Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 17

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 17: Must Endure


In the pitch-black night, cold wind blew, and every kinds of animal roared.

After his spirit came out, Ye Chuan immediately sensed extreme danger in the darkness.

If his cultivation was at Xiushi realm, then he could have at least a little bit easily let out his spirit, and even if he encountered any danger outside, then he would have certain self-protection ability. But now, his weak spirit was in incalculable danger just like an infant who didn’t know how to swim but had suddenly fallen into the ocean. Now even a slightest bit of carelessness would be beyond redemption. Instantly, at that time, the restless spirit of Ye Chuan wanted to fly away and scatter then and there.

But exactly at that time, a continuous warm light shone over him, making Ye Chuan feel a hint of warmth, and soon after that, his spirit slowly stabilized.

The Cyan Lotus Lamp inside his room displayed its mysterious side.

Ye Chuan scanned all around for a while and discerned the direction. After that summoning his courage, his spirit continued to drift outside with Cyan Lots Lamp as a guidepost. As long as he could still interact with this small oil lamp, his spirit wouldn’t lost its way in this darkness.

Distant north, in Cloud Mist Sect’s rear mountain, Yang Qi was soaring, which was accompanied by a danger which was hard to state clearly. That was precisely the location of Evil Dragon Abyss. And he don’t know why, but he furthermore faintly sensed a familiar aura there.

East, from the direction where Black Cauldron Sect was located, baleful qi was surging with as if earth-shattering momentum.

And finally going all the way to the south, there was boundless ocean. All kind of auras and powers were mixed there.

Ye Chuan floated to one side while sensing the circumstance of all side, slowly realizing the matters.

Making his heart to feel ill at ease and unable to calm down so that he could cultivate was not that unfathomable Evil Dragon Abyss, but was precisely the baleful qi coming from the direction of the east’s Black Cauldron Sect. This baleful qi was colorless and formless, so it was invisible to eyes, only the spirit which had come out from their body would have the ability to sense it.

“Very dense baleful qi, strange, could it be that Black Cauldron Sect wants to carry out large scale invasion?”

Ye Chuan was shocked inwardly, and didn’t dare to approach too close to the east’s baleful qi. The more the baleful qi was concentrated, that easier it was to attract all kinds of evil spirits. And his spirit was great tonic for them.

In the deep within the night, the wind got colder and colder.

This vast and obscure night was just like a dangerous ocean to the spirit of Ye Chuan. In this ocean, he indistinctly sensed few familiar existence. Nan Taindu was sitting cross-legged while continuously guarding the entrance, heeding the instruction of Second Elder. Zhu Sijia alone was living in another mountain peak, and her aura was even, don’t know whether she was cultivating or resting.

Beauty falling asleep, what kind of scenery it ought to be?

Thinking about Zhu Sijia’s hot figure and pert buttocks, Ye Chuan evilly smiled while having an idea to let his spirit drift to her resident and secretly peep on her. But this idea was only a thought. After that staying for a while, his spirit floated towards another mountain peak. Inside the palace of this mountain peak, he sensed familiar sinister aura, naturally was the aura of silkpants Jin Hua.

Inside a brightly lit palace, Jin Hua and Adviser He Taixu were lying on their stomach on the ground, and on the highest position, a hawk nosed middle-aged man was sitting upright.

“Father, your child is very miserable, you have to help me avenge myself ah, father……”

Deep in the night, the tears of Jin Hua was still flowing out due to pain. He wanted his father to help him to avenge himself.

Without killing Ye Chuan, he would not be able to face other people, as the hatred towards Ye Chuan had already etched in his memory. Only it’s too bad, even though he was crying with his face covered in tears, Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun who was sitting upright however didn’t utter a word, merely was gloomy and solemn.

“Father, your son was humiliated like this in public, so why are you still not taking justice for me? Mother died early, so with no-one else left to love me, I will also not live any longer……”

Jin Hua cried and caused a commotion. Without killing Ye Chuan, he would not be able to settle his heart’s anger. “Today, Ye Chuan, that brat beat me. Tomorrow, perhaps he might beat other people of Alchemy Hall, and also might become absolutely lawless relying on his statues of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. He cursed me, said I am just a bastard nobody had disciplined. Moreover he even said that my father, you are also a bastard that have monopolized Alchemy Hall and acted wilfully. Father, can you endure all this?

“What, did Ye Chuan really said that?” Jin Zhikun finally opened his mouth, while his eyes flashing with pallid light.

He already wasn’t able to endure his son getting beaten publically like that, so how could he endure someone prying into his hand’s authority.

“Yes, Ye Chuan, that brat really said that. Also precisely because of that, your son was ruthlessly beaten by him in public. Father, you must help me to take justice ah, father……”Jin Hua opened his mouth and talked nonsense. He spoke incoherently in order to avenge himself. Now he cared about nothing but revenge.

“Humph, this brat is merely a name only Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of my sect. Fine, I will remove him from that position.”

Jin Zhikun coldly snorted, and stood with overcast complexion.

“No, father, just removing him from the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother and expelling from the sect are not enough, we should directly kill him. The position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is mine, and that Dragon’s Vein Crystal within the body of that brat Ye Chuan is also mine…….” Jin Hua loudly shouted. Just expelling Ye Chuan from the sect was far from being sufficient to calm down his heart’s anger and hatred.

“Wait for me in the house, do not go out and make a fool out of yourself for me, I will go to look for Third Elder, and come back quickly!”

Jin Zhikun didn’t express his opinion, just walked out in large strides.

If he wanted to remove the status Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Ye Chuan, then his influence alone was not enough, so he wanted to find Third Elder who was his backstage backer.

“Heh heh, Ye Chuan, you are dead, now I will see how you will still act wild?” Looking at his distant back view of his father, Jin Hua finally relaxed, while grinning hideously.

“Young Master is so wise!”

Adviser He Taixu took the opportunity to lick Jin Hua’s boots. Now that Alchemy Hall Master himself was taking action, this time, it would be difficult for Ye Chuan to escape death. But what these people failed to notice was, don’t know when, the ill wind was blowing outside.

The spirit of Ye Chuan had come outside, and secretly heard everything clearly.

“Some people really don’t shed a tear until they sees their coffin.”

Looking at this Jun Hua who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth and acting recklessly, Ye Chuan coldly smiled.

Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun quickly returned back as quickly as he had went out. Merely, his complexion was even gloomier, and his face was blackened as if black ink was about to flow out. After that he sat in the audience hall for a long time without any words, creating a stifling atmosphere.

“Father, what’s wrong?” Jin Hua cautiously asked. Seeing his father like this, he instinctively felt that the matter was anything but reassuring.

“Latest news, Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master is personally coming here tomorrow to propose a marriage alliance to Great Elder. He wants his daughter to marry Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to form an alliance by marriage.” Jin Zhikun said with calm face, but his right hand was exerting strength on the armrest of his big chair. And with a ‘pa’ sound, it fell apart.

“What?” Jing Hua cried out in alarm.

Forming an alliance by marriage!? If Ye Chuan marries the daughter of Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master, then wouldn’t the status Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Ye Chuan completely stabilize? Furthermore who would dare to act against him after that?

Meat pie fell from the sky ah!

Such a good thing, why did it didn’t happen to him, and all of the good things fell in the hand of Ye Chuan, that brat?

Jin Hua impatiently opened his mouth while feeling jealous inwardly, “This won’t do, father, if we let this marriage get successful, the what about our revenge?”

“Humph, forget about revenge, Third Elder instructed us to endure, we have to endure. Not only we can’t take revenge, from tomorrow on, you have accompany Ye Chuan with a smiling face. Early morning tomorrow, go to Purple Cloud Peak, and offer a humble apology.” Jin Zhikun spoke angrily with overcast complexion.


Jin Hua again cried out in fear, and truly wanted to spat blood inside his heart.

After he was violently beaten in public, no need to mention about venting his anger, but he had to accompany Ye Chuan with a smiling face and furthermore offer a humble apology, wasn’t this too mean?

“This is not your father words, but the order from Third Elder, so you must follow it.”

Jin Zhikun decisively said to Jin Hua. After that, he took out a crystal bottle from his bosom. Inside that bottle, there was a drop of transparent liquid. “But, Hua’er, you can rest assured, we’ll definitely make Ye Chuan, that brat taste a great suffering. Tomorrow, you go to Purple Cloud Peak and offer a humble apology. At that time, look for an opportunity to mix this drop of Breaking Yang Water into the wine and make Ye Chuan drink it. Heh heh, Breaking Yang Water ah, after drinking this, he will not be able to do the matter between adult man and woman. And at that time, I will see how that brat will marry, and how will they form alliance by marriage!”

“Father, you are saying……” Dejected Jin Hua suddenly saw light before him.

“On the surface, we can’t take revenge, instead we have to endure and have to accompany him with a smiling face to make a good relation. But secretly, we naturally cannot let this marriage go smoothly. Rest assured, we don’t need to endure for a long time. After Third Elder thoroughly took over the control of Cloud Mist Sect’s authority and make Great Elder mere figurehead, our good days will come. And at that time, we can crush Ye Chuan, that brat to death like crushing an ant.” Jin Zhikun coldly smiled.

“Good, endure, I will endure!”

Jin Hua nodded his head, and took that colorless and tasteless Breaking Yang Water. Thinking of the scene of how Ye Chuan would be helpless in his wedding night and him being driven out of the room by the bride, Jin Hua laughed.

“Who’s there?”

The ears of Jin Zhikun suddenly pricked up slightly, then shouting in a stern voice, he instantly rushed outside leaving behind afterimages, and his big hand caught towards the empty air releasing Yang Qi, causing even the air itself to distort. Unfortunately, he caught empty air, and looking around, he didn’t see anything unusual, only cold wind blew over, “Eh, Yin Spirit Nightwalking? Who is so daring, this kind of skill……”

Jin Zhikun muttered to himself, and with his eyes shining, that majestic face of Great Elder appeared inside his mind. After that he felt invisible pressure, and understood that the plan of his and Third Elder must be accelerated, in other to avoid any changes that might occur.

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