires, saying you fall in love with me in Cloud Mist Sect, moreover, is going to bear a child, then I wonder if Heavenly Empress will agree to our wedding or not?” Ye Chuan pretended to consider the feasibility of the matter.

Heavenly Maiden who was so angry that she wanted to kill Ye Chuan immediately closed her mouth, and even female sea demon at one side was badly scared. Now, both exceedingly beautiful women lied motionlessly on the ground and didn’t even dare to breathe heavily letting Ye Chuan wantonly scan their body.

Tsk tsk, both beauties settled down in few words, if he were to lie between them with beauty on both sides, then how wonderful that scene would be……

The eyes of two-faced old evil spirit were filled with envy and yearning. He totally forgot that now he was only a puppet doll. With smiling face as before, his eyes scanned the supple and graceful body of these two exceedingly beautiful women. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to look any longer. He changed into a wisp of cyan light and entered the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp. After that, because of restriction, no need to speak about seeing, even his divine sense wasn’t able to perceive the circumstance of outside.

“Tonight, I have two girls accompanying me, I want to calm down a bit.”

Ye Chuan’s tone was flat but had a bad smile on his face. This badly scared two women who couldn’t move. They had a very bad feeling in their heart, they felt that something bad was going to happen to them. In the dead of night, one man two women, what does Ye Chuan want to do?”


This brat is too rogue!

Aloof and refined Heavenly Maiden who set herself high above the masses now was incomparably nervous and scared.

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