Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 172

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 172: Colored Glaze Vajra Hand

In every full moon night, during the period from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., a change would appear in the bloody mist of Evil Dragon Abyss, and the might of ancient restriction would also weaken substantially. But the time limit was extremely short two hours. After that period of time, terrifying ancient restriction and bloody mist would reappear rolling on with full force. Ever since ancient times, countless disciples had been banished to this Evil Dragon Abyss, and some of them had unintentionally grasped the changing pattern of bloody mist, still, due to the delay, innumerable experts had died here.

There was only a breath time remaining, but Ye Chuan had to surmount three hundred stone steps. This was like a great chasm to current Ye Chuan. And at this final moment, he could only entrust all his hope to this small wind chime.

A clear and melodious rapid sound of bell ringing spread throughout the air.

Ye Chuan was already short of breath and was already able to smell the aura of death. Little by little, he lost his heart. With terrifying bloody mist seeping into his body, he felt burning pain in his muscles, bones, blood and internal organs. And at that time, Ye Chuan slipped. Like this, not only he wasn’t able to rush upward, he instead fell downward.

“Finished, this time, we are truly finished!”

Inside the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp, the puppet doll possessed by old evil spirit Hei Kui dazed, and his eyes were full of despair.

With his very strong cultivation base, even though he was within the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp, he could also sense the circumstance of outside. But, without Ye Chuan summoning him, he didn’t have any means to come out, so he could only look helplessly, waiting for the death. That kind of feeling was even ruthless than a blunt sword cutting the throat, which was sufficient to make people fall apart.

Dingling, dingling……

Clear and melodious bell ringing sound didn’t dissipate, instead became even louder and clearer.

Ye Chuan who had missed his footsteps and fallen down didn’t thoroughly despair like old evil spirit Hei Kui, in this juncture when his life was at stake, he did his utmost to shake the wind chime in his hand. This tenacious originated from his persistent to never give up until the last moment, and also originate from his confidence in the cyan robed Seventh Elder. Ye Chuan had an inexplicable trust in this mysterious cyan robed person.

In the middle of the dense bloody mist, suddenly a golden light flashed.

Ye Chuan raised his head and saw a big hand descending from the heaven. It was glittering like a hand forged from a pure gold. Looking carefully, beneath golden light was glittering and translucent colored glaze without even a trace of impurity. A golden light outside, colored glazed inside, even when passing through the bloody mist, this hand was neither bound nor corroded in the slightest. Seeing this big hand, Ye Chuan suddenly recalled a long lost technique of Wilderness World, Colored Glaze Vajra Hand. According to the legend, this was also a technique of ancient Buddhist Sect. Moreover, this was a first-rate technique of Buddhist Sect, was the life technique passed down by Colored Glazed Vajra Buddha.

The big golden hand was astonishingly fast and quickly grabbed the falling Ye Chuan. Then the whistling sound of wind suddenly resounded beside the ear of Ye Chuan, and instantly, he felt as if his body was about to tear apart due to the high speed. He felt as if he was shuttling back and forth between different spaces, and also like he was riding the clouds and flying on the mist totally oblivious to where he was. His consciousness halted and his mind became a blank space.

It felt as if a long time had passed, but again felt as if only an extremely short time of instant had passed. But at this moment, the wind disappeared and that terrifying bloody mist had also disappeared, so Ye Chuan calmed himself down and looked around, only to see that he had already returned to the top of the abyss. At this moment, cyan robed Seventh Elder was still quietly sitting beside Evil Dragon Abyss just like that moment before he had jumped down the Evil Dragon Abyss. His posture and expression hadn’t changed in the slightest.


The ninth bell rang, and a long-drawn-out sound came from Evil Dragon Abyss’s underground world.

After that, the entire Evil Dragon Abyss was shrouded by an inexplicable boundless power. Now the people outside wouldn’t dare to rashly rush in and the evil spirits inside also would be able to rush out.

The ancient restriction of Evil Dragon Abyss was finally activated completely, he had won the life and death duel that lasted only a breath of time.

“Many thanks, Seventh Elder!”

Ye Chuan bowed in gratitude after he came back to his senses.

This cyan robed person was a true expert!

Was he half-Sage realm just like white-haired Heavenly Empires, or was an honorable aloof and refined Sage?

Ye Chuan secretly sized up this cyan robed man being surprised secretly in his heart. In his previous lifetime, he had seen many Sage realm experts, and seeing them was nothing surprising. But in this lifetime, he didn’t know what kind of earth-shaking matter had occurred, greatly changing this Wilderness World, but the experts of Sage realm were undoubtedly few and rare.

“How are you feeling?” Cyan robed man asked.

“Very good, it’s a great place to explore slowly.” Ye Chuan answered.

Now, the bloody mist of Evil Dragon Abyss had already reverted back to the old state. The bloody mist was continuously churning and its momentum was even more flourishing, seemingly wanted to come out and completely swallow the entire Cloud Mist Mountain range. It appeared shocking. An average person would be trembling just after escaping from such calamity and would never dare to approach this abyss in his lifetime, but Ye Chuan was in high spirits.

Granted that, even when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand in his previous lifetime, he had not entered many ominous domains that were similar to Evil Dragon Abyss, still, he knew that, even if the danger was very high to enter and explore, but the benefit would also be very big.

Now, with his current cultivation of Rank 2 Xiushi, he was unable to cope smoothly and also couldn’t easily take chances, but what about the future? Once he made a breakthrough to the Daoist Master realm or even the later stage of Xiushi realm, which accompanied with several Heaven Swallowing Talismans, that would be different!

In Cyan Lotus Lamp, old evil spirit Hei Kui also came back to his senses and he rejoiced, but hearing the reply of Ye Chuan, he snorted disdainfully. He firmly believed that Ye Chuan was spouting nonsense. After narrowly escaping from Evil Dragon Abyss, how could he rush into it again?

The old evil spirit Hei Kui didn’t believe but Ye Chuan was indeed speaking the truth.


The cyan robed man declined to comment. There was neither rebuttal nor surprise, he just indifferently asked: “Did you find your brother’s whereabouts?”

“Nope, but, as long as I don’t give up, one day, I will find him. Even if Nan Tiandu had already changed into dead bones, his sword still exists there.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, the expedition inside Evil Dragon Abyss of this time, although he escaped narrowly, but he gains were also very big. Not only he now had a preliminary understanding of the circumstance of Evil Dragon Abyss, he unintentionally subdued Hei Kui, this old evil spirit. Hereafter, he had one more expert beside him, moreover this expert was a first-rate expert as well as a first-rate assassin who was hard to guard against. Unfortunately, he had no news of Nan Tiandu who had jumped down Evil Dragon Abyss. Finding his corpse would be like fishing for a needle in the ocean.

The cyan robed Seventh Elder remained silent and continued to sit cross-legged beside Evil Dragon Abyss without any sign of the intention to leave. And after a good while, he asked: “Did you see the entrance of first floor?”

“I saw the entrance at a plain with piles of dead bones.”

Ye Chuan’s spirit shook and he understood that this cyan robed man finally mentioned the main topic. The cyan robed man must have a purpose to behave this way tonight. And after pausing a bit, Ye Chuan continued, “In the vicinity of the entrance, I also encounter a section of unknown yao beast’s tail.”

“What kind of tail was that?” The cyan robed man asked.

“It was like a dragon’s tail and also like a snake tail of a huge snake. It was completely covered with fine scales.” Ye Chuan replied.

The cyan robed man asked again: “That scale, what was its current color?”

“Black, also might be dark grey, I am unclear as I had only seen a glimpse of it.” Ye Chuan replied but he secretly became careful.

The cyan robed man didn’t ask what the color of the scale was, rather what the current color of the scale was, there was the addition of the word ‘current’. In other words, the cyan robed man must have seen that tail stretched out from underworld world. This meant, he had definitely gone down to the bottom of the Evil Dragon Abyss in person.

Who exactly was this person who calmed himself to be Seventh Elder? Why was he especially concerned about this place? Could it be that, he was……

Ye Chuan secretly size up cyan robed Seventh Elder once again and a thought appeared in his mind. He thought to take an indirect approach to ask, but the cyan robed man didn’t give him a chance. He slowly stood up.

“Evil Dragon Abyss is unfathomably dangerous. Your current cultivation is still a bit insufficient, youngster, don’t take chances within a short period of time.” The cyan robed man said and walked away, gradually getting further away.

“Yes, thank you for the warning, Seventh Elder.”

Ye Chuan bowed looking at the disappearing back view of cyan robed man, then again looking at the bloody mist seething in Evil Dragon Abyss, he turned away. But before he walked far, he suddenly stopped his step.

From behind a somewhat dark rock, an ice-cold woman wearing seven colored war robe walked out.

At an unknown time, cold and overbearing Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had already arrived at the vicinity of Evil Dragon Abyss and her frost looks was quite impressive.

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