Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 154

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 154: Millennium disaster

Only after she instinctively stamped her legs, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was finally able to shake off this very sticky gum-like Ye Chuan, then covering her face, she ran like wild as she was too ashamed to face other people.

This was the real streak (run naked), and the Heavenly Yao Hall was filled with spring scenery.

Unfortunately, the event was very sudden and the movement of Heavenly Maiden was also very fast, so when numerous experts of Heavenly Yao Sect was able to react, it was already too late to carefully appreciate, and had no luck to enjoy the beauty.

What’s going on here?

What happened inside Heaven Burning Furnace? Who was Heavenly Maiden? She was the noble woman who was pure as jade and clean as ice. When she went inside she was perfectly fine, but how come she was naked when coming out from the Heaven Burning Furnace?

People were stunned, and even white-haired Heavenly Empress didn’t understand the thing. But one thing was clear, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia lost. She went in later than Ye Chuan, but came out earlier than Ye Chuan.

A Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert unexpectedly was not as good as a Rank 2 Xiushi, this was unbelievable, and was contrary to the expectation of all. But the fact was before them, so there was nothing to argue.

“You let me win, pardon me, I am taking away this Heaven Burning Furnace.”

Ye Chuan cupped his hand, then used a technique to put away Heaven Burning Furnace into Cyan Lotus Lamp, no longer giving Heavenly Yao Sect any chance to play another scheme.

“Slow down!”

Elder Tian Qing stood out, but seeing Ye Chuan had already taken away Heaven Burning Furnace, he urgently asked: “Boy, how did you do that?”

“No comment!” Ye Chuan answered.

“Then how long do you want to borrow? When will you return it?” Elder Tian Qing blocked Ye Chuan, for fear that the latter would take away Heaven Burning Furnace forever.

Heavenly Empress sitting above the hall didn’t say a word, clearly, the words Elder Tian Qing had said were the words she wanted to say.

The final obstruction was also resolved by Ye Chuan, so now, they were unable to openly prevent him from taking away Heaven Burning Furnace, and could solely hope that he would quickly return Heaven Burning Furnace to minimize the effect as much as possible.

“I don’t know!”

Ye Chuan replied making Elder Tian Qing feel tense, and he continued, “But, Elder Tian Qing, please rest assured, this time I came to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace for the sake of refining pills to accomplish the task of Da Qin King. After the task is fulfilled, I will immediately return it.”

“So that was the case, humph, Da Qin King is clearly making things difficult for you all Cloud Mist Sect, seizing the opportunity to poke his nose into cultivating sects. Ye Chuan, you don’t need to take Heaven Burning Furnace, we will help you settle with Da Qin King, and guarantee you that Da Qin Dynasty will not dare to make a move against Cloud Mist Sect, how is that?” Elder Tian Qing’s gaze flashed, and he emitted indistinct killing intent.

Heaven Burning Furnace was truly too important for Heavenly Yao Sect, as ever since the ancient times, it had been continuously suppressing the fate of Heavenly Yao Sect, so, for the sake of not letting Heaven Burning Furnace leave the sect, he was willing to even clash with Da Qin Dynasty. Cloud Mist Sect had declined and was very inferior to before, so they didn’t dare to infuriate Da Qin King, however, Heavenly Yao Sect was different!

“No, the difficulties of our sect, we will resolve ourselves, how can we have the face to trouble Elder Tian Qing?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, rejecting the offer of Elder Tian Qing and said, “Of course, if you all really encounter the difficulties that you are unable to decide, then I will definitely come looking for you Elder Tian Qing to help. Who asked us Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect be a sworn friend moreover you all be the good younger brother ever since ancient times. Elder Tian Qing, what do you say?”


Elder Tian Qing was angry looking at shameless Ye Chuan and remained silent.

Now, he finally understood why Cloud Mist Sect sent Ye Chuan to Heavenly Yao Sect. This boy not only hid himself deeply, his had endless means, moreover, his face was very thick-skinned. Playing hard, they couldn’t capture him, and playing dirty, he even more turned everything around and duped them instead, even a thousand-year-old fox couldn’t be compared to him!

“Elder Tian Qing, thank you for your hospitality, help me pass some words to Zixia girl, I will come to see her again, no need to miss me and also don’t worry, I will take the responsibility. Heavenly Empress, I am taking my leave now!”

Ye Chuan slightly bowed in courtesy, then walking out, he found fatty Zhao Dazhi and Protector Yang Tian Kuang waiting outside for a long time, then walked towards transmission formation of Heavenly Yao Sect.

Ye Chuan already had Heaven Burning Furnace in his hand, but he wasn’t that excited.

When he was still in Cloud Mist Sect, he already had a well-thought-out plan, and also had lots of ways to obtain Heaven Burning Furnace, even if he truly couldn’t obtain it, he could also snatch it, so he was not worried about this trip to Heavenly Yao Sect. But, on the contrary, he was worried about Cloud Mist Sect.

With Sect Master not present as well as Great Elder Zhu Gohong who had guarded the sect for many years personally going to the capital to request an audience to Da Qin King, there was only Second Elder Nangong Ren to stay behind and take care of things. Although this old man was shrewd, but he had the habit of growing medicinal plants, and would often forget to sleep and eat while doing so, how could he control the situation?

But what about Third Elder Bai Yanhu, this old fox who already had evil plans long ago? Will he obediently stay without taking advantage of the occasion to stir up the trouble?

Ye Chuan was heavy-hearted, and his mind was also ill at ease. But when he arrived at the transmission formation of Heavenly Yao Sect, he suddenly turned around, and discovered indistinct moist footprints thousand meters away. It seems someone was following them, but spreading his divine sense, he sensed nothing, other than the guards of Heavenly Yao Sect patrolling around, he saw no abnormality.

“Could it be that……”

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed slightly, he recalled that scene of underground Ghost Market where he had seen a strange woman. That woman suddenly disappeared after he had seen her, and similarly had left behind such damp footprints.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what happened?” Fatty Zhao Dazhi asked, and looking all around his mind was on tenterhooks. Until they leave Heavenly Yao Sect, he would always tremble with terror.

“Nothing, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan looked at the grand Heavenly Yao Hall not far away, then entering the transmission formation, the trio of Ye Chuan disappeared without a trace with a flashing of red light.

Confirming they had left, the guards of Heavenly Yao Sect dispersed in succession, but no-one noticed that a hooded woman quietly arrived at the transmission formation, then along with Ye Chuan and his group, she also disappeared in the transmission formation. No one knew who she was, and no one noticed her whereabouts, she only left damp footprints near the transmission formation.

Inside Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan had already disappeared, but Elder Tian Qing was still there and his complexion was unsightly.

The words he would take responsibility for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia said by Ye Chuan before leaving made everyone in the Heavenly Yao Hall unable to not let their imagination roam. When Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia rushed out from Heaven Burning Furnace, she was really in her birthday suit, and only gods know what happened between her and Ye Chuan inside Heaven Burning Furnace.

Heavenly Empress above the hall was also silent, and the atmosphere became heavy. She didn’t order so the experts standing below didn’t dare to move, only lowered his head.

“Tian Qing, go, make the arrangement, ensure that Ye Chuan and Cloud Mist Sect are safe for this period of time.” After a good while, Heavenly Empress finally broke the silence.

“Heavenly Empress, this……” Eder Tian Qing didn’t understand. He could understand if she sent someone to kill Ye Chuan, but why protect him.

“Do all of you want someone to snatch Heaven Burning Furnace? Forget it, it has already been many years since great devils have last walked about in this continent. Pass down my orders, all disciples outside the sect for trials and experience are to return to the sect within half-a-month to guard the sect. And from today onwards, seal the entrance of the sect, no one is allowed to take even half-a-step outside the sect without authorization!”

Heavenly Empress ordered, then turned away.

The loss of Heaven Burning Furnace which suppressed the fate of the sect was a great trial for Heavenly Yao Sect. Sooner or later this would have occurred, but this had occurred at the critical juncture where she was about to breakthrough to Sage realm. Calculating, this was very probably the disaster Heavenly Yao Sect was fated to encounter once a millennium. Even if it was not Ye Chuan, Heavenly Yao Sect would have definitely met another unexpected calamity!

If a person’s cultivation was too strong, then they would suffer heaven calamity; if a sect exists for too long and become too strong, then heaven will be jealous, and they will be unable to advance smoothly.

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