Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 171

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 171: Ancient Restriction

Ye Chuan felt great pressure as if he was suddenly weighed down by an invisible boulder.

The wind became bigger and the mist got denser.

From head to tone, a feeling of weakness came, as if under the corrosion of this bloody mist, his bones were softened and he was going to melt into a bloody pool.

This was the power of an ancient restriction!

Under Evil Dragon Abyss, the bloody mist wasn’t the real terrifying thing, rather this restriction was terrifying.

With the powerful suppression of this restriction that couldn’t be shaken off, even if a powerful expert with doughty body came here, under the corrosion of bloody mist from all around, they would certainly die beyond doubt!

Ye Chaun was alarmed as he finally knew the terror of Evil Dragon Abyss.

For millions of years, among the disciples that had been exiled to Evil Dragon Abyss, some experts might not necessarily not have the capability to resist the corrosion of bloody mist, but with the addition of this ancient restriction’s suppression, they would be at their wit’s end, and none of them could escape, changing into the dead bones in this abyss!

“Master, quick, quickly leave this place. The ancient restriction still hasn’t activated completely, if we waste any more time, then it would be too late!”

The puppet doll’s voice resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan, and a majestic power came pouring in within Ye Chuan.

Sensing the changes of Evil Dragon Abyss, the old man Hei Kui possessing the puppet doll urgently said, and regardless of the wastage of its vitality, it gave Ye Chuan a helping hand. After Ye Chuan used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame him, the life and death of two people had connected, if he died, Ye Chuan will suffer great damage to his vitality; on the contrary, if Ye Chuan died, then what was waiting for him was not freedom, rather his soul will scatter.

A series of crackling sound came from within the body of Ye Chuan.

Under the suppression of ancient restriction, he felt a great pressure, but little by little, he resisted the pressure. Then circulating three Heaven Swallowing Talismans insanely, he resisted the double suppression of ancient restriction and bloody mist.

The churning bloody mist surged even more, and as if the seabed vortex, all the things at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss rolled up and were crushed. And from deep underground, a long-drawn-out melodious sound of bells came. It had an ancient aura as if it had traveled through the time and was coming from the world beyond the highest heaven. When the sound of bells was resounding, the ground began to shake, and from deep underground, a muffled rumbling sound came. Indistinctly, there furthermore was angry roar as well as a mournful and miserable shriek. Hearing it, nine storey underground world appeared to be the legendary purgatory hell.

“Run, after nine bells, the ancient restriction will activate completely. After that, even a Sage will also change into a bloody pool that will be refined by this Evil Dragon Abyss, quickly run…..”

Old evil spirit Hei Kui was even more worried and terrified than Ye Chuan, and shouting himself hoarse, he reckless poured his majestic energy into the body of Ye Chuan.

After strenuously waiting for ten thousands of years, he finally met Ye Chuan, this big living person in Evil Dragon Abyss, this gave him a hope of escaping. But, now, if Ye Chuan couldn’t leave, then he would be doomed, as his soul would be scattered, and even his mysterious and unpredictable puppet techniques would be powerless!

Ah! Ye Chuan gritted his teeth, then looking towards the sky, he roared, then pouring all of his strength on the tip of his legs, he pressed down with all his strength, then he shot upward.

Dense bloody mist filled every corner of Evil Dragon Abyss. With the sudden changes, the dense bloody mist had long ago covered everything, now, it was so dark that you cannot see your hand in front of you, let alone the stones steps that were 100 meters away.

Ye Chuan couldn’t see anything with his eyes except the thick surging bloody mist, but his superb memory and a keen sense of direction made him know where the stone steps were. After he jumped up, he stepped on the cliff and moved up, and just when he was about to fall due to the pressure of ancient restriction, his left hand’s fingertips caught the 999th stone step. Then putting forth strength on his fingertips, he pulled himself up, stepping on the first stone step.

A long-drawn-out sound of bell resounded again.

When the lingering sound of the first bell was still resounding in the abyss, the second bell suddenly resounded. This sound was even more sonorous, and the invisible suppression of ancient restriction became double.

“There is only seven breath of time left!” The voice of old evil spirit Hei Kui resounding in the mind of Ye Chuan. He was incomparably nervous.

After being trapped in Evil Dragon Abyss for 70,000 years, he was incomparably familiar with the circumstance here.

70,000 years, full 70,000 years!

In this very long time, he had witnessed unknown numbers of genius and experts dying here in Evil Dragon Abyss. He had seen how their doughty body had turned into a blood pool, and how the expert with boundless prospects had their soul scattered. Some people, they were able to leap up to more than 900 stone steps, and merely had one final step left before they were able to escape and be able to see the light of the day once more, but this last one step, they never had the chance to step across.

Ye Chuan jumped in succession as if he had a spring in his legs, and at an astonishing speed, he stepped across one stone step after another, going farther and farther away from the bottom of the abyss.

If he was unable to escape, then he would die and become the dead bones at the bottom of the Evil Dragon Abyss. Ye Chuan wouldn’t even have the chance to possess a puppet like old evil spirit Hei Kui.

Ye Chuan was ready to risk everything, withstanding the suppression of ancient restriction and corrosion of bloody mist, he was racing against the time.

From top to bottom, when jumping down from the edge of Evil Dragon Abyss, because of gravity and inertia, his speed was very fast; from bottom to top, his speed was even faster, as he had focused all his strength in his legs. Sometimes, he would even leap over several stone steps at one time, dashing upward sparing no effort.

The long-drawn-out sound of bells rang in succession pressing him to death.

“Only five breathe of time is left!”

“Quick, only four breathe of time is left!”


Old evil spirit Hei Kui inside the space of Cyan Lotus was very scared and on edge, and with the increasing number of the sound of bells, his voice also changed.

With the extremely short period of a few breathe, Ye Chuan had to cross over nearly one thousand stone steps and rush out of Evil Dragon Abyss. This was something even he himself might not necessarily accomplish even if he was in his original form, but what about Ye Chuan? With only the cultivation level of Rank 2 Xiushi, could he accomplish it?

The old evil spirit Hei Kui continued to hold a trace of hope. He ardently hoped for a miracle to appear. But unfortunately, it was clearly impossible for Ye Chuan, all of his efforts were of no use. When Ye Chuan was just 300 or so stone steps away from the top of Evil Dragon Abyss, the eighth sound of bells resounded. Now, within a final breath of time, Ye Chuan had to step across entire 300 stone steps, this was just a pipe dream!

“Ai, boy, you truly cause my death, I have truly never thought that I, Hei Kui will eventually die in Evil Dragon Abyss, after waiting for full 70,000 years, I still had the same ending! I am unwilling, I am unwilling……”

The old evil spirit Hei Kui wailed, he no longer urged Ye Chuan, rather heaven a sigh.

Waiting for 70,000 years, he experienced many sufferings and torments, but he still had the same ending, saying this in one word, it was ‘injustice’!

If the puppet was in front of Ye Chuan, then he could have discovered that the puppet doll inside the space Cyan Lotus Lamp still had a smiling face, but his eyes were emitting terrifying green light and his entire body was emitting threatening evil qi. He reached out to his blade and killed one Evil Eyed Cow Demon beside him, and other numerous Evil Eyed Cow Demons were so frightened that they ran far away, even six-winged Golden Cicada hide far away.

Only a last breath of time is left, can it be that I, Ye Chuan will die here today?


The complexion of Ye Chuan strained, and ignoring the complaints of old evil spirit Hei Kui, he looked up to the sky which was covered with layer upon layer of dense bloody mist, then circulating three Heaven Swallowing Talismans, he madly swayed the wind chime in his hand.

At the critical juncture, Ye Chuan suddenly recalled the words of mysterious cyan robed Seventh Elder.

Dingling, dingling, the rapid sound of wind chime resounded in Evil Dragon Abyss.

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