Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 156

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 156: Don’t tremble before my fury

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, don’t, don’t rush ahead!”

Fatty Zaho Dazhi pulled Ye Chuan, and said anxiously: “Leave, immediately leave this place and go to the capital to look for Great Elder. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, quickly leave!”

Hearing this matter suddenly, Fatty who was unprepared was dumbfounded, but he quickly reacted. Knowing Third Elder Bai Yanhu had publicly revolted, his back was soaked with sweat.

Second Elder Nangong Ren who had stayed behind to take care of things was severely injured, it was not clear whether the millennium genius of the sect, Nan Tiandu was dead or alive, and Zhu Sijia was captured, moreover, with Great Elder Zhu Guohong being far away in the capital, the entire Cloud Mist Sect had already fallen into the hands of Third Elder Bai Yanhu. At this moment, Ye Chuan, this sect’s Big Disciple was the backbone of still resisting disciples, so if he was to meet an accident, then Cloud Mist Sect would be thoroughly done for!

“That’s right, noble son Ye, leave!”

Protector Yang Tian Kuang also shouted loudly, suddenly blocking in front of Ye Chuan.

The rebellion of Third Elder Bai Yanhu was beyond his expectation, but thinking about it clearly, there were few indications. Still, he knew that this was the best chance for him to show his loyalty to Ye Chuan.

Yang Tian Kuang quickly made his position clear, regardless of public or private matters, he would firmly stand on Ye Chuan’s side.

“Hahaha, leave? Do you have the ability to leave?”

Bai Two roared with laughter, then with his signal, over hundred followers scattered and heavily surrounded three people. Especially the path leading to the transmission formation was blocked by several experts.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu was cunning and crafty, when the Cloud Mist Sect was mostly empty, he suddenly initiated the rebel and controlled the sect in one fell swoop. Now, there were only his people inside and outside the sect. Moreover, he had also prepared a heavy ambush around the transmission formation, and unprepared Ye Chuan and other two who had just returned from Heavenly Yao Sect fell into the trap. Now, they were unable to escape even if they were given wings.

“Who said we want to leave? How can I leave without killing all of you?”

Ye Chuan coldly stared at overbearing Bai Two, and killing intent became denser and denser in the air. Then with a flash of cyan light, an Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared beside him.

“Aha, what’s this? Evil Eyed Cow Demon?”

Bai Two exaggeratedly opened his eyes wide, then grinning hideously, he said: “Brothers, did you see, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan is angry, he wants to use Evil Eyed Cow Demon to kill us, aren’t you all afraid?”

“Lord Two, we are afraid!”

“With the anger of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, blood will splatter everywhere, we are so afraid, hahahaha……”


Bai Two’s followers simultaneously laughed sinisterly and advanced towards the trio of Ye Chuan.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu had schemed for a long time. When he got the opportunity, he made his move as fast as lightning, creating foul wind and bloody rain, quickly getting rid of Great Elder and Second Elder’s trusted subordinates, and finally controlling the sect. Now although Ye Chuan’s fury was soaring, but with his trivial cultivation of Rank 2 Xiushi, even though he was angry, what kind of waves could he create? After he killed off this Big Disciple of the sect, Cloud Mist Sect would thoroughly be under the control of Third Elder Bai Yanhu. At that time, Bai Two would become a person under one person and above millions, and everyone will have to follow him to live well!

“Stand firmly, don’t go soft on your legs, and don’t tremble before my fury!”

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and used a technique.

With an endless stream of dazzling cyan light, more and more Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared beside Ye Chuan, two, ten, hundred……, in an instant, a large group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared. And with this place instantly becoming absolutely silence, these Evil Eyed Cow Demons arranged themselves in a formation. As the number of Evil Eyed Cow Demons increased, the threatening pressure also increased.

In Cloud Mist Mountain Range, Evil Eyed Cow Demons were the lowest level yao beasts. With a casual move, anyone among them could easily kill them. A single Evil Eyed Cow Demon was not worth mentioning, ten of them together was also nothing, but if hundred or several hundreds of them clustered together, what about then?

Numerous Evil Eyed Cow Demons’ bull eyes flashed with cyan light, this made Bai two as well as his followers sense great danger. What was even worse was the cyan light was still flashing and even more Evil Eyed Cow Demons were coming out from the Cyan Lotus Lamp of Ye Chuan. And finally, along with a loud roar, a huge Evil Cow King appeared, instantly increasing the pressure.

“Attack, kill this brat surnamed Ye!”

Big and tall Bai Two loudly roared and took the lead to rush towards Ye Chuan.

Just a moment ago, he was overbearing as he had a well-thought-out plan, but in an instant, he felt anything but reassuring, so he had no choice but to initiate the attack.


“Chop this brat into pieces and refine him into a poison man!”

Over hundred followers holding gleaming swords also rushed in succession.

Protector Yang Tian Kuang became pale, fatty Zhao Dazhi was even more unable to bear and his entire body trembled. He wanted to go ahead and fight, but his legs went soft.

Instantly, closely compacted cyan radiance suddenly illuminated the sky.

Ye Chuan suppressed his fury and didn’t attack personally, instead, Evil Eyed Cow Demons arranged neatly in a formation suddenly showed their power.

The one to initiate the first attack were 10 Evil Eyed Cow Demons behind Evil Cow King, closely followed by 100 Evil Eyed Cow Demon, and then, suddenly 300 Evil Eyed Cow Demons attacked.

The first wave of attack merely gave a bit of trouble to Bai Two who was rushing in the front with threatening momentum, he easily dodged past it. But the second wave of attack which immediately followed after however heavily landed directly on his armor. And with the bombardment of these over hundred cyan light beams, this armor which was known as indestructible armor disintegrated. Next, the third wave of Evil Eyed Cow Demons arrived, which didn’t give Bai Two any time to dodge.

This time, it was not only 100 Evil Eyed Cow Demons that attack, rather it was no less than 300 Evil Eyed Cow Demons, so the attack power was thrice as much as the second wave.


Big and tall Bai Two gave a horrible shriek, as his big and tall body like a shooting target became full of hole.

What were three swords and six holes? This bombardment of Evil Eyed Cow Demons’ attack was the true cruel torture, even hacked to pieces was also barely comparable to this!

Bai Two was also a distinct character in Cloud Mist Sect, several dozen years ago, his cultivation had already reached the later stage of Xiushi realm. But, in front of Evil Eyed Cow Demons legion of Ye Chuan, he died without leaving an intact corpse. People who personally witnessed this would rather have their body smashed to pieces and their bones ground to powder but were unwilling to have this kind of bad end. The body of Bai Two was full of bloody holes, seeing that, the heart of all the people trembled.

The followers of Bai Two who were rushing towards Ye Chuan from all around suddenly stopped in unison, and everyone became ghastly pale.

A moment ago, these fellows were still laughing sinisterly, thinking about how they would live well hereafter. Now, their legs had gone soft while trembling. No one had ever expected that Ye Chuan, this nobody Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of former days was this fierce and cruel.

“Run, run fast!”

Don’t know who screamed first, over hundred thugs dispersed in confusion, all coincidentally fled in defeat. Unfortunately, the same bad end of Bai Two was awaiting them. With another wave after wave of dazzling cyan lights, Evil Eyed Cow Demons ruthlessly reaped the lives of these thugs like cutting the vegetables.

In the vast Cloud Mist Mountain Range, wild Evil Eyed Cow Demons were scatted and disunited, so they were rarely a threat towards cultivators. But in the hand of Ye Chuan, they changed into the Death God!

“You…, brat, Third Elder will not……, will not let you off!” Bai Two who had already changed into a sieve was unexpectedly still not dead. He raised his head with great difficulty and looked at Ye Chuan and said.

“Wrong, I will not let Third Elder, that old dog off. I will make him regret coming into this world!”

Ye Chuan stamped the face of Bai Two, then crushed him using strength. The complexion of this big and tall fellow collapsed, and his breathing thoroughly stopped. Then, not even looking at the corpse of this fellow, Ye Chuan rode Evil Cow King, then leading Evil Eyed Cow Demons, they went straight to the Cloud Mist Hall at the highest peak of Cloud Mist Sect.

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  1. Looking forward to the climax! This stampede of evil cows is too exciting! Let’s just say there’s a fat chance of Third Elder getting stomped to death by the Evil Cow King.

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