Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 169

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 169: Puppet Sect

There was a peerless evil spirit here and this absolutely was a great ominous land.

The complexion of Ye Chuan become strained, and rapidly circulating the three Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he generated power in his tiptoe, retreating back quickly.


The tail of unknown evil spirit just scraped past the tip of Ye Chuan’s nose, lashing the ground, and big stones within the radius of 10 meters were cracked open. As for the piles of bones of the dead, even more of them broke.


Was this hundred thousand or million-year-old yao beast?

Ye Chuan turned away without the slightest hesitation, and behind him, a furious roar came from the depth of this dark cave, then that terrifying tail slowly shrunk back.

After running away for a good while, the spectacular and terrifying tunnel disappeared among the thick bloodly mist becoming invisible. Only after this, Ye Chuan sighed in relief. Then, reaching out his hand and touching the tip of his nose, his hand was full of blood. Just a moment ago, if his reaction was even a bit slower, then his entire nose would have been crushed.

“Evil Dragon Abyss, Evil Dragon Abyss, could it be that there truly is an infinitely powerful ancient dragon imprisoned deep underground of this place, moreover, more than one?”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and was somewhat shocked and also had some expectation.

In his previous life, he could conceal the heaven with his hand and showed disdain for Wilderness World, moreover, all the powerful evil spirits or monsters also had no choice but to submit themselves to him. In the Wilderness World, there was nothing he didn’t know. But now, after escaping from God Burial Valley, he discovered this unsolved riddle of Wilderness World, so he was naturally happy. After he was trapped in God Burial Valley for millions upon millions of years, he didn’t know what kinds of changes had occurred in this world when he was absent.

According to the legend, ancient dragons were imprisoned in this Evil Dragon Abyss. Their strength was so powerful that it aroused dread but if he could use Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame this kind of dragon, then wouldn’t he immediately become the unrivaled expert in this world?

Ye Chuan’s greater interest was triggered by Evil Dragon Abyss. And when he was lost in thought, a crisp sound of something breaking came from under his foot. It seemed he had carelessly stepped on and broke the dry twig, but the feeling that came from under his foot didn’t resemble that. Moreover, he indistinctly heard the laughing voice of a child.


Ye Chuan sobered up, then bending over, he looked, only to indistinctly see a small head which was covered with black hair under his foot. As it turned out, this was the remains of a child. The bloody mist at the bottom of the abyss was very corrosive, but for some unknown reason, although other corpses had already changed into dead bones, but the hair of this child was still not harmed in the slightest.

Ye Chuan found this strange and holding this puppet up in the air with its hair, he carefully examined, then he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

As it turned out, this wasn’t the remains of a child, rather was a small puppet, no wonder it was completely fine even in this bloody mist. The hair of this puppet was black in color, and its eyes were also black but shining. Its nose, ears and mouth were small, and its face was round and chubby, making it appear cute. Its facial features, skin and even that smile, they were very lifelike. He wondered what material was used to make this puppet so as to be able to withstand the corrosion of this bloody mist.

“Such a cute puppet doll, I wonder who left it here. Many years ago, a female disciple had violated the rule of the sect, was she banished here with this puppet doll? Or, when a female disciple was passing by here, she fell down accidentally along with this doll?”

Ye Chuan looked at this puppet doll for a little while and sighed.

This small puppet looked cute, clearly was the treasured object of its owner. But now, after many years, its master had already corroded to dead bones by the bloody mist, and disappeared among the numerous dead bones, but this little puppet was still same as before.

A child’s laughter abruptly resounded again, and the wind chime rang out again, dingling dingling.

Absent-minded Ye Chuan woke up with a start and he suddenly turned around.

Behind, there was no one with the exception of bloody mist. Ye Chuan looked all around once again, but he still didn’t find anything, and the sound of wind chime also slowly stopped.

After looking around, he only saw empty surroundings without anything unusual. Merely, the bloody mist that filled the air was becoming denser and the tingling pain increased as the pressure he felt also become bigger and bigger. Calculating slowly, it was already nearly two hours, so it was time to leave.

“Strange, can it be my misconception?”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and frowned.

It might be his misconception when he heard once, but hearing such strange laughter twice in succession, there was something fishy!

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and calmed down, then carefully scanned all around to ascertain the situation. After a good while, when he thought to give up looking and prepared to quickly leave this god-forsaken place, a faint light shone before his eyes. But he didn’t move, pretending to not discover anything, he used the corner of his eyes to look all around and was struck dumb with amazement to discover that this light was coming from beside him.

That was a blade light!

The ice-cold puppet doll still looked cute with that smile, but its little hand already had reached and taken out a three-inch dagger from its bosom at an unknown time.  This blade was very small, but its edge was gleaming with incredible sharpness. When suddenly chopped down, perhaps even a heavy suit of armor wouldn’t be able to stop it.

This wasn’t a puppet doll, this was an evil spirit, moreover a rare peerless evil spirit!

Ye Chuan suddenly had his hair standing on end, and now, that smiling puppet doll instantly appeared sinister to him. It appeared as if a great devil with a sinister smile who hides a dagger behind a smile.

How the hell did this puppet doll came here?

Did someone threw it into the abyss or it crawled here by itself?

Ye Chuan was puzzled, but he had no time to think, as the wind chime on his hand rang out once again, trembling violently.

The cute puppet doll with a smile suddenly raised its dagger, and ferociously stabbed towards the stomach of Ye Chuan.

The stomach of Ye Chuan suddenly sunken. It was not that Ye Chuan had used a secret technique to dodge, rather it was caused by the fierce wind. Before the dagger of this puppet doll could stab him, just its fierce wind was enough to tear open common armors. Its strength was astonishing. If it was not the case for Ye Chuan having an exceptionally tough physical body, then this fierce wind would have already cut open his stomach.

In such close at hand, its strength was comparable to that tail whip of just a moment ago. This attack of puppet doll was very fatal!

Let alone Xiushi realm cultivator, even if a Daoist Master realm expert was caught unprepared by this attack, then they would also suffer serious injury, and if the blade was smeared with some kind of hyper-toxin, then this puppet doll would become the most feared assassin in the world.

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed dodging the attack of this puppet doll. Although the latter’s attack was strange and sudden, fortunately, he had discovered it timely and had already made the preparation in advance.

“Kakaka, youngster, your reaction is fast.”

The puppet doll looked at Ye Chuan with cold eyes and its voice was hoarse. Although its face looked exquisite and tender, which was loved by all, but it was frighteningly old, truly was an old monster. As soon as it opened its mouth, it had arrogance on account of its seniority, “If you are sensible, then quickly kneel down and recognize this lordship as master, then lead this lordship out of here. Moreover, if you serve this lordship properly, then I, Hei Kui might pass you Puppet Sect’s supreme technique, letting you become a great puppet master of this generation. Otherwise, this lordship will suck out all your blood, letting you change into the resentment ghost of this Evil Dragon Abyss, kakaka……”

A gloomy and cold like night rain and majestic like floodwater ice-cold aura suddenly erupted out from this puppet doll. Then, the surrounding bloody mist seemed to freeze instantly under this pressure, moreover, the temperature instantly plummeted down, seemingly changing this bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss instantly into an ice cave which wouldn’t melt even in a millennium.

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