Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 162

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 162: Red Beauty

Fierce and swift blade light suddenly shone.

Ye Chan as if a wolf and a tiger immediately rushed to the front of Bai Yanhu, and he used blades, wanting to cut open the face of the latter, as well as behead this old dog.

After the sudden appearance of Horned Demon Na Gusi and his attack, Ye Chuan quickly gave up the thought of suffering loss together with Bai Yanhu. He no longer continued to use Demonic Disintegration Technique, rather used Inch Blade to attack. Instantly, the strength of 54,000 jin erupted, and his extremely thin blades became all-conquering.

First blade, cut open the face of Bai Yanhu;

Second blade, cut off half of his ear;

Third blade leave behind a bloody mark on the throat of Bai Yanhu, nearly cutting off his throat!


The offense of Ye Chuan was like a tide, he instantly launched the storm of attacks, merely, although Bai Yanhu was severely injured, Ye Chuan was unable to thoroughly kill him.

Suddenly suffering the attack of Horned Demon Na Gusi, Bai Yanhu was severely injured and even was dizzy, but with his rich experience and doughty body, he still was able to react instinctively, avoiding the fatal attacks of Ye Chuan.

After avoiding the seventh blade of Ye Chuan, Bai Yanhu immediately retreated back. At this moment, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi rushed together, unfortunately, it was already too late, the trusted subordinates of Bai Yanhu had already swarmed over to protect the severely injured Bai Yanhu. In particular, those black robed people dispatched by Dark Underworld Envoy, with their powerful cultivation level, they blocked Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi’s attack. And after some collision, the two sides were in a deadlock.

In the blink of an eye, the situation changed all of a sudden.

The surprise attack of Horned Demon Na Gusi greatly changed the situation.

Great Elder still hadn’t returned, moreover, they got the help of an expert, Na Gusi, like this, the original dangerous situation of Ye Chuan and his party suddenly changed, giving people hope and expectation. And conversely, the situation of Bai Yanhu who was barely alive was anything but reassuring, his entire body was dripping with blood and appeared as if he would die soon, which seriously decreased the morale of his troops. The surrounding rebel forces were in a chaos, and they look on this battle with folded arms.

In the space of a night, Bai Yanhu had created bloodbath within the sect to seize the power, and many disciples had surrendered to him, appearing Bai Yanhu had already control over the whole situation. But this was just the surface appearance, once he no longer had the prestige, the freshly surrendered disciples would discard him at any time.

“Everybody, listen to me, immediately lay down your sword, and let bygones be bygones. The real culprit is only Bai Yanhu. I just want to take the head of this old dog.”

Ye Chuan carefully looked all around and taking this chance, he persuaded the rebel forces whose morale was unstable, then looking all around, he continued in a loud clear voice, “Bai Yanhu is guilty of very heinous crime, as the sect’s Third Elder, he plotted a rebellion, but the successive generation of Cloud Mist Sect’s ancestors didn’t let his plot to succeed. Lay down the sword and let bygones be bygones, moreover, capturing this old dog Bai Yanhu, you all can still make a great contribution to the sect. And when Great Elder returns, I will explain everyone’s contribution for a great reward!”

“We shouldn’t keep hurting the people of our own side, lay down the swords and let bygones be bygones!”

“Behead Bai Yanhu, my Cloud Mist Sect is still as bright as sun and moon!”


The disciples who had followed Flame Devil from the rear mountain Heavenly Dragon Peak, all began to shout at the top of their voice, and then more and more disciples joined them making their voice louder and louder.

The rebel forces were like, you look me, I look you, then slowly, the majority of people laid down their swords. Although they didn’t forsake darkness for light immediately, but at least, they weren’t stubborn, and some even indistinctly surrounded Bai Yanhu and his lackeys. Now, only a hundred or so blind trusted aides and trusted subordinates of Bai Yanhu still remained by his side.

“Brat, you……”

Bai Yanhu stood up with the support of his trusted aide, then looking at his power disintegrating quickly, he gritted his teeth, and then he shouted loudly, “Everybody, do not listen to the glib words of this brat Ye Chuan, and don’t get confused by him. Great Elder will never return from the capital, kill Ye Chuan and Cloud Mist Sect will be ours to rule. Whoever cut off his head, I will bestow him the position of new Big Disciple, moreover, he can also freely choose a technique and a treasure from the sect’s treasury. I will absolutely not break my promise!”

Bai Yanhu was anxious, he didn’t have time to treat his injury, he immediately stepped forward and said. If his troops were bewitched by Ye Chuan, then all his efforts would be wasted. In his heart, he greatly hated Ye Chuan, if he had known this would happen earlier, then he would have killed the instant he met him, even if he had to pay a great price.

“Old dog, are you still trying to bite randomly like a mad dog? Do you truly think that you are an undying immortal? My blades are coated with very hyper-toxic Red Beauty, and now, aren’t you feeling itchy on your wound? Moreover, your skin is also getting red, at most, after one hour, you will kick the bucket. Even though you are already screwed, you are still having a wishful thinking of becoming a Sect master, heh heh, truly a great joke.” Ye Chuan calmly said with a cold smile while looking at Bai Yanhu.

Everyone was shocked hearing these words, even the trusted subordinates beside Bai Yanhu were similarly shocked. They were somewhat afraid and had complex half believing, half doubting expression. They didn’t know whether Bai Yanhu was feeling itchy or not, but they could see that his skin was truly red as if he was about to bleed out from his every pore. He appeared to be poisoned.

Ever since ancient times, Cloud Mist Sect was famous for alchemy, the disciples also refined antidotes, and they also refined many kinds of poison too, so many of them had heard about this Red Beauty. According to the legend, Red Beauty was a kind of fatal hyper-toxic poison. After being poisoned by this poison, the skin of poisoned person would turn red as if his face was glowing with health, but after a little while, the skin would turn black from red, and the poisoned person would die.

Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan wasn’t up to much, but as sect’s Big Disciple, he might have made a contact with Red Beauty. If what he said was the truth, then the consequences would be serious.

If Bai Yanhu were to die, then as if monkeys scattering after the tree collapsed, everything would be lost irrevocably for these trusted aides and subordinates.

“Nonsense, this brat is talking nonsense, I am not poisoned, this……, this is only……”

Bai Yanhu was out of breath, and his skin was red, not because he was poisoned rather that attack of Horned Demon Na Gusi was too ruthless, which broke his ribs as well as injured his internal organs. It was because of that blow it appeared as if he was able to bleed from all of his pores.

Bai Yanhu understood what was going on, but because of the severe injury as well as his fury, before he finished speaking, he vomited a mouthful of blood, appearing as if the poison was showing the effect and it was about to get out of control. And this only made the matters worse, the followers clustering around him became even more restless, instantly, let alone just surrendered rebel forces, even his trusted subordinates who had followed him for many years began to have thoughts to retreat, and their moral plunged down.

“Old dog, surrender, I promise I will only destroy your cultivation, and leave your dog’s life.” Ye Chuan indifferently said with the appearance of having a well-thought-out plan. Clearly, he was fabricating the matter, but when speaking, his tone was flat, which even more caused people to believe him.

“Brat, you……”

Bai Yanhu was angry to the extreme, and pointing at Ye Chuan, he wanted to speak, but he vomited a mouthful of blood again. He was greatly angry in his heart, “Ah……, brat, you forced me to do this, you forced me to take this last step. Today, I will let you understand what is called the real strategy, let you die convinced!”

Bai Yanhu suddenly took out a talisman from his bosom, then using a technique, this talisman exploded, emitting red, yellow and green radiance. Shortly afterward, these three radiances condensed together in the air forming a huge bronze cauldron. And from the distant place, quickly a roaring sound resounded, then with killing intent soaring, the ground suddenly trembled. No one knew how many peoples were galloping towards this place.

Black Cauldron Sect?

Bai Yanhu, this old dog, no need to mention the bloodbath he created within the sect, he had secretly colluded with Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong, arranging the ambush too.

Ye Chuan’s complexion suddenly sunk. He wanted to attack and kill Bai Yanhu regardless of anything. But he was already too late, as an extremely vigorous energy fluctuation came over from the foot of the mountain at an unbelievable speed, which suddenly locked on to Ye Chuan, making him unable to move.

Bai Yanhu was extremely vicious, he unexpectedly had such trump card!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This makes the Cloud Mist Sect look terrible. Bottom of the barrel for years, internal strife this bad, and now a sect elder selling his own sect to outsiders.

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