Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 168

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 168: Beneath the abyss

“Yes, now, go, I will wait for you here. Remember, you have only two hours, no matter if you find the person or not, before this time limit, you have to return. Moreover, do not enter the underground world beneath the abyss.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder faintly instructed, then sat down cross-legged on the spot, helping Ye Chuan to keep situation well under their control.

In the sky, the moon came out from behind the dark cloud, and the dim moonlight of just now suddenly brightened, illuminating the ground.

At that time, suddenly an astonishing changed appeared in Evil Dragon Abyss.

The churning thick bloody mist suddenly simmered down becoming thinner and thinner. The original bloody mist which was dense like a bloody water now changed into a thin mist. Looking down, although the abyss was still unfathomable, but one could indistinctly see a protruding block 100 meters below where one could step.

“Youngster, take this wind chime with you. Evil spirits run amuck under the abyss, don’t entangle with them, if there is any problem, then ring this wind chime as hard as you can and I will know.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder suddenly took out a wind chime from his bosom and gave it to Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan took it and examined it carefully. This was an antique wind chime with many runes engraved on it. But, even with his vast knowledge and experience, he unexpectedly wasn’t able to recognize these runes, merely holding this wind chime in his hand, he could feel an ice-cold feeling in the center of his palm. And with a blow of the cold wind, the wind chime gently moved and made a ‘dingling’ sound.

“Many thanks, senior.”

Ye Chuan bowed then looking at Evil Dragon Abyss seething with blood and qi, he took a deep breath, then gritting his teeth, he jumped down.

And when his body came into contact with bloody mist, Ye Chuan felt a strange sensation.

Looking up from within the bloody mist, it appeared as if he was in another world. Above bloody mist was one world and below bloody mist was another completely different world. Here, the wind, temperature and even the air’s moisture was slightly different, Ye Chuan quickly became aware of this. At the same time, his body also felt heavy as if an invisible mountain was suppressing him. Even his energy also indistinctly felt the suppression of an invisible power, and his descending speed became faster and faster.

Ye Chuan closed his eyes to sense the bloody mist below the abyss.

With the whistling sound of the wind beside his ear, he had a kind of weightlessness feeling. The farther away from the cliff, the more powerful the invisible pressure was. And as if there was layer upon layer of invisible nets, he felt there was layer upon layer of blockades to the world under the abyss. He felt tingling pain, bathing in this bloody mist, he felt as if thousands of ants were crawling on his body, and they wanted to bite through his skin, then tear his muscles and chew his bones.

The corrosive capability of bloody mist under the abyss was very amazing, very soon, Ye Chuan felt danger.

This was the effect of bloody mist which was very thin, if it was still as thick as bloody water like before, then wouldn’t he have instantly changed into a pool of blood?

Ye Chuan was struck dumb with amazement, but in his mind, he was still calculating the distance and seeing his body was about to instantly disappear within bloody mist, he suddenly opened his eyes and firmly landed on the protruding stone, then looking above, he vaguely saw the silhouette of cyan robed Seventh Elder 100 meters away.

“Good footwork, now go!”

The voice of cyan robed Seventh Elder suddenly came. Hearing this voice, it seemed as if it came from under the water.

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, then lightly jumped down, continuing to go down. Sure enough, 100 meters away, there was another protruding stone.

The more downward he went, the thicker bloody mist become, and the more uncomfortable he felt. But every 100 meters, there was a protruding stone. Ye Chuan carefully examined every protruding stones, but he didn’t see any sign of them being artificial, all of them seemed to be formed naturally. With one protruding stone after other stone, they formed unique stone steps.

Even after going several kilometer down, the abyss was still unfathomable but the bloody mist was even denser, and now he felt as if his skin was burning. Let alone an ordinary person, even if an expert with high cultivation was here, then they would begin to panic, then would try to retreat. Ye Chuan however continued to jump down without even batting his eyelid.

The stranger Evil Dragon Abyss was, the more it arose his interest. In his previous life, he had had went through 100 times more dangerous ancient ominous domains, cultivating far superior guts and boldness. Today, even if it was dangerous under the abyss, he had decided to take a look at what secret was here.

The three Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body were circulating on their own to contend against the invisible pressure of the abyss.

Ye Chuan’s speed became faster and faster, and stepping on the stone steps, he went farther and farther away from Heavenly Dragon Peak. Finally, after 999 stone steps, his legs stepped on the ground. Looking up from here, he only saw bright red bloody mist all around and the visibility was very low. And under his foot, there however was layer upon layer of dense bones of the dead. In the past millions of years, unknown numbers of yao beasts and disciples of the sect were buried here. From afar, muffled sounds were coming frequently which resembled the sound of the vibrating of the ground and also as if the roar of some kind of yao beast coming from the deep underground.

Underground, there furthermore is nine storey underground world, but where is the entrance?

Ye Chuan looked all around, then mustering his courage, he walked forward.

Looking all around, he saw that the bones of the dead were piled up like a mountain, and the air was filled with bloody mist with astonishing corroding capability. If ordinary people jump down the Evil Dragon Abyss, then before reaching the ground, they would change into skeletons with all their flesh and blood corroded completely. Even Ye Chuan felt tingling pain at the bottom of the abyss, and he wouldn’t be able to persist here much longer. Under this kind of circumstance, wanting to find the corpse of Nan Tiandu was like fishing for a needle in the ocean.

An ice-cold bone piercing wind suddenly came through the bloody mist.

Ye Chuan stopped his steps and slightly turned his head. From the direction where the cold wind blew in, he indistinctly heard a strange sound. Following the sound, he walked for a while and a spectacular scene appeared in front of his eyes.

On the small plain with dense bones of the dead, the center part had abruptly collapsed revealing a huge rather dark cave. And the ice-cold bone piercing wind was blowing out from inside this cave, making a soul-stirring sound. Each time the wind blew, the bones of the dead around would roll up noisily. Moreover, from the depth of this cave, an aura that could make people shiver was coming out. He wondered what kind of peerless evil spirit was forcibly occupying the lower part of this cave.

This, is this the entrance to the first basement?

The heart of Ye Chuan shook, although he had already learned that there was the nine-storey underground world under Evil Dragon Abyss from cyan robed Seventh Elder, but personally seeing this magnificent underground entrance, he still couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. This forbidden place where sect’s traitors were banished for the past millions of years was far spectacular and dangerous compared to the imagination of the disciples!

Dingling dingling……

The wind chime in the hand of Ye Chuan suddenly vibrated automatically giving out ear-piercing loud and clear sound.

At that time, a sturdy tail suddenly stretched out from the dark cave and swept towards Ye Chuan.

This tail was covered with fine scales, and its surface was glimmering with dim light. It resembled the tail of a dragon and also resemble a huge snake’s snake tail. This tail suddenly swept towards him as if a lashing whip and the power of this tail far surpassed the pressure of both Bai Yanhu and Tuoba Xiong.

Ye Chuan immediately jumped back.

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