Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 158

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 158: His blood boils

There were more than 800 disciples following behind Flame Devil. Among them, there was no lack of elite disciples. And after the two troops joined together, their morale greatly soared. Ye Chuan continuously lead the troops, rushing towards Cloud Mist Hall.

On the way, under the explanation of Flame Devil, Ye Chuan quickly understood the current situation from the very beginning.

Soon after he left Cloud Mist Sect, Great Elder Zhu Guohong led a group of his trusted subordinates setting out the journey towards the capital, and Second Elder Nangong Ren cautiously and conscientiously guarded the sect. But, that evening, his trusted subordinate reported Second Elder that his medicinal field was destroyed by an unknown yao beast, and only a few medicinal herbs survived.

Second Elder Nangong Ren who was nicknamed medicinal crazy upon hearing this report was startled and angry, then he immediately left Cloud Mist Hall in worry all on his own. But when he arrived at his medicinal field, he discovered that this was a trap, and unfortunately, it was already too late. He suffered the ambush meticulously prepared by Third Elder, and they chopped off his legs while he was still alive and destroying his cultivation, he was imprisoned.

Next, Third Elder initiated rebellion without any humanity. Leading his trusted subordinates, he killed off all the trusted subordinates of Second Elder and Great Elder. In the space of one night, he massacred many people, grasping the authority of Cloud Mist Sect. All the disciples that were unwilling to surrender were either beheaded on the spot or were captured and thrown into the prison, or fled to the rear mountain’s Heavenly Dragon Peak.

And at the critical moment, Flame Devil who had stayed behind to take care of Heavenly Mountain Peak activated the Demon Extermination Formation left behind by cyan robed Seventh Elder, firmly blocking the attacks of Third Elder several times. After that, this rear mountain that was barren and dangerous in former days became the sanctuary of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples. And after hearing the roar of Ye Chuan, Flame Devil knew that Ye Chuan had returned from Heavenly Yao Sect, so without the slightest hesitation, Flame Devil lead the group of Cloud Mist Sect to kill out to this place.

“Yi Yangzi, are you injured?” Seeing the cracked skin of Flame Devil, Ye Chuan frowned.

After undergoing quiet cultivation in Cloud Mist Sect for the period of time, the heart demon of Flame Devil had been resolved, his body was also already recovered, and all the cracks also had already been healed. But now, his skin was cracked again, which means, either he forcibly circulated All Direction Scorching Sun Technique to engage in battle suffering the backlash again, or, he encountered an expert, suffering severe injury. No matter what it was, the circumstance was very pessimistic.

“I battled with Third Elder Bai Yanhu, that old fellow, but I am fine, merely suffer a small injury, nothing more.”

Flame Devil appeared as if he didn’t care, and lowering his voice, he said, “But, Bai Tanhu, the strength of that old fellow is much more powerful compared to his strength on the surface, he had hidden deeply, he is absolutely higher than Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, moreover, he had several mysterious experts helping beside him. Noble son, when you meet that old fellow, be sure to be careful!”

Flame Devil didn’t care about his injury, but when mentioning about Third Elder Bai Yanhu, he immediately became heavy-hearted and his complexion also became solemn. Even he, Great Devil who once had walked unhindered through the continent was so solemn, one could well imagine the terror of Third Elder Bai Yanhu. He was absolutely not that wise and kind elder he pretended to be in former days, otherwise, how could he be capable of massacring to grasp the authority of the sect in the space of a night!

“What about Zhu Sijia?” Ye Chuan asked.


Seeing Ye Chuan had a rather apprehensive appearance, Flame Devil indistinctly knew that Ye Chuan and Great Elder’s pearl in the plam Zhu Sijia ha a subtle relation. He lowered his voice and said, “This matter occurred so suddenly that no one had time to prepare. That old fellow captured Zhu Sijia and detained her in Cloud Mist Hall. They say, for celebrating that old fellow assuming the position of Sect Master, that old fellow wants…… This old slave repeatedly attacked several times, but wasn’t able to rescue her. Noble son, I am sorry, this old slave wasn’t capable enough.”

Flame Devil was remorseful and uneasy. When Ye Chuan was out, he however wasn’t even able to protect his most liked little junior apprentice-sister, Zhu Sijia. As a venerable Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert who had once marched unhindered through the continent, this was his unforgivable mistake.

“I don’t blame you, it’s fine that she is alive. What about Nan Tiandu? Where is he?” Ye Chuan lowered his voice, thinking about that always tall and straight figure. Inside and outside the sect, among the younger generation disciples, only Nan Taindu was regarded highly by him! And he was sure that, over time, this genius of the sect would definitely become a great expert of the sect.

“Dead, Nan Tiandu, he died!”

The eyes of Flame Devil became bright red, then recalling the bloody battle of Nan Tiandu, he lowered his voice and said, “Hearing Second Elder’s matter, Nan Tiandu rushed out from his seclusion cultivation, unfortunately, he also fell into the trap of Third Elder, encountering the ambush of several dozen experts. But, he instead killed all those experts and with blood from head to foot, Nan Tiandu rushed forward to rescue Second Elder regardless of his own safety. But then, under the loud berate of Second Elder, he turned to kill towards Cloud Mist Hall to rescue Zhu Sijia. Unfortunately, he was unable to have his wish fulfilled, as he was already severely injured, had his arm cut off and his dantian cracked becoming a cripple. When this old slave rescued him back to Heavenly Dragon Mountain, he was already on the verge of death, and catching all of us off-guard, he jumped down Evil Dragon Abyss, committing suicide in utter despair! Before jumping down Evil Dragon Abyss, he only said one sentence.”

The complexion of Ye Chuan became colder and his breathing became somewhat rapid, “What did Nan Tiandu say?”

“Before dying, Nan Tiandu said only one sentence, noble son will avenge him.” Flame Devil answered with his eyes red and hands tightly clenched.


Ye Chuan looked up to the heaven, then roared wrathfully.

He was truly angry, every drop of his blood burned and boiled over. And the three Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulated and seethed very rapidly like never before.

This was the first time Ye Chuan was truly angry since he reincarnated after millions of years.

With regarding the schemes of silkpants Jin Hua, and the insult and suppression of Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong, he was never angry, and he responded to them carefreely. But now, with regarding sinister, ruthless and cold-blooded Third Elder, this base and shameless old fellow who devour a man without spitting out the bones, he truly was angry. And as if he was staying inside Heaven Burning Furnace, all the blood within his body burned, if it didn’t burn all his enemies to ashes, then his own body will burn to ashes!

“Bai……Yan……hu……, come….out….for me……”

Ye Chuan shouted loudly, then he suddenly rushed towards Cloud Mist Hall at the summit. His voice as if muffled thunder, reverberated throughout the sect for a long time.

Inside and outside the sect, all the people of both sides simultaneously stopped and their complexion changed. In an instant, all coincidentally rushed over towards Cloud Mist Hall.

Ye Chuan who had just returned to Cloud Mist Sect resolutely send out a challenge to Third Elder Bai Yanhu.

In fact, it was very disadvantageous for Ye Chuan to do so. Rank 2 Xiushi realm against Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, this was kind of challenge was no different from throwing an egg against a rock, and it bore ill rather than well. Originally, Ye Chuan was also not intending to do so, merely thinking to lead the troops killing all the way to Cloud Mist Hall and rescue Zhu Sijia. But, hearing about Nan Tiandu, he was thoroughly enraged, even if he had spent all of his life-vitality even to the extent that he had to sleep for next millions of years, he wanted to kill this old fellow Bai Yanhu!

“Maintain the formation, charge, speed up, charge forward for me!”

Seeing the back view of Ye Chuan, Flame Devil was burned with impatience, he was dying to charge forward with Ye Chuan. But his great experience made him forcibly calm down, he commanded the troops to kill all the way so as to support Ye Chuan who was in the forefront.

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