Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 164

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 164: Ultimately inevitable

“Causally bringing back a fake alchemy furnace, and you are saying it is Heavenly Yao Sect’s Heaven Burning Furnace, heh heh, brat, do you think all of us are idiots? Go on, kill him for me!”

Bai Yanhu narrowed his eyes maliciously staring at Ye Chuan, then he gave a signal to a trusted subordinate standing beside him. And the latter stepped forward bravely, rushing towards Ye Chuan.

As soon as he opened the mouth, Bai Yanhu claimed that the Heaven Burning Furnace in the hand of Ye Chuan was a fake, befuddling the public opinion.

The old fox is still the old fox, very treacherous and sinister!


The trusted subordinate of Bai Yanhu shouted loudly, and he rushed faster and faster, moreover, with gleaming sword in his hand, his killing intent soared.

This person was a Rank 3 Xiushi elite. He was tall and big, and his muscles were also as hard as stone. He had always been good at close combat. Although Ye Chuan was outstanding, but he after all was merely Rank 2 Xiushi, so he thought that in a one-on-one battle against Ye Chuan, he could easily defeat him!

“Gagaga, noble son, let me take care of him!” Horned Demon Na Gusi bowed to Ye Chuan asking for the permission.

After disguising as Great Elder and inflicting heavy injury on Bai Yanhu, he was continuously waiting for the opportune moment to go into action. Unfortunately, the defense of Bai Yanhu’s trusted subordinates was tight, and he didn’t get any opportunity to attack him again.

“No, both of you, step back, I will handle this myself.”

Ye Chuan calmly said, then opening his right hand, he lifted up heavy Heaven Burning Furnace.

The trusted subordinate of Bai Yanhu got closer and closer, and just when he was about to brandish the sword in his hand with a ferocious face, Ye Chuan finally made a move, using a technique on Heaven Burning Furnace.


Heaven Burning Furnace spout flames, and the flames instantly soared illuminating more than half of the sky. The fellow who was rushing forward ferociously was greatly surprised, he immediately stopped, and he involuntarily felt strong ill at ease in his heart. But just when he was about to turn around and retreat, a fire snake flew out from inside Heaven Burning Furnace which wrapped around him and then pulled him into Heaven Burning Furnace.


A mournful scream can from inside Heaven Burning Furnace, then, a black smoke curled upwards. After that, quietly, Heaven Burning Furnace with flames soaring from it gradually returned to its previous state.

Is this the power of Heaven Burning Furnace?

On the top of the mountain, no matter the people of Cloud Mist Sect or Black Cauldron Sect, all without exception were greatly surprised, and a dread appeared on their face.

Even standing one kilometer far away from Heaven Burning Furnace, they could still feel a series of heat waves directly in their face, and even the ground was boiling hot. If they were to enter this Heaven Burning Furnace which was wrapped with flames, then perhaps, even the later stage Xiushi realm experts would be burned to ashes both in body and soul without leaving any residue.

“Come come come, are there still idiots here? You can come and test whether this is the real Heaven Burning Furnace or not.”

Ye Chuan coldly laughed looking at rebel forces and the troops of Black Cauldron Sect.

In Heavenly Yao Sect, Heaven Burning Furnace was the defining treasure which was suppressing the fate of the sect and was also the core of Mountains and Rivers Formation. But in the hands of Ye Chuan, it revealed its ferocious true features, changing into a great killing weapon.

In his previous lifetime, long before Blue Eyed Yao Empress established Heavenly Yao Sect, Heaven Burning Furnace was Ye Chuan’s killing weapon which he used usually. And now, even after millions upon millions of years later, after this alchemy furnace fell into his hand, it demonstrated its true might!

Tuoba Xiong licked his lips, and he had some dread looking at Heaven Burning Furnace, but he still resolutely stepped forward, and staring at Ye Chuan, he said in a low voice, “Boy, three sects merging into one is ultimately inevitable, it is useless even if your Great Elder Zhu Guohong was here. Do you think you can seriously stop this mighty torrent? And do you think you alone can stop the army of Cloud Mist Sect and my Black Cauldron Sect?”

Since Bai Yanhu was perplexed now, Tuoba Xiong began to take the field, wanting to use force.

Ye Chuan who had suddenly revealed Heaven Burning Furnace gave them misgivings, not only because of Heaven Burning Furnace in itself but more importantly Heaven Burning Furnace represents Heavenly Yao Sect. If they killed Ye Chuan, there might be no end of trouble for the future, but, an arrow fitted to the bowstring cannot avoid being discharged.

“Keep on farting, wiping out your Black Cauldron Sect is ultimately inevitable. You two old dogs, one malevolent, one treacherous, do you two seriously think that colluding together, you can disregard others?” Ye Chuan refused to yield an inch and coldly stared at overbearing Tuoba Xiong.

“Brother Tuoba, don’t talk with him, directly killing him will quickly settle this matter!”

Bai Yanhu urged, if he was not injured seriously, then he would have already attacked personally.

Originally, he thought that as long as he stretched out his finger, he could annihilate Ye Chuan, thoroughly surpassing Cloud Mist Sect. But now, the matters had already developed outside the proper course, greatly exceeding his expectation and control. Like this, the more this drag on, the more unfavorable it will be for him, as a long delay means trouble.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Tuoba Xiong slightly pondered, then waving his big hand, he personally led the experts of Black Cauldron Sect rushing forward, “Fine, kill, kill this brat with me!”


“Unify Cloud Mist Mountain range, three sects merge into one!”


The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect roared, and rushing from all direction, they completely surrounded Ye Chuan and his group. Bai Yanhu’s complexion was cold, and with his order, the rebelling disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also charged. Even though they were unwilling in their heart, no-one dared to defy him in public.

On the summit, a chaotic battle erupted and blood flowed like a river.

Several hundred Evil Eyed Cow Demons send out closely compacted cyan radiance, sweeping over the rushing disciples of Black Cauldron Sect. And the loyal disciples of Cloud Mist Sect also did all they could to counterattack. As for Ye Chuan, he used a technique, and Heaven Burning Furnace roared and trembled, then even more terrifying flames erupted out. Sometimes, these flames divided into fire snakes and chaotically danced all around, disrupting the formation of the enemies, and sometimes, they assembled together and fell from the heaven, turning the enemies’ front into a sea of flames.

This peerless treasure Heaven Burning Furnace displayed its astonishing power in the hands of Ye Chuan. But Tuoba Xiong and Bai Yanhu were well-prepared, they overwhelmed Ye Chuan and his group with numerical strength, and slowly, the number of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples around Ye Chuan became fewer and fewer. Evil Eyed Cow Demons Legion also suffered heavy losses. And now Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi were also panting. The situation became more and more not too encouraging.

“Ye Chuan, quickly stretch your neck and accept your death. Do you truly believe that Heavenly Yao Sect will come to help you? Do you truly think that you still have an unmovable backer now? It’s ultimately inevitable to merge three sects into one, even if people of Heavenly Yao Sect come, they are just courting death, hahaha……, go on, kill him for me, go altogether!”

Bai Yanhu roared with laughter. He personally supervised the operations, forcing the surrendered disciples to step forward.

In any case, today, he would kill Ye Chuan to settle old scores and new grievances. Even if Heavenly Yao Sect was standing behind Ye Chuan, he would still kill Ye Chuan, not to mention, until now, he still didn’t believe that that alchemy furnace in Ye Chuan’s hand was the legendary Heaven Burning Furnace. A peerless treasure that suppressed the fate of the sect, if it was him, then would he lent it to someone else? No, absolutely impossible!

The rebelling disciples of Cloud Mist Sect didn’t put forth their strength to attack, but the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect however were becoming more and more courageous, rushing towards Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan and his group quickly fell into predicament straits, and the danger was imminent.

At that time, an ice-cold voice suddenly came from the foot of the mountain, “Who said that it was just courting death even if the people of my Heavenly Yao Sect came here? What do you take my Heavenly Yao Sect for?”

A powerful pressured suddenly enveloped the entire battlefield which was accompanied by ice-cold aura. On the summit, the temperature instantly plunged down, and a layer of ice began to appear on the skin of all the people on the summit. Then looking up, they saw a woman wearing multi-colored war robe flying over from the foot of the mountain. She had indifference expression and was pure as jade and clear as ice as if she was a celestial maiden above the worldly materials. Moreover, on the back of her head, a seven-colored halo could be seen indistinctly. And just sensing her indistinct energy fluctuation, everyone could sense that she was far more powerful than both Tuoba Xiong and Bai Yanhu. Behind her, there was a seven or eight meters tall Kumu warrior. His every step made an earth-shaking rumbling sound.

Heavenly Maiden?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone and was very surprised.

Originally, he was thinking of wielding Heaven Burning Furnace so as to frighten both Bai Yanhu and Tuoba Xiong with the mighty name of Heavenly Yao Sect. But who would have thought that Heavenly Yao Sect would truly come, moreover, Heavenly Empress and Kumu warrior Tain Ku had come personally!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Did the Heavenly Empress come or did the Heavenly Maiden come? Or both? I’d think the Empress would need to stay back since the treasure is gone and the sect is weaker than usual.

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