Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 160

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 160: Return of Elder

Third Elder Bai Yanhu’s counterattack came faster than Ye Chuan had expected, and was also ferocious.

His absentmindedness really was extremely short, it seems, just after dodging the fatal blow of Ye Chuan, he immediately initiated his fatal attack.

The eyes of Ye Chuan suddenly became cold without the slightest bit of emotion, and he continued to retreat. And the instant the palm of Bai Yanhu landed on Ye Chuan, his chest suddenly sunken.


Bai Yanhu’s this palm was ferocious enough to flatten the mountain, but hitting Ye Chuan, he felt as if he had hit the empty air.

Ye Chuan let out a muffled groan, and a blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth as he continued to retreat quickly.

“What a sly kid, but where are you running?”

The complexion of Bai Yanhu became cold and as if Ye Chuan’s shadow, he chased after Ye Chuan while continuously attacking to kill him!

“Noble son Ye, be careful!”

Flame Devil rushed forward, then pulling Ye Chuan back with his left hand, his right hand emitted scorching hot flame, and then he ferociously palmed directly confronting with the incoming ferocious attack of Bai Yanhu.

An invisible shockwave spread out as if a hurricane, causing dust to rise up all over the sky.

After that, Flame Devil with Ye Chuan quickly retreated. Now his complexion became purplish red, and the cracks of his skin became even more obvious and frightening. As for Bai Yanhu, he stood still, but his aura was clearly chaotic. Now, his right palm was bloody, and looking carefully, on the back of his palm, there were many blood bubbles, as if he just reached out his hand into a deep fryer. His entire right palm appeared to be well-cooked. But seeing Flame Devil had rescued Ye Chuan, he wanted to give a chase, however a cyan light suddenly appeared in front of him, as a wave of closed compacted cyan light beams whistled towards him, so he had no choice but to dodge these light beams.

The remaining 900+ Evil Eyed Cow Demons simultaneously initiated the attack, so the power of this attack was alarming, therefore, even Bai Yanhu had no choice but have certain misgivings.

“Noble son, are you injuries serious?” Taking Ye Chuan behind the formation, Flame Devil slightly relaxed.

“I am fine, merely I wasn’t able to kill this old dog Bai Yanhu, it’s too bad!”

Ye Chuan stood, then taking a deep breath, he looked all around, and his complexion sunk more and more.

He missed the only chance to kill Bai Yanhu, this old dog, now the situation was getting more and more anything but reassuring.

From every place of the sect, rebel forces were rushing over, heavily besieging his group, and among them, there was no lack of powerful experts. Especially the masked helpers send by Dark Underworld Envoy, although they were small in number, only 5 -6, but their cultivation was powerful. Now, not to mention rescuing Zhu Sijia who was tied to the stone pillar, whether his group could break out of this encirclement or not had become a problem. A bit of carelessness could completely annihilate all of them.

“What a despicable fellow, if your cultivation was a bit higher, then this lordship might have failed and gotten myself killed. I gave you a way to survive, but you didn’t accept, however its better this way, now this lordship will kill you!”

Bai Yanhu ferociously stared at Ye Chuan, and thinking about the danger of just a moment ago, he was frightened and also angry with a lingering fear. If it was not for the protection of that masked man, then now the person dead on the ground would have been him. Although he was always alert inwardly, but he had never thought Ye Chuan actually had this kind of technique. No wonder silkpants Jin Hua and his disciple Yi Suo was played to death, and even his trusted subordinate Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun didn’t seem to be his opponent.

Bai Yanhu made up his mind and his killing intent flourished, today, he will kill Ye Chuan in order to avoid the trouble in the future. Otherwise, if the backer of Ye Chuan, Dark Raven Demon King, rushed over, then it would be troublesome.

In addition to assassin Rain Demon’s reply letter, his experience of Heavenly Dragon Mountain when he went to scout had completely convinced Bai Yanhu that Ye Chuan had secretly gone and sought refuge with Dark Raven Demon God, so he was determined to kill Ye Chuan quickly.

The situation suddenly turned grim, and after Flame Devil killed some rebel disciples in front of Cloud Mist Hall, it became somewhat restless.

The surprise attack of Ye Chuan didn’t work, instead, he was injured. Flame Devil was also already injured, so with only these 900+ Evil Eyed Cow Demons and disciples with low morale, how could they stop the ferocious as if tiger Bai Yanhu and his rebel forces?

“Old dog Bai, you, as a dignified elder not only you didn’t safeguard the sect, instead you take advantage of the time when Great Elder was out to scheme to take over the power of the sect by massacring, severely injured Second Elder, hound Nan Tiandu to death, captured Zhu Sijia, and made blood flow like river within the sacred land of the sect. Doing this, aren’t you afraid of the punishment of ancestors? Aren’t you afraid that after Great Elder return, you and all the traitors will be arrested and put to death by dismembering?”

Ye Chuan stepped forward bravely, then spoke while secretly scanning the surrounding, moreover, a crackling sound transmitted out from within his body, and under his white war robe, his bone and muscles trembled at an astonishing speed.

The grimmer the situation, the calmer Ye Chuan became, and he secretly used a peerless technique which would cause both sides suffer losses. Demonic Constitution Disintegration, this technique inflict severe losses which would be hard to redeem upon oneself in exchange for violent power. After using this technique, regardless of whether he could kill Bai Yanhu or not, his vitality would be greatly injured and he would have to slumber for at least 1000 years, furthermore, even his spirit might suffer injury causing him to lose all the memories of his past life, forgetting all of his past glory.

Confronting Bai Yanhu, Ye Chuan was completely ready to risk everything.

Average people didn’t notice any difference, but Flame Devil standing behind him quickly notice to some extent. He sensed a power slowly condensing within Ye Chuan’s body that could destroy everything. That power made him tremble, and he felt that it could destroy all the experts on the scene including Ye Chuan himself, destroying him in both body and spirit.

“Noble son……” Flame Devil was shocked in his heart, but when he spoke, Ye Chuan waved his hand, signaling him to stop.

“Hahaha, Great Elder? Who is Da Qin King? After going to the capital, whether he could return alive or not isn’t a problem, he will be unable to protect himself. Even if he returned alive, with only himself, when the overall situation is already set, what can he do, does he have the ability to rewrite the cosmos?”

Bai Yanhu coldly smiled and with even more ferocious expression, he said: “Boy, don’t have a wishful thinking of stalling for time, obediently stretch your neck to accept the death. You are hoping for Great Elder to return immediately and rescue you all, but seeing his precious granddaughter Zhu Sijia serving me in the bedroom, I’m afraid that he would be submissive to this lordship. Moreover, forcing him to see how this lordship takes liberties with his precious granddaughter, it would be fun, hahahaha……”

Imagining the return of Great Elder Zhu Guohong, where he was forced to helplessly looking at the changes within the sect and also helplessly look at his precious granddaughter swaying and struggling in his bosom, Bai Yanhu couldn’t help but roar with laughter. That day, he had been waiting for a very long time and also enduring for a very long time. Now, that day was about to arrive!

“Dirty Swine!”

Ye Chuan fixedly stared at shameless Bai Yanhu, and the crackling sound became more and more intense. In the three Heaven Swallowing Talismans, cracks began to appear, he wanted to burst them open in exchange for monstrous power. The eyes of Bai Yanhu flashed and he seemed to have a feeling in his heart, but before he could observe carefully, a trusted aide suddenly flew over from the bottom of the mountain, “Reporting……, Great Elder is back……, he returned!”


Great Elder Zhu Guohong seriously returned at this critical juncture?

On the top of the mountain, everybody was shocked, followed by Ye Chuan, Flame Devil and others becoming overjoyed. They cheered loudly and their morale rose. As for rebel forces, they shivered, and the complexion of Bai Yanhu also became pale, and his heart became heavy.

Great Zhu Guohong had guarded the sect for many years, so his prestige was far higher than Second Elder Nangong Ren, and his cultivation was also superior. If he really started killing to the top, then this situation which he had barely stabilized with great difficulty would definitely collapse!

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