Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 161

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 161: Extreme joy begets sorrow

The complexion of Bai Yanhu became gloomy and tense, and his gaze became more and more sinister looking towards Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan had just called out the name of Great Elder Zhu Guohong and in a blink of an eye, Great Elder really returned as Ye Chuan had said. Could it be that this brat truly has crow’s beak? Cannot stay, he absolutely cannot stay here any longer!

The gaze of Bai Yanhu glimmered, hesitating whether to recklessly rush forward and kill Ye Chuan or not.

With the protection of Flame Devil, if he wanted to forcibly kill Ye Chuan, then he definitely had to pay a big price. But, the benefit of killing Ye Chuan was also obvious, not only he could get rid of Ye Chuan, this threat, he could also stabilize the morale of his troops, calming down the terrified disciples of his side, then immediately take care of the exhausted Great Elder.

“Great Elder……, Great Elder, he……” The trusted aid slightly hesitated, then whispered something in the ear of Bai Yanhu.

The eyes of Bai Yanhu, who had gloomy complexion and had his mind weighted heavily, suddenly shone, “Really?”

“It’s the truth, Third Elder, no, Your Excellency Sect Master, you can look personally to confirm.” The trusted aide replied. He was somewhat unaccustomed to address Bai Yanhu as Sect Master, as he usually used to call him Third Elder.

“Good, bring him up, hahaha, hahahaha!”

Bai Yanhu roared with laughter, and excitedly looking towards Ye Chuan standing in the middle of Evil Eyed Cow Demons, he said, “I am destined, even heaven wants me to become Sect Master of Cloud Mist Sect, hahahaha. Brat, weren’t you saying Great Elder will arrest us and put to death by dismembering after he returns? Didn’t you say Great Elder is very powerful? And didn’t you say I have to beg for mercy? Great Elder who oversaw sect for many years and who would arose fear just by his thoughts, hahahaha……”

Bai Yanhu who had schemed to seize power creating the bloodbath in the sect was now laughing wantonly.

The heart of Ye Chuan sunk, and became heavier and heavier.

He didn’t know what exactly was going on, but seeing the reaction of Bai Yanhu, he knew that something had gone wrong, something must have definitely happened to Great Elder.

Sure enough, not long after, a group of rebel forces hurriedly came over carrying a person on the stretcher. The stretcher was covered with a bloody war robe. Lifting up the war robe and looking, they saw an old man with a head full of white hair lying on the stretcher. He had tall and big stature, and was none other than Great Elder Zhu Guohong who shook Cloud Mist Mountain Range in former days with his might. It was hard to tell if his aura really exists, and although he hadn’t died completely, but he was already on the verge of death without consciousness.

The heart of Ye Chuan throbbed, and as for Zhu Sijia tied to a stone pillar, she instantly lost her consciousness. Bai Yanhu who had massacred the sect however roared with laughter, “Hahaha, hahahaha, old man, serves you right, serves you right, hahahaha……, open your eyes and see clearly, it is not I, Bai Yanhu seized the power, but Heaven has destined to make me the Sect Master. Not surrendering is defying the Heaven’s will, and is destined to die in the cruelest death!”

Bai Yanhu pointed towards the sky, and with another hand, he patted his chest while laughing loudly in high-spirit.

Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu hadn’t return for many years, even to the extent that the younger generation disciples had already forgotten about his existence. Among the five elders, Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder were already bought secretly by Bai Yanhu, and now, with Second Elder Nangong Ren turning into a cripple, and Great Elder Zhu Guohong being unconscious suffering serious injuries, there was practically no one that could shake the position of Bai Yanhu. The only remaining person that might be able to threaten him was only Ye Chuan alone.

The disciples who had followed after Flame Devil from the rear mountain became restless, some people still held their sword preparing to die than to surrender, but even more people were dejected even to the extent that some people threw down their swords and surrendered to Bai Yanhu.

When Bai Yanhu had massacred in the sect, many disciples resisted, as they had hope in Great Elder Zhu Guohong who had gone to the capital. They were prepared to resist tenaciously, thinking that when Great Elder Zhu Guohong returned from the capital, he would take back the sect. Although Big Disciple Ye Chuan had recently gained fame, but his qualification and cultivation were far from being sufficient, unable to take the leading role.

And seeing the bloody Great Elder in an unconscious state, their will to resist tenaciously was destroyed, as they no longer saw any hope in resisting.

“Hahaha, adapting to the circumstance is truly heroic, Ye Chuan, I will again give you the last chance, do you want to surrender or die?” Bai Yanhu stepped forward overbearingly, and the encirclement also shrunk, vastly increasing the pressure. A bloody battle might break out at any time. After Ye Chuan and others were killed, this rebellion would end successfully, and there will no longer be anyone to threaten Bai Yanhu.

“Old dog, did you harm Great Elder? Did you send someone to kill him on the way?” Seeing high-spirited Bai Yanhu, Ye Chuan said in somewhat hoarse voice.

“That is not the case, he was already like this when he was discovered beside the transmission formation.”

Bai Yanhu spoke honestly, and he didn’t complicate the matters, because, now the overall situation was already set to the stone, “I already said long ago, who is Da Qin King? Is he is a good-natured person? Current Cloud Mist Sect isn’t the Cloud Mist Sect of former years, it no longer has the qualification to bargain with others. If you want to revive this sect again, and again step into the ranks of first-rate sects, then it depends on me. Zhu Guohong won’t do, he had taken the position of Great Elder for such a long time, he should have already resigned. Always having the heart of a woman, how could he make this sect strong and prosperous?”

“You didn’t send people to kill him, but you nevertheless laid the trap for him to go to the capital and meet the Emperor. The sudden destruction of 13 Alchemy Furnaces, wasn’t that your doing? Great Elder and Second Elder, both of them suffered due to your scheme, old dog, can you deny this point?” Ye Chuan stared at Bai Yanhu, and the crackling within his body suddenly increased as the preparation of Demonic Disintegration Technique reached the final moment, if this continued, he could activate this technique in exchange for the violent power to behead this old dog, Bai Yanhu.

“Today, I will clearly tell you, yes, it’s my doing, what can you do now? Boy, don’t have any wishful thinking, you are screwed. I gave you a chance but you didn’t take, so go and accompany your brother Nan Tiandu of Evil Dragon Abyss! Attack, all together, kill them all for me, don’t leave even a single one alive!”

The eyes of Bai Yanhu flashed with an ominous glint, and with the sudden eruption of majestic energy fluctuation, he led his troops, rushing towards Ye Chuan. The trusted aids and trusted subordinates under him roared like a wolf and their killing intent soared.

But the scene no one had ever expected appeared in front of everyone.

The unconscious Great Elder Zhu Guohong who was lying on the stretcher on the verge of death suddenly got up, then violently palmed the chest of Bai Yanhu. Kacha, the ribs of Bai Yanhu was completely broken, and a deep handprint appeared on his chest. Instantly, Bai Yanhu suffered severe injury.

“Gagaga, want to kill I, Na Gusi’s master with such little skill, truly is an idiot!”

Great Elder Zhu Suohong laughed strangely, suddenly turning into another person. He was wearing a black robe, and he was three meters tall with a pair of horns on his head. Moreover, dense demonic aura spread all over in an instant.

Ye Chuan had subdued two experts, who were Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi. One was stationed inside the sect and another was stationed outside the sect.

When Bai Yanhu revolted creating the bloodbath within the sect, Flame Devil led the resisting disciples of Cloud Mist Sect fleeing to the rear mountain, but Horned Demon Na Gusi who was cultivating outside didn’t appear at that time, rather hid looking for a chance. And after hearing Ye Chuan had returned, he took the action. He used Nine Transformation Demonic Technique to disguise as Great Elder Zhu Guohong and deceiving all, he gave a fatal blow to Bai Yanhu.

Bai Yanhu who had considered that the entire situation was already set on the stone and was roaring with laughter, in the blink of an eye, tasted extreme joy begets sorrow.


The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, then uttering a long, loud cry, then he rushed towards severely injured Bai Yanhu, wanting to take this opportunity to kill this old dog in one fell swoop.

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