Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 166

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 166: Release your hand

Now, in front of Cloud Mist Hall, silence reigns.

Even a fool can see that it was a hopeless situation for Bai Yanhu, and everyone looked at Ye Chuan in surprise.

No need to speak about borrowing Heaven Burning Furnace, he even hooked up with Heavenly Maiden who was the future Heavenly Empress. This is the real expert!

Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is really the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!

The heart of everyone shook, and now all of them were genuinely convinced with this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan.

Now, when the sect was in chaos, Second Elder had changed into a cripple, and Great Elder was also in faraway capital without any news about him, so Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan became fully deserved pillar of the sect.

As for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, she became even angrier sensing the gaze of all the people and her energy fluctuation continued to rise along with her flames of fury. Her powerful energy fluctuation made people nervous and restless, and they were also unable to understand the relationship between Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden.

“Zixia girl, it would be best for you to not be impulsive.”

Ye Chuan silently used a technique to put away Heaven Burning Furnace, but still holding the slender waist of Heavenly Maiden, he whispered in her ear, “Heavenly Empress didn’t send you to cause havoc in Cloud Mist Sect, rather to protect Heaven Burning Furnace. If you dare to arbitrarily act foolishly, then the first person to not forgive you will be your master Heavenly Empress. There is only one Heavenly Empress, but as for Heavenly Maiden……, if one died, then they still can look for another one to slowly nurture.”

“Boy, are you threatening me?” Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was even angrier, “Do you think I cannot kill you now? Heavenly Empress instructed us to ensure the safety of only Heaven Burning Furnace, but not your safety!”

“I have already refined Heaven Burning Furnace, now, I have already become one with the furnace, so how can you kill me?”

Ye Chuan coldly said but on the surface, he had smiling appearance, moreover, he hugged her even tighter, then touching the earlobe of Heavenly Empress with the tip of his nose, he gently sniffed her virgin fragrance, and said, “There is a place in Cloud Mist Sect, it is called Evil Dragon Abyss, do you know it? I might not be your opponent, but I still have the ability to jump down Evil Dragon Abyss. At that time, even if Heavenly Empress personally honored Cloud Mist Sect by her presence to save the situation, I would have already disappeared together with Heaven Burning Furnace down Evil Dragon Abyss. Don’t force me to take that step, it’s not advantageous for anyone.”

In the eyes of others, Heavenly Maiden who held herself aloft was someone who couldn’t be offended and blasphemed, even tyrannical Tuoba Xiong, this kind of ambitious and ruthless character was terror-stricken and fled thinking of Heavenly Maiden’s backer Heavenly Yao Sect, but Ye Chuan however was an exception, he directly threatened Heavenly Empress who was full of killing intent, not taking her seriously.

After Tuoba Xiong had fled, Ye Chuan had calmed down, the calmer he was, the better his mind moved, and he had a perfect way to deal with this furious Heavenly Maiden who set herself high above the masses.

“You……, release me!”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia gritted her teeth, then slapped away the claw of Ye Chuan. She was very angry, but she truly didn’t dare to act rashly. Although the words of Ye Chuan were detestable to the extreme, but she was unable to fare up after hearing them.

In Heavenly Yao Sect, aloof and refined Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia did whatever she liked, and she even didn’t attach importance to Elder Tain Qing, but in front of her master Heavenly Empress, she didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. She understood the mood and means of white-haired Heavenly Empress better than anyone else. If she seriously made white-haired Heavenly Empress angry, then she knew that even though she was Heavenly Maiden, she might lose her head.

“Zixia, I wasn’t good before, don’t be angry, ah. Come on, if you want to beat me or curse me, I will guarantee you that I will not retort even you curse me, and I will not hit you back even if you beat me, as long as you accompany me tonight to see the stars from Heavenly Dragon Peak. Or, I can take you to neighborhood underground Ghost Market, there are some treasures of overseas, if you want something, I will buy them for you, how is that?”

Ye Chuan looked at Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was angry in her heart in all smiles, making them look as if they were the affectionate young married couple who were at loggerheads.

“Ye……Chuan…, you……”

Heavenly Maiden nearly went insane, not only was he acting indecently in public, he was still acting in all seriousness, was there someone else who was more shameless than this fellow?

In Heavenly Yao Sect, from the youngest to the eldest, whoever sees her, if they were not extremely reverent and respectful, then they were polite, but there was none that dare to treat her like this.

Ye Chuan, this brat, not only was he hateful, he was shameless too!

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had an impulse to kill, and the suppressed flames of fury in her heart burned again.

“Kill, altogether, kill this brat Ye Chuan for me!’

Bai Yanhu roared with his hoarse voice. Now his complexion was ferocious, but unfortunately, the trusted subordinates he used to have around him in former days had all disappeared without a trace. And the disciples that were contending to render meritorious service in front of him also had already left him.

“Old fellow, what did you say?”

The anger of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia instantly flared up, and her spacious sleeve suddenly shot out, wrapping around the neck of Bai Yanhu, then putting forth her strength, ‘kacha’ sound resounded as his neck was broken, and then his body heavily collapsed on the ground, and his aura got weaker and weaker.

“Ai, Third Elder, now I am talking to Zixia girl, why on earth did you cut in? Didn’t you do all of this just because you want to sit on the seat of Sect Master? But in the end, you didn’t become Sect Master, on the contrary, you didn’t even have a good death. There is not even a single person to pay you the last respect, your only personal disciple Ye Suo has also already died, ai, there is no need for this….”

Ye Chuan walked over, then looking at Bai Yanhu at his last gasp on the ground, he shook his head with a sympathetic appearance.

“You……, brat, I will become a ghost and not……”

Bai Yanhu showed the whites of his eyes and before he finished speaking, he died, he died with grievances.

Although the neck was broken and he was severely injured, but there was still a leeway to save a Daoist master realm expert. But Ye Chuan didn’t mention about it, and as soon as he opened his mouth, this old fellow simply died from an excess of anger.

In order the seize the power of the sect, he had spent countless painstaking efforts and prepared for many years, but in the end, he was defeated in the hands of this young disciple Ye Chuan, and he lost his everything including his life.

“Guards, come and take away the corpse of Third Elder, and bury with full honors.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said, “He was heartless, but I cannot do him injustice, regardless of anything, Bai Yanhu was once our Cloud Mist Sect’s elder, his contribution and faults are different matters. This internal strife, all was the scheme of Bai Yanhu, as for everyone else, as long as they lay down their sword and surrender, all will be forgiven. As for what to do next, continue to do what you used to do, everything will be as usual!”

Since the internal strife had just put down, it was unsuitable to get to the bottom of this matter, causing foul wind and rain of blood once again, so he decided to stabilize the situation first.

As a Great Sage who had once dominated the entire Wilderness World, Ye Chuan naturally knew what he should do next.

“Paying respect to Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, thank you for your kindness of not killing us!”


The disciples who had joined the rebellion threw their swords and knelt on the ground in succession, performing kowtow three times and worship nine times. And as for few trusted subordinates of Bai Yanhu who had killed people like flies and stained their hand with the blood of countless people, although wanted to flee secretly, but seeing the current situation, they were also forced to kneel down. Now that they couldn’t flee, they could only hope that Ye Chuan would keep his promise and be lenient.

“Get up, activate the sect’s restrictions, from today onwards, without my permission, no one is allowed to take even a half step outside the sect.” Ye Chuan waved his hand and then walking forward in a large stride, he personally untied Zhu Sijia and said, “Jiajia, it’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother’s fault, I didn’t return in time and make you suffer grievance.”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Zhu Sijia rushed into the bosom of Ye Chuan, and tears began to burst out from her red eyes like a broken dam. Recalling the bloodbath of this internal strife, Second Elder Nangong Ren suffering severe injury and downhearted Nan Tiandu jumping down Evil Dragon Abyss, this unruly and shrewish girl of former days was very sad from the bottom of her heart as she shed tears. Her grandfather had went to the capital and there was no information on him, and now, seeing Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan who always made her angry in former days, she felt as if he was the sole family member beside her.

“Don’t fear, all have passed, all have passed……”

Ye Chuan tightly hugged broken-hearted Zhu Sijia and gently caressing her hair, he patted her back.

Not far away, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia snorted seeing this, “Humph, this brat is taking liberties with women again!”

In front of Cloud Mist Hall, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect cheered, congratulating the rebirth of Cloud Mist Sect. Everyone was excited, only Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was gloomily looking at Ye Chuan in a bad mood, but she still had a whole new level of respect for Ye Chuan’s capability.

Ye Chuan unexpectedly smoothened out such shocking chaos with only a few words. He didn’t hotly pursue and fiercely attacked trying to get to the bottom of this matter, this needed not courage and cultivation, rather mental state. If she was in his position, then she might not have stepped down gracefully like Ye Chuan. Besides, for some unknown reason, seeing Ye Chuan was hugging beautiful Zhu Sijia, she felt very unhappy. Holding so tightly in public, did he not know how to the word ‘shame’?

The more Heavenly Maiden look, the unhappier she became, so simply walked to one side and didn’t look at them. But with her brain filled with Ye Chuan’s figure and his shameless behaviors, how could she remain calm?

“Can it be that, this……, this is emotion calamity stated by master?”

After a short while, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was lost in her thoughts suddenly woke up with a start, recalling the words Heavenly Empress had said before. Then looking at Ye Chuan, her complexion became even more unsightly.

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