Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 159

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 159: Demonic Voice

Enraged Ye Chuan as if the god of slaughter completely broke prohibition against taking life. With the blade light flashing in between his fingers, he wielded all his extremely thin blades, using Inch Blade Technique of Cloud Mist Sect founder Ghost Hand Medicinal King. All the people near him blocking his path didn’t leave behind intact corpses.

The loyal lackeys of Third Elder Bai Yanhu who were advancing wave upon wave were finally scared. Seeing Ye Chuan with gleaming blades pressing forward, they however subconsciously retreated back step by step. The cultivation of many people was clearly higher than Ye Chuan, but they didn’t dare to charge, and seeing Flame Devil rushing over leading the troops, they dispersed in confusion.

After a little while, Ye Chuan killed all the way to Cloud Mist Hall at the summit.

This place was the authority center of Cloud Mist Sect in former days, but now, it was the headquarter of rebel forces with self-proclaimed Sect Master Third Elder Bai Yanhu and his groups of trusted aides. Zhu Sijia with disheveled hair was tied to a stone pillar, and her mouth was stuffed with a cloth. After seeing Ye Chuan, she was excited, but she could only let out ‘wuwuwu’ sound from her throat, unable to speak anything.

Pa, Pa, Pa……

Bai Yanhu clapped, and with living high and looking down as well as confident appearance, he said, “Awesome, tsk tsk, Big Disciple is truly awesome. Although you have just broken through to Xiushi realm, but compared to the overwhelming majority of the so-called experts of Xiushi realm, you are more powerful. Having this kind of Big Disciple, if my Cloud Mist Sect don’t rejuvenate then who will?”

“Having Big Disciple like me is sect’s good fortune, but having the old dog like you is sect’s misfortune!”

Ye Chuan stepped forward with dense killing intent. He completely ignored those rebel forces around, publicly challenging Bai Yanhu, “Come, old dog, today, I will kill you in public and let them see your conscience changed into what kind of dog lungs!”

The complexion of Bai Yanhu who was smiling changed all of a sudden, and without any flaunting, his complexion became sinister and ruthless.

Ye Chuan’s two words ‘Old dog’, they were incomparably venting their hatred in the ears of Flame Devils and others, but in the ears of Bai Yanhu, they were incomparably harsh!

“Audacious brat, meeting Sect Master Bai, but still not kneeling down? Do you brat what to……”

From behind Bai Yanhu, a thin disciple shouted, but before he could finish talking, a blade light flashed in front of his eyes and he suddenly felt cold in his throat. Then, covering his throat, he collapsed, and from the crack of his fingers, blood flowed out.

“I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother am teaching a dog, and when I am speaking to the old dog, small dogs shouldn’t come forward to court death.”

Ye Chuan moved his finger, and as if icy mountain, he coldly said which was bone-piercingly cold. From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even look at that thin fellow, just a single thin blade killed him off.

The complexion of Bai Yanhu changed, and the experts clustered around him also were the same. Now, the atmosphere suddenly got tense.

This move of Ye Chuan made many experts sense threat. It seemed although the cultivation realm of Ye Chuan was low, but with regarding the consummate blade technique, he was very powerful, and his accomplishment and capability were far higher compared to ordinary Rank 2 Xiushi realm cultivators. The move of just now, many late-stage Xiushi realm experts weren’t able to see clearly.

“Ye Chuan, don’t be a fool enough to reject a face-saving offer, I will give you the last opportunity, kneel down and surrender, then you can still be Big Disciple of the sect. And in the future, when I break through to Sage realm and go beyond the highest heavens after ripping the void, you can become the Sect Master of Cloud Mist Sect. You cannot repent after the death, and you should know where to stop, otherwise, don’t blame this lordship for ruthlessly hanging you to death at the entrance of the sect!” The eyes of Bai Yanhu flashed with an ominous glint. Since appeasing didn’t work, he began to show ferocious appearance.

“Want me to surrender and serve you as Sect Master are also not impossible, merely……” Ye Chuan took a step forward, then his eyes flashed with indistinct cyan light.

“Merely what? Want me to bestow you a peerless treasure or release Zhu Sijia?”

The eyes of Bai Yanhu shone, subconsciously taking a step forward, and now the distance between them had unknowingly narrowed down to just ten meters.

Bai Yanhu was also angry and from a long time ago, he hated Ye Chuan so much that he wanted to tear him to shreds with his own hands. But, if Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple submit and pledge allegiance, then it would be very beneficial for him to firmly sit on the position of Sect Master, moreover, numerous disciples who were currently hesitating would surrender quickly. So he decided to first agree to the demand of Ye Chuan, controlling him, then after the situation stabilized, it would not be too late to slowly punish him!

“I want a treasure, I want Zhu Sijia to be released too, these two conditions can’t do without either, in addition, I want half of the pills collected within the sect.” Ye Chuan stepped forward once again.


Bia Yanhu somewhat hesitated, Cloud Mist Sect was most skilled in alchemy, if he gave Ye Chuan half the collection, then if Ye Chuan just pretended to surrender and ran away with the pills, then that would be a huge loss.

The demand of Ye Chuan was too much, which was unbearable for Bai Yanhu. He didn’t know why, the voice of Ye Chuan appeared to be fluttering, he was standing in the front but his voice appeared to be coming from thousands of miles away.

The mind of Bai Yanhu who was always cunning and crafty blanked out for a moment.

Now’s the time!


Ye Chuan suddenly disappeared, and nine shockwaves appeared in the sky flying towards Bai Yanhu.

With his current Rank 2 Xiushi realm cultivation, if he wished to kill Bai Yanhu who was Daoist Master realm in a head-on confrontation, then it was practically impossible, so his only means was to defeat his opponent by a surprise move.

Demonic Voice!

When Ye Chuan haggling, he was secretly using a peerless technique Demonic Voice. This was a kind of long-lost sound-based attack, which once was the life-technique of a great devil. Millions of years ago, after Ye Chuan had beheaded him, Ye Chuan had obtained this technique. And secretly using this technique during the battle, it was extraordinarily effective, causing powerful people to become muddle-headed, even to the extent of directly obliterating the other’s soul.

With the cultivation of rank 2 Xiushi, Ye Chuan was far from being able to demonstrate the full power of Demonic Voice Technique, and especially using it against Bai Yanhu, this old fox in Daoist Master realm, he was at most blank out for only a moment. But this was enough for Ye Chuan!

“Watch out!”

From behind Bai Yanhu, a masked man suddenly rushed out, pushing away Bai Yanhu who was in a trance.

Dazzling blade light suddenly shone.

The entire body of this masked man shook, and his big and tall body suddenly collapsed to the ground, as fatal gaping wounds appeared on the space between his eyes, throat, stomach and other vital places. And with the blowing of a cold wind, his black robe was raised and a black tattoo became visible on his left chest. This pattern appeared somewhat familiar to Ye Chuan, and a figure suddenly appeared in his mind. This figure was that mysterious and unpredictable as well as powerful Dark Underworld Envoy whom he had seen in the secret room of Third Elder Bai Yanhu.

Looking around, among the followers of Bai Yanhu, quite a few such black robed masked men were standing, clearly, that Dark Underworld Envoy had sent them to help Bai Yanhu to help massacre Cloud Mist Sect!


Ye Chuan gritted his teeth, and retreated quickly.

He only had one opportunity, but his surprise attack failed, and it was already too late to attack again, so now he wouldn’t be able to kill Bai Yanhu, instead would suffer his fierce counterattack! Sure enough, before he could retreat to the side of Flame Devil, Bai Yanhu who had woken up rushed forward, and with the phantom of a white tiger behind him, he suddenly accelerated and attacked ferociously.

“Brat, you are courting death!”

Bai Yanhu who had nearly died just now became furious, and used all his energy without reservation in this attack, wanting to directly kill Ye Chuan!

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  1. “Ye Chuan’s two words ‘Old dog’, they were incomparably harsh in the ears of Flame Devils and others, but in the ears of Bai Yanhu, they were incomparably harsh!”
    How redundant.

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