Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 167

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 167: Scouting Evil Dragon Abyss at night

Bai Yanhu died and the overall situation also settled down.

This sudden and unexpected internal strife quickly dissipated, and under the command of Ye Chuan, Cloud Mist Sect that suffered heavy losses quickly walked on the right path.

But the effect of this internal strife was profound and lasting.

Ye Chuan who had put down the internal strife quickly become a mainstay from merely nominal Big Disciple, grasping the real power. In order to make the sect walk on the right path again, Ye Chuan thoroughly incorporated his control over Cloud Mist Sect. With the help of Second Elder Nangong Ren, Ye Chuan promoted Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder who were bought by Bai Yanhu in name but were demoted in fact, and also promoted a large number of younger generation disciples. Needless to say extremely intelligent Zhu Sijia, and even fatty Zhao Dazhi were also flushed with success. Fatty not only became inner disciple fulfilling his wish, he was promoted to Alchemy Hall’s Steward by Ye Chuan, and his task was to help Zhu Sijia in leading Alchemy Hall. As for Protector Yang Tian Kuang, he received even more important position, he was recalled from Mountain Patrolling Hall and become the sect guardian.

After this internal strife, Ye Chuan thoroughly cleansed the inside and outside of Cloud Mist Sect. all the disloyal disciples were purged from the sect. People were naturally not reconciled to be a mere figurehead or purged, but confronting Ye Chuan who was very different from the past, they had to resign themselves to fate. Now, with the absence of Great Elder and the death of Third Elder, Ye Chuan was the foremost person not in the name only, but also in reality. Although his cultivation was not up to much, merely was Rank 2 Xiushi, but with Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi who were great expert of Daoist Master realm beside him, coupled with Heavenly Maiden, Tian Ku as well as Heavenly Yao Sect as his backer, he was like the sun at high noon.

In a short three days, there was not even a trace of internal strife, on the contrary, each disciple did his duty in all smiles, showing the symptom of reviving.

Late at night, when cold wind was blowing the earth, Ye Chuan climbed over the summit of Heavenly Dragon Peak, arriving at Evil Dragon Abyss. Under the bright and clear moonlight, looking at Evil Dragon Abyss seething with blood and qi, he became silent. He had a thought to jump down Evil Dragon Abyss to take a look at what was at the bottom under this dense bloody mist. He wanted to look at what secret was hiding here and also wanted to look for the corpse of Nan Tiandu. But, every time, when he was eager to jump down, Ye Chuan suppressed this impulse.

Every time, he stood at the edge of Evil Dragon Abyss, the space between his eyes would twitch nonstop, indicating this place was dangerous. And his instinct told him that if he jumped down without careful consideration, then he might be trapped for millions of years like in God Burial Valley or even his soul might be scattered.

After a good while, Ye Chuan sighed and stood motionlessly at the edge of Evil Dragon Abyss.

These past few days, he had been continuously sorting out the maters of the sect. Although he had grasped the power of the sect and a hope of revival could be seen, but thinking about this internal strife, he often felt heavy-hearted.

Second Elder Nangong Ren himself was optimistic and he spent his life as usual, but each time seeing only his half body, Zhu Sijia would always weep in sorrow, and Ye Chuan also felt rather unhappy. Although Protector Yang Tian Kuang was blind, but with a certain pill, he had a hope to recover. However, unlike him, Second Elder only had half the section of his body, and no matter what kind of pills he used, nothing could help him sprout another pair of legs. The only way that was left for him was to someday breakthrough to Sage realm and reconstruct the body.

The appearance of Second Elder Nangong Ren was sorry, but compared to Nan Tiandu, this was nothing.

Jumping down Evil Dragon Abyss was no different from dying. There was no possibility of coming out alive. Ever since ancient times, all disciples of Cloud Mist Sect knew this general knowledge.

Looking back, although the time Ye Chuan had come into contact with Nan Tiandu was not long, but in that brief contact, Nan Tiandu had left a deep impression on Ye Chuan. Still, he died young in age before reaching the great success in the cultivation of Heaven Shaking Nine Swords, truly was regrettable.

Late at night, all the mountain peaks within the sect was very quiet. Disciples were either cultivating or already had entered the dreamland.

A soft rustling sound suddenly came from behind Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan turned around and saw a middle-aged man had appeared behind him without his knowledge. He was wearing a cyan colored robe and he was rather very thin. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being.

“Seventh Elder?”

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, and he quickly bowed and greeted, “Disciple Ye Chuan greets the senior.”

Now, Ye Chuan was all the more curious about the identity of this cyan robed man.

The cyan robed man called himself Seventh Elder, and every time, Ye Chuan saw him only at the rear mountain, this made Ye Chuan guess that even if he wasn’t the senior expert of Cloud Mist Sect, he was definitely someone with countless ties with Cloud Mist Sect. But strangely, he displayed the technique and skill of ancient times Buddhist Sect here at the edge of Evil Dragon Abyss last time. Moreover, even though it had already been a long time he was staying in Cloud Mist Sect, he had never heard about Cloud Mist Sect having a senior who was so proficient in Buddhist Sect’s technique. What was even more surprising was, when Bai Yanhu created the bloodbath within the sect a few days ago, this cyan robed man didn’t appear at all, where did he go at that time? Did he go out by coincidence, or look on without lifting a finger allowing Bai Yanhu to massacre, or was……

Ye Chuan frowned, he was neither able to see through the cultivation of this Seventh Elder nor could he gasp his identity.

“These past few days, you did a good job.” The cyan robed Seventh Elder was silent for a short while, and he suddenly said.

Ye Chuan immediately understood that this cyan robed person talking about the internal strife, and he replied in a low voice, “It’s nothing, I only did what I have to do as the sect’s Big Disciple.”


The cyan robed man nodded his head and didn’t speak again. Then the silence reigns again.

Late at night, the wind grew stronger and stronger and the atmosphere became colder and colder. The blood mist in Evil Dragon Abyss also seemed to get thicker and was churning upward, seemingly wanting to spread out.

“Youngster, do you want to jump down from here?” After a good while, when Ye Chuan preparing to leave, the cyan robed Seventh Elder suddenly broke the silence.

“Yes, I want to take a look at what is at the bottom. My brother jumped down from here, I want to see him in person if he is alive and want to see his corpse if he is dead, whatever happens, I cannot let this matter drop just like this.” Ye Chuan answered truthfully. Now, he was all the more unable to see through this cyan robed old man, and also felt as if he trained in legendary Heavenly Eyes which could see through all the secrets.

The cyan robed Seventh Elder became silent again for a moment and said faintly, “It might not be a bad idea, since you want to jump, then jump down. Even if you don’t jump now, you jump down someday.”

“Directly jump down like this?” Ye Chuan was somewhat stunned.

Originally, he thought that this cyan robed Seventh Elder would do his utmost to prevent him from jumping down, advising him to not be impulsive. But who would have thought that, he unexpectedly urged him to jump down. Could it be that he didn’t know the danger of Evil Dragon Abyss? Or to say, the danger of Evil Dragon Abyss was not worth mentioning to him?

“Mmm, directly jump down.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder paused for a moment and said faintly, “In the midst of thick bloody mist, there are protruding stones on the cliff at the interval of every 100 meters where you can step. After 999 stone steps, you will reach the bottom of the cliff, and even below that, there is a nine-storey underground world. In every full moon night, before dawn, the strength of the bloody mist is substantially weak and the visibility is also very high.”

“Seventh Elder, you mean to say now is a perfect time?” Ye Chuan looked up towards the moon, and said suddenly, as tonight happened to be the full moon night.

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