Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 163

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 163: Don’t compare backer with me

“Hahaha, congratulation, Sect Master Bai, congratulation for smoothly sitting on the Sect Master throne of Cloud Mist Sect. From now on, Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect are of the same breath and branches, and even our arteries are connected in one vein.”

A deep and resounding slightly hoarse voice came from halfway up the mountain, and when he had hardly finished speaking, a nearly two meters tall big fellow appeared in front of everyone on the summit of the mountain. This person had tall and sturdy build, his entire rough face filled with a beard, and many experts of Black Cauldron Sect was following after him. He was none other than Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong who was the overlord dominating one side of Cloud Mist Mountain range. Ye Chuan truly hadn’t guessed wrong.

“You are flattering me, you are flattering me, there is still a trouble where I need brother Tuoba to make a move, I’m truly ashamed. Hereafter, our two sects are of the same breath and branches, and even our arteries are connected in one vein. Now merging our sects, we will become Cloud Cauldron Sect!” Bai Yanhu welcomed Tuoba Xiong with a smiling face and called him ‘brother’ in public.

“Hahaha, we are on the same side, there is no need to be polite. Wait until us brother join our forces to subdue Five Style Sect, then we can formally combine three sects into one, and jointly name it Cloud Cauldron Sect, hahahaha……” Tuoba Xiong roared with laughter and was flushed with success.

For so many years, he had continuously plotted to become the only overlord of the entire Cloud Mist Mountain range, now, the chance had finally appeared in front of him.

Bai Yanhu needed the help of his strength to suppress the opposition and seize the authority of Cloud Mist Sect, in exchange, hereafter Cloud Mist Sect would submit to Black Cauldron Sect, two sects combining into one. Next, with the combined power of two sects, seize Five Style Sect, then it would naturally be easy to become the only overlord of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. At that time, in the spurt of energy, he could establish a dynasty, and after establishing Cloud Mist Country, it would not be difficult to break away from Da Qin Dynasty.

Although Da Qin Dynasty was big and powerful, but this was the era where the subordinate warlords were not of the same thoughts. Everywhere around the mainland, the undercurrents were surging, so powerful forces were secretly accumulating power, and Tuoba Xiong was also unwilling to stay quiet.

In front of Cloud Mist Hall, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously became angry.

With the exception of a handful of Bai Yanhu’s trusted subordinates, the overwhelming majority of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples who had surrendered to Bai Yanhu was hearing about this Cloud Cauldron Sect for this first time.

What a shameless old dog, let along massacring the sect to seize the power, he even sold the sect for his interest, colluding with Tuoba Xiong, moreover, he wanted to merge together with Black Cauldron Sect, and jointly name it Cloud Cauldron Sect.

Ye Chuan was surprised and also angry, he already knew that this old dog Bai Yanhu was sinister and despicable long ago, but in the end, he discovered that he was still underestimating this old dog’s shamelessness.

“Ye Chuan, we meet again. I truly have never thought that I, Tuoba Xiong could come here at this Cloud Mist Hall once again.”

Tuoba Xiong turned around and looking at Ye Chuan, he coldly smiled, looking very hideous.

Last time, before the Great Competition of three sects, he had personally honored his presence to understand the exact details of Ye Chuan, and then in the name of the alliance by marriage, he wanted to humiliate Cloud Mist Sect. But, in the end, he courted humiliation to himself, he who was flushed with success when coming had to return humiliated. He was in an inexplicably awkward situation, and had been reduced to a laughing stock. But what about this time? Great Elder Zhu Guohong wasn’t here, the entire Cloud Mist Sect fell into the hand of a villain, what could Ye Chuan do to reverse the situation?

Seeing isolated and without help Ye Chuan, Tuoba Xiong was very happy in his heart, simply was indescribably delighted. This time, he will settle old scored and new grievances, if he couldn’t torture Ye Chuan to half dead, then he was not Tuoba Xiong!

More and more experts of Black Cauldron Sect appeared in front of the people, as, under the advance order of Bai Yanhu, the entrance of Cloud Mist Sect was already left wide open without any defense at an earlier time, letting the troops of Black Cauldron Sect pass in and out. Among the troops of Black Cauldron Sect, weak and delicate looking Tuoba Xiaoniao was also present, but unlike other disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, she wasn’t aggressive, rather there was some pity in her gaze looking towards Ye Chuan. And as if she knew the inside story, she was unable to bear watching the bad end of Ye Chuan.

As for the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect who were standing at Bai Yanhu’s camp, their complexion looked rather complicated.

They don’t have any problem with regarding the rebellion of Bai Yanhu to seize the sect’s authority, as this was merely an internal strife, but brazenly submitting to the authority of Black Cauldron Sect, moreover also wanting to change the name into something Cloud Cauldron Sect hereafter, this was too excessive. For so many years, the relationship between Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect had been like a fire and water. The disciples of both sides had continuously fought openly and maneuver covertly, even to the extent that there was a huge debt of blood between them, but now, he suddenly wanted to merge two sects into one, and hereafter call each other brothers, who could do this, and also, who was willing?

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect shared a bitter hatred of the enemy, but facing the pressure of Tuoba Xiong and Bai Yanhu, each and every one of them was forced to keep their resentment to themselves. The troops of Black Cauldron Sect also spread out without a trace, indistinctly surrounding all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. No matter who, as long as they stand out to oppose, they would definitely suffer the double attack of Bai Yanhu and Tuoba Xiong, dying without a doubt!

“Hahaha, did you expect this? Ye Chuan brat, accept your fate, dare to fight with this lordship, you are still too inexperienced.” Bai Yanhu roared with laughter, and was enormously proud of his success.

So what if he suffered a severe injury? This Cloud Mist Sect will still belong to him, Bai Yanhu. No matter how powerful Ye Chuan was, he could do nothing about it! In order to control Cloud Mist Sect, he had plotted for a very long time, making many plans in succession, even Great Elder and Second Elder were within his calculation, so how could Ye Chuan have the ability to foil his plan?

“Yes, I didn’t expect this matter, but I am not the one who is too inexperienced, it’s you two who are too inexperienced. Do you truly think you can do whatever you please just because you two are banding together? Old dog Bai, do you think you have an unshakable backing just because you go and seek refuge with Black Cauldron Sect betraying the sect? Open your dog eyes and look clearly, what is this?” Ye Chuan coldly looked at Bai Yanhu, then used a technique.

Whoosh, a red light flew out from his body, and the temperature at the summit of the mountain suddenly rose rapidly. Then, a cauldron furnace wrapped in flames appeared before the eyes of everyone, and a majestic and ancient aura filled the air.

“What is that, Heaven Burning Furnace of Heavenly Yao Sect? Ye Chuan, he……, was he truly able to borrow peerless treasure Heaven Burning Furnace from Heavenly Yao Sect?”

“Impossible, Heaven Burning Furnace that suppresses the fate of Heavenly Yao Sect, how could that be?”


Regardless of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect or the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, all of them hastily retreated in succession while screaming trying dodge the heat wave of Heaven Burning Furnace.

Ye Chuan was ordered to go to Heavenly Yao Sect and borrow Heaven Burning Furnace risking his life, this news had already spread far and wide, but no one believed that he would actually succeed this. Moreover, many of them believed that it would be a great fortune of Ye Chuan if he was able to return with his life intact. And after returning from Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan had immediately killed towards Cloud Mist Hall, fighting a bloody battle with rebel forces. Finally, at the last moment, he suddenly revealed Heaven Burning Furnace greatly surprising everyone present.

Bai Yanhu had his eyes wide open in disbelief. Going to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, this was just a trap he had prepared to kill Ye Chuan by proxy, but Ye Chuan not only returned unscathed from Heavenly Yao Sect, but also truly brought back Heaven Burning Furnace?

Everyone present rubbed their eyes and their heart shook.

Compared to Heavenly Yao Sect, what was Black Cauldron Sect? Heavenly Yao Sect however was known as the unequaled sect, there were countless experts within this sect, casually coming out, they could easily sweep away Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and similar small sects, even Da Qin King didn’t dare to utter the sound in front of them.

Ever since ancient times, Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect had the treaty of alliance, and Ye Chuan being able to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace from Heavenly Yao Sect, what did this explain? This explains that although Heavenly Yao Sect considered themselves the best in the world, but they still recognize Cloud Mist Sect as their ally. For Bai Yanhu and Tuoba Xiong, this matter was very serious. Now Ye Chaun was alone and weak but the backer standing behind him however was very scary!

Tuoba Xiong who was just flushed with success and was thinking how to torture Ye Chuan to make him feel so much grief that he wished to die, his complexion suddenly became gloomy without any smile.

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