Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 170

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 170: Waiting for you for a long time

Ye Chuan pulled up the hair of puppet, then this puppet doll hanging in the air took out a dagger, and then that puppet doll threatened Ye Chuan.

Such strange scene played here at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss.

Ye Chuan also found this hard to believe, but soon, he calmed down, then looking at this puppet doll hanging on his hand, he suddenly had a thought.

With his current strength, he didn’t have any way enter and explore the underground world under Evil Dragon Abyss, and he also was unable to tame powerful ancient times dragons, but what about this puppet in front of him?

After taming this puppet doll, hereafter, if he didn’t find someone not pleasing to his eye, then he could quietly release this kid, and then wouldn’t this puppet doll become the strongest assassin in this world? Moreover, wouldn’t it be impossible to defend well against it?

The eyes of Ye Chuan gradually lit up.

If it was an average person in the current position of Ye Chuan, then under such intimidation of puppet, he would have already screamed and ran far away from this puppet. Ye Chuan however was different, he continued to hold the hair of this puppet doll.

“What, youngster, still not kneeling down and putting this lordship down? Believe or not, this lordship will slay you.”

The puppet doll was angry and with his eyes turning cold, its blade light flashed, initiating another violent attack.

“Old fellow, why are you repeatedly talking about killing me, do you have the ability?”

Ye Chuan coldly said, then securely nailing his legs on the ground, he completely stretched his left hand, greatly increasing the distance between this puppet doll and himself, moreover, he swayed the puppet doll frequently in the air.

The puppet doll was strangely frightening, but Ye Chuan was holding its hair, and now, even if it stretched its little hand, the dagger couldn’t reach Ye Chuan and even if he wanted to stab the left hand of Ye Chuan to forcibly free itself, Ye Chuan would just shake it violently. Instantly, the puppet doll flew into a rage but was utterly helpless. Moreover, due to the shaking of Ye Chuan, it was already feeling dizzy.

A living person had finally come down the abyss, so this strange puppet doll decided to make a surprise attack and force Ye Chuan to take him out of this Evil Dragon Abyss. But to his surprise, it was suppressed by Ye Chuan, what a great miscalculation. Moreover, with its hair tightly caught by Ye Chuan, even if it wanted to run away, it couldn’t, and even it exert all of its strength and give all he had, its attack wouldn’t reach Ye Chuan. Now, it was useless even though it had high cultivation.

“Well, kid, you win. Put down this lordship and leave, hereafter, we’ll keep out of each other’s affairs.”

After its attacks failed to reach Ye Chuan several times, this puppet doll was forced to give up. Its face was still plump and had a smile, appearing very cute, no matter what the time was, it had the same appearance, but its eyes however were sinister and ruthless.

“That won’t do, this place is too gloomy and too desolate, how can I leave you here by yourself?”

Ye Chuan shook his head and with an evil smile, he imitated the speaking manner of this puppet doll and said: “Rest assured, just recognize me as your master, and drift along with me, as long as you serve me well, whatever you want, whether it is powerful treasure or peerless technique, I will bestow them upon you. I just so happen to be lacking a skilled assassin expert beside me. I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Boy, you are dreaming! The bloody mist of Evil Dragon Abyss is about to revert back to the original state, if you don’t leave now, then you cannot leave again, and then accompanying me, you will be turned into dead bones, kekeke……”  The puppet doll strangely laughed.

Suddenly, the ghastly Evil Dragon Abyss had a violent development, a fine and continuously bloody mist came from the underground, and the bloody mist in the air became denser and denser, and its corrosive power also became more and more terrifying.

Ye Chuan immediately felt the pressure, and the tingling pain he felt all over his skin became even more violent. Moreover, he felt as if he was about to be torn and melted. And especially, the wound on the tip of his nose, it began to fester rapidly.

Bathing in dense bloody mist, the puppet doll was in perfectly good condition, as it had long been accustomed to it. But this bloody mist was dangerous to Ye Chuan, if he waste any more time here, then he would have a bad end like the dead bones under his feet! Being certain of this point, although the puppet doll knew that it could do nothing to Ye Chuan, but it was still fearless, as he knew that it could at least delay Ye Chuan even though it wouldn’t be able to kill him, so it laughed at Ye Chuan.

The complexion of Ye Chuan strained, and pondering for a little, he suddenly used a technique to take out Heaven Burning Furnace. The alchemy furnace immediately emitted a flame towards the sky and an intense heat wave spread all around which seemed to evaporate the bloody mist of the air.

“Boy, what do you want to do?” The puppet doll felt this situation was anything but reassuring, and put forth its strength to sway, but with Ye Chuan tightly catching its hair, no matter how it struggled, it was unable to succeed in escaping.

“Nothing, just want to let you taste mutton shish kebab.” Ye Chuan coldly answered, “Before I am corroded to dead bones by bloody mist, either obediently give up resisting and let my blood drop enter to tame you, or burn into ashes!”

Ye Chuan silently used a technique and the flame emitted by Heaven Burning Furnace became even more frightening and the furnace quickly became bright red. And when Ye Chuan threw a sword into it, the sword immediately melted into molten iron.

“No……, boy, you dare?” The puppet doll cried out in alarm and was finally scared.

In the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, it was different, it didn’t fear the corrosion of bloody mist, but the flames of Burning Heaven Furnace made it feel unprecedented fear.

Ye Chuan didn’t answer, directly threw the puppet doll into Heaven Burning Furnace. Instantly, this strangely sinister and ruthless old evil spirit gave a horrible shriek, and it writhed and tossed about in the flames. It wanted to escape from Heaven Burning Furnace, but the restriction inside firmly pressed him down. This killing weapon that was known as the treasure that suppressed the fate of Heavenly Yao Sect, once entered inside it, unless that person had Sage realm cultivation, no one could forcibly break out of it.

“Ah……, boy, I recognize you as my master, let me come out, let me come out, ah……”

In an extremely short period of a few breath, the puppet doll couldn’t persist any longer and loudly begged for mercy.

Seeing this puppet doll was about to burn into ashes, Ye Chuan immediately pulled it out, then he pressed the space between its eyes, and a drop of blood entered into it.

Ye Chuan didn’t utter a word, just used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame this puppet. Instantly, many memory fragments flowed into his mind, and he thoroughly understood the secrets of this puppet doll.

As it turned out, this puppet was originally a normal puppet, but the material used to make this puppet was special which couldn’t be corroded by this bloody mist. No-one knew who abandoned it in Evil Dragon Abyss, but several tens of thousands year ago, the Puppet Sect’s Sect master Hei Kui came here, then cultivating beside Evil Dragon Abyss for several years, he finally comprehend the secret of the fluctuation of bloody mist. And in the full moon night, following the distinctive stone steps, he daringly rushed down. And the result was, not only he didn’t find the legendary treasure, instead was delayed and trapped in the bloody mist. After that, he could do nothing to prevent the corrosion of bloody mist. But at the final moment of his life, he found this puppet doll and had no choice but to use Puppet Sect’s great puppet technique, rebirthing in this puppet doll. After that, he hoped to leave Evil Dragon Abyss someday and once more see the light of the day. This wait lasted for 70,000 years!

Whoosh! The speed of the emission of bloody mist from underground suddenly increased, and the bloody mist of the entire Evil Dragon Abyss seethed with excitement, and as if an invisible hand was stirring them up, the bloody mist began to roll about, and the piles of dead bones also began to roll up.

Ye Chuan immediately reached out his hand and held the cliff, and in the midst of this bloody mist that was seething with excitement, he felt it was somewhat hard to stand stably. And just after he put away the puppet doll with old evil spirit Hei Kui and Burning Heaven Furnace, an incomparable power descended from the heaven. The air sank, and the dead bones that were rolling about in midair suddenly crashed on the ground. In the bloody mist, the gravity instantly increased by ten times, and the corrosive nature of bloody mist also rose as the result.

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