Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 16

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 16: Nightwalking

Now that he wanted to stand impressively, Ye Chuan acted without any lenient.

After a violent beating, the shining white buttocks of both Jin Hua and Adviser He Taixu were drenched with blood without exception. Right now they were motionlessly lying on the ground.

“Junior apprentice brother Tiandu, see our guests out!”

Ye Chuan looked around, then instructed in a cold voice. After that turning around, he entered Purple Cloud Courtyard without taking a single glance at this silkpants Jin Hua.

Afterwards, Nan Tiandu bowed accepting the order. Then carrying bloody Jin Hua and He Taixu in each hand, he dashed out, and directly tossed out these two fellows who didn’t have any power to even move to the foot of the hill.

“Bra…t, I……will absolutely not let you go….”

Jin Hua gnashed his teeth and said in a hoarse voice.

After getting beaten on his buttocks until it split in public like this, he as an aloof and remote elite disciple of Alchemy Hall completely lost his face. Right now the hatred towards Ye Chuan was getting more and more vigorous as if raging flame. He secretly vowed, if I couldn’t grind Ye Chuan’s bones and scatter his ashes, then I am not a human.

“The matter has gotten big, quickly run!”

“I don’t think it is possible to completely recover from that injuries of Jin Hua within ten or fifteen days, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother truly was daring. It seems, sect will have a change of weather……”

People dispersed in confusion, no one dared to stay in Purple Cloud Peak.

This violent beating of Ye Chuan was bound to raise terrifying waves within the sect, which would even affect the overall situation within the entire sect.

Jin Hua and his father Alchemy Grand Master certainly will not let this matter drop. Next, it would be putting pressure on Punishment Hall to catch Ye Chuan and throw him into the prison, or directly carry out large scale retaliation, or first removing Ye Chuan from the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.

People didn’t dare to guess, and hurriedly ran away. Even Zhu Sijia was similarly running down the hill along with Fatty Zhao Dazhi. Turning around her head, she took a quick look towards antique Purple Cloud Courtyard, and her complexion became solemn. After that pondering for a moment, she went straight towards the peak where her grandfather cultivated. Right now the first thing she wanted to do was to tell her grandfather about this matter so that he could make a plan early as a Great Elder.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother truly has big courage, really daring to take action, still concentrating on buttocks spanking, even Jiajia……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi didn’t think much, and from behind Zhu Sijia, while touching his own buttocks, he whispered.

Originally, he had believed that he was beaten ruthlessly enough, as he was unable to place down his buttocks for many days. But after witnessing today’s bloody buttocks of silkpants Jin Hua, he clearly understood that Ye Chuan had shown him mercy. And shooting a glance at Zhu Sijia’s swinging pert buttocks in front of him, he unconsciously made a slip of a tongue, but he hastily shut his mouth. The most taboo thing to speak in front of the latter was mentioning about that evening’s matter of her buttocks spanked by Ye Chuan. If she heard it, then he was done for.

Sure enough, Zhu Sijia suddenly turned around, then with her beautiful face covered with a layer of cold frost, she said, “Damned fatty, what did you say?”

“I said nothing.”

Fatty hastily shook his head. Seeing Zhu Sijia was glaring at him, he hastily changed the topic, “I……, what I mean is, fortunately it was not my buttocks that was beaten by Big Senior Apprentice-Brother this time. No, not, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, he is abnormally concentrated on buttocks spanking of other people. Eh, also not, I……, ah, Jiajia, my ear, gently, gently……”

Beads of sweats appeared on the forehead of fatty, and began stuttering getting more and more nervous to only make the matter worse. Before he could completely gave his explanation, he suddenly gave out a blood-curdling scream as if slaughtered pig, as his ear was twisted by Zho Sijia.

“I’m not going, Ye Chuan. that brat is so hateful, so why on earth do I have to go and look for grandfather to help him? Humph, humph……”

While putting forth her effort to twist the ear of fatty, Zhu Sijia recalled how Ye Chuan had spanked her pert buttocks, so she got embarrassed as well as angry, then gritting her pearly white teeth, she stomped on the ground. But after snorting few times, she still dashed towards the mountain peak of her grandfather to inform him about this matter.

Ye Chuan was Sect Master’s disciple, but right now Sect Master was not here, so he had already fallen into disgrace and was Big Senior Apprentice-Brother only in name but not in reality. This time he attracted this kind of disaster upon himself, so if her grandfather didn’t appear personally to help him, then he was screwed.

“Jiajia, since that Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is so hateful, then why do you want to help him?”

“Humph, who wants to help him? Great aunt here is only worried that he will die too fast. This great aunt only wants to slowly retaliate, making him know this great aunt’s power!”

“Yes yes yes, want to slowly retaliate, aiyo, Jiajia, gently!”


With the cold wind, the voice of Zhu Sijia and Fatty Zhao Dazhi came through, while these two people rapidly went further away. Despite being angry, she don’t know why but she didn’t want to look on with folded arms.

On the high hilltop, looking at the back view of Zhu Sijia and fatty, Ye Chuan lightly smiled. After that jumping from one treetop to another, he made a lap around. After that he checked the various kind of medicine liquid blended by Second Elder, then returning back to his study, he sat cross-legged and began mediation.

Breaking through Rank five Wuzhe and entering Rank six, this was an extremely important bottleneck within Wuzhe realm. Lots of people stuck in this bottleneck for their lifetime, never being able to change qualitatively to enter into Rank one Xiusi.

Ye Chuan had slowed down his cultivating speed deliberately, as he didn’t wanted to quickly break through this bottleneck. What he wanted was not speed, rather solid foundation. He wanted to cultivate every realm steadily to its pinnacle. But after mediating for only few hours, don’t know why, but he was unable to calm down his heart, as, time and time again, a burst palpitation appeared.

“Heart Devil wants to come? Or……”

Ye Chuan frowned, and thought for a while, then no longer forced himself to cultivate, rather took out the Cyan Lotus Lamp from within his body.

Unknowingly the sky had already turned dark, and the study inside was also dark. Only this Cyan Lotus Lamp was emitting dim rays of light inside the study. This rays of light were not dazzling, and was just like a small dim oil lamp, but shining upon the body would make people feel tranquil and even-tempered.

Yu Chuan gently caressed Cyan Lotus Lamp’s inscription. This lamp was not only a treasure oil lamp he had found inside God Burial Valley, but was also something that represents a part of his history and memory. Without this small oil lamp, perhaps he might have already died within God Burial Valley.

Looking from the outside, Cyan Lotus Lamp didn’t have much difference compared to commonplace oil lamp, but Ye Chuan had a kind of intuition that this was a hard to come by treasure of ancient time. There were still many mysterious places that were needed to slowly explore and understand.

Everything that were buried within God Burial Valley were all ancient times’ God and Demons possessing great power. The might of Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique was alarming, so this Cyan Lotus Lamp he had similarly obtained inside the tomb was definitely also not simple.

“Lamp exist soul exist, lamp extinguish soul extinguish……”

Ye Chuan muttered, while sitting cross-legged on the ground motionlessly. Slowly, a faint shadow began to come out from the top of his head, this was his spirit. Then turning around, it slowly floated outside.

Yin Spirit Nightwalking!

Under the cover of Cyan Lotus Lamp, Ye Chuan fully used a secret art to let out his spirit from his body, planning to find out what exactly was making him feel ill at ease.

The Wuzhe realm cultivates one’s body, i.e. refining skin, refining flesh, refining muscles, refining bones, refining bone marrow, refining internal organs and refining blood. Every rank of this seven rank of Wuzhe realm strengthen the body. So usually, only after stepping into Xiushi realm, one could cultivate all kinds of remarkable abilities. But as a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan was different, he knew certain unique secret arts, which could let even Wuzhe realm cultivators to let out their spirit from their body.

This secret art was very mysterious, but was also very dangerous as a single carelessness could cause his soul to fly away and scatter. Even if he didn’t encounter any yao, once this Cyan Lotus Lamp got extinguished and his spirit still hadn’t returned, then he would change into a living corpse without conscious.

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