Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 157

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 157: Hei Fu

The activity around the transmission formation quickly alarmed the troops of Third Elder Bai Yanhu, and the waves after waves of rebel forces rushed towards the transmission formation. Among them, there were strangers, but there were even more disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, and a lot of them were famous disciples. The more familiar the people, the more ferocious they were to set up a great merit in this betrayal to seize the position.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu had actively schemed for many years, and he had already bought many disciples secretly. After openly betraying, he severely injured Second Elder Nangong Ren and after sitting on the seat of Sect Master, many people sided with him to live and material gains.

This infighting was incomparably fiercer than the expectation.

Ye Chuan was worried about seriously injured Second Elder and captured Zhu Sijia, so leading the troops Evil Eyed Cow Demons, he rushed forward. And facing all the rebel forces who tried to block his path, he only had one order, kill, kill them all.

More than 1000 Evil Eyed Cow Demons ran like a mad in formation. On one side, they killed all the rebel forces who blocked their path, and on the other side, they ran wildly towards Cloud Mist Hall. En route, when they encountered an expert of rebel forces, Ye Chuan would personally attack, killing them without demur. With killing intent rising, Evil Eyed Cow Demons roared, and under his command, the momentum of Evil Eyed Cow Demons soared, and all the rebel forces that were blocking their path collapsed at the first encounter.

When the troops of Ye Chuan just reached the foot of the highest peak, another group of troops rushed out from the peak. All of them were wearing the standard robe of the sect and there were nearly 500 of them. In a single glance, one could see that they were the former elites of Cloud Mist Sect. The worst cultivation level was also Rank 1 Xiushi. With more than 500 gathered together, their killing intent was sweeping across everything.

“Accelerate, rush forward, kill for me!”

Ye Chuan was burning with impatience, he was dying to fly to the summit’s Cloud Mist Hall. With his order, the troops of Evil Eyed Cow Demons darted over. And when the distance was less than 100 meters, Evil Eyed Cow Demons initiated waves after waves of attacks. Countless cyan radiance streaked across the sky, and the rebel forces in the front immediately collapsed, but the remaining forces quickly reacted. They immediately spread out in all direction, and hiding in the bush and behind stones, they began to counterattack. Some people used crossbows, some people used flying swords, but all of them used all their strength to counterattack madly. Very soon, casualties appeared among Evil Eyed Cow Demons, a lot of Evil Eyed Cow Demons rushing forward suddenly uttered sad calls and collapsed to the ground.

“Attack, kill him, offer the head of this brat surnamed Ye to our Sect Master, it would be the best gift!”

Among rebel forces, a plump middle-aged man rushed out. He was wearing a black cloak and with his hand spread out, just like a bat, he was flying at low altitude. He had a scimitar in his hand, and with every flashing of blade light, an Evil Eyed Cow Demon would collapse. He drifted from place to place, one moment he was on the left side and in another moment, he was already on the right, dodging all the cyan radiances. Under his command, the rebel forces counterattacked more and more violently, tenaciously dragging on Ye Chuan’s Eyed Cow Demons legion.

“This is another trusted subordinate of Third Elder Bai Yanhu, Wang Xianhua, he is known for his speed and footwork. He is very sinister, ruthless and cold-blooded, is called Hei Fu.”

Protector Yang Tian Kuang warned Ye Chuan. With just the voice, he recognized the identity of this middle-aged man, and a trace of dread appeared on his face. It seems, he had personally crossed path with this plump fellow, experiencing the ferociousness of the latter.

“Hahaha, yes, I am Hei Fu, Yang Tian Kuang, what happen to your eyes? Finally, Third Elder has ascended to the top, becoming the Sect Master, but you are still not surrendering and expressing your loyalty, do you still want to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way? Now, the entire sect is already our world, and you all are already doomed to be unable to recover. If you don’t lower your head, then it would be too later after my scimitar cut open your throat, hahaha……”

Hei Fu roared with laughter, and with the scimitar in his hand chopping down, yet another Evil Eyed Cow Demon collapsed.

“What Hei Fu (Black Bat), kill!”

Ye Chuan shouted loudly, and suddenly he soared into the sky, then, disappeared, instantly after that, the air just beside Hei Fu distorted.

“Wind Style?”

Hei Fu who was very experienced cried out in fear, next, he understood that this was not an ordinary Style Technique. Even compared to the experts of Five Style Sect who were good at Style Techniques, the attack of Ye Chuan was even more unpredictable. With the air all around rippling, it appeared as if dozens of experts of Style Techniques were simultaneously initiating an attack. It was basically impossible to predict from where Ye Chuan would attack.

Hei Fu was excellent, proving himself the trusted subordinate of Third Elder Bai Yanhu. At the critical moment, he calmed down, didn’t dodge blindly. Then he suddenly turned around, and a blade light whistled past him.

Hei Fu retreated being pleased to himself, as he was able to narrowly dodge an extremely thin blade. But just when he relaxed, a strong wind came from behind him, turning around to look, he saw a blade which was exactly the same as before appearing in front of his pupils which was becoming bigger and bigger.


Hei Fu spun, and the second blade just scratched his scalp, cutting off few strands of long hairs. Facing the sudden attack, he was able to successfully dodge, this proves that his reputation really wasn’t just for a show.

The third blade closely followed the second blade, then forth blade, fifth blade……

In the eyes of experts, one blade came after another, but in the eyes of ordinary disciples, suddenly 7-8 blades appeared in the sky, which respectively targeted Hei Fu’s space between the eyebrows, throat, dantian and so on vital points.

Hei Fu who had always been famous for speed, after the seventh blade flashed, he issued a blood-curdling scream, then the eighth blade securely nailed him to a roadside tree. His eyes were wide open as he died with a grievance. At this moment, Ye Chuan appeared from behind a tree. Unparalleled Style Techniques coupled with Inch Light, the attack of Ye Chuan was even more terrifying compared to the so-called first-rate assassins!

“Kill, stall them, Sect Master will arrive soon!”

“Use crossbows and flying swords, stall them!”

Even with the death of Hei Fu, the remaining rebel forces unexpectedly didn’t collapse, they crazily attacked the legion of Evil Eyed Cow Demons. Some people even sacrificed their flying sword and cooperated to attack Ye Chuan. The closer he was to the Cloud Mist hall, the stronger the rebel forces were, it seems he encountered the main force of Third Elder Bai Yanhu. Slowly, the pace of Evil Eyed Cow Demons legion slowed down and the casualties also increased, and then disturbance appeared in the formation.

Ear deafening roar suddenly came from the rear mountain which was accompanied by powerful energy fluctuation.


Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, no, Rank 5 Daoist Master realm great expert?

Ye Chuan was startled, and the pressure increased vastly. Relying on Evil Eyed Cow Demons legion and his doughy body, ordinary Xiushi realm cultivators wouldn’t be able to pose any threat to him, but if a Rank 5 Daoist Master realm great expert came then that would be troublesome. If he was careless, let along saving Second Elder and Zhu Sijia, even he would be buried here!

But he truly wanted to kill Third Elder Bai Yanhu who had taken the advantage to seize Cloud Mist Sect’s authority.

“Noble son Ye, we are coming!”

With whistling sound coming closer and closer, a tall and big figure appeared in front of the people. He had a purplish red beard and cracked skin as if tree’s bark. Behind him, a large number of disciples of Cloud Mist Sect filled with killing intent appeared one after another.

“Flame Devil, is that you?”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi who had been continuously trembling suddenly got excited. After coming under Ye Chuan, Flame Devil had turned into a medicinal slave, peacefully growing medicinal herbs on the mountain. But, even if he turned into an ash, fatty could never forget that he was a great devil that sweep over the underground Ghost Market. With such great devil here, who could block their path?

Fatty became excited, and the rebel forces that were harassing them fled in defeat one after another.

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