Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 153

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 153: Girl, don’t go

After Heavenly Empress spoke, she used a technique, then with a muffled rumbling sound came from deep underground, which was accompanied by boiling hot heat wave. And then, under the attentive gaze of people, the ground suddenly shook, and Heavenly Yao Sect’s defining treasure Heaven Burning Furnace that was wrapped in flames bore out from the ground.

The temperature of Heavenly Yao Hall rapidly increased.

And the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect retreated in succession, and those whose movement was a bit slower, smoke rose from their clothing and their face was streaming with sweat.

This was an ancient alchemy furnace, it appeared not that big compared to frequently seen common alchemy furnace but appeared a bit smaller, nevertheless, it had a completely different world inside it. Legend said that even an entire mountain could be placed into it without any problem.

This furnace was engraved with lines of different thickness and different depths. In some places, lines formed three-dimensional patterns, and in other places, they form ancient runes which no one could understand. Furthermore, there were scorching hot flames inside and outside the furnace, and it was hard to determine whether the flames were being swallowed or spat out. When suddenly erupting, flames would directly dart towards the roof seemingly there was a wind inside the furnace, and again like this alchemy furnace itself possessed the independent life, the flames were pulsating like a heartbeat.

Everybody looked at this peerless treasure with their eyes wide open, and those scorching hot flames shocked them so much that they retreated again.

Ye Chuan also watched this Heaven Burning Furnace that bore out of the ground, but he wasn’t shocked like the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, rather was somewhat sad.

Once upon a time, this Heaven Burning Furnace was his treasure that he was so fond of that he couldn’t let go of it. He refined one batch after another batch of pills with this furnace. Moreover, with this furnace, he swept every corner of this Wilderness World, and ran wild in every ominous domain. Later, he gave this alchemy furnace to Blue Eyed Yao Empress when she established Heavenly Yao Sect to help her suppress the sect’s fate. When Heavenly Yao Sect was just built, he would frequently come to pay the visit and often played with this alchemy furnace, but later, his visit to this sect became less.

Now, millions of years later, he broke out of God Burial Valley, and Heaven Burning Furnace still existed. It appeared exactly the same as those years, but all the people who worked together to refine pills were gone.

“Boy, are you scared?”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia walked down from the high platform, then coldly looking at Ye Chuan, she said with freezing irony and burning satire, “It’s normal to be scared, if anyone that has yet to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm enters it, they would change into ashes, hahaha!”

“Yes, I am a little scared, Zixia girl, if you are not afraid then enter first, I will come soon afterward.”

Ye Chuan replied, coking off Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia. Even though her cultivation was high, who would dare to rashly jump into it? Ye Chuan paused, then looking towards Heavenly Empress sitting on the high platform, he said, “Heavenly Empress, from childhood, I fear fire, and also fear water, although Cloud Mist Sect is famous for alchemy, but I am very ashamed to say that I have practically never before successfully refine a batch of pill by myself. Can’t we change the way of competition?”

“No, I will count to three, and both of you will simultaneously jump into Heaven Burning Furnace to see who will stay longer, otherwise, it will be regarded as forfeiting.”

Heavenly Empress flatly refused, and seeing Ye Chuan had a sincere expression, she slightly frowned and looked pensive.

Just now, seeing the expression of Ye Chuan when he saw Heaven Burning Furnace for the first time, a doubt appeared in her heart. That slight sadness as well as great changes that flashed past in his eyes, although the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect were unable to perceive, but how could that expression escape her, the Heavenly Empress’s eyes. Only the pinnacle level experts would have such looks, but how did such expression appear on this youngster who had not even seen the world?

Heavenly Empress began to doubt the true identity of Ye Chuan, but seeing current Ye Chuan’s sincere appearance, he again didn’t resemble.

“Fine, Heavenly Empress, then I have to risk my life to go ahead regardless. Zixia girl, I will be waiting for you inside, hurry up.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then looking at Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia with a smile yet not a smile, before Heavenly Empress count even one, he jumped into Heaven Burning Furnace.

“This fellow, he truly jumped in?”

“With the cultivation of merely Rank 2 Xiushi, isn’t this courting death? Did he change into a roasted meat?”


The experts of Heavenly Yao Sect made a commotion, and they stared at Heaven Burning Furnace wrapped in flames without even blinking their eyes. Beyond the expectation of everyone, Ye Chuan who was imploring for a moment decisively jump into Heaven Burning Furnace in another moment.

The temperature inside Heaven Burning Furnace was definitely frightening, even if an expert of Daoist Master realm jump into it, all of them would struggle, therefore if a cultivator in early Xiushi realm jump into it, then they would definitely bode ill rather than well, but at least they would jump about few times.

All people coincidentally stared at Heaven Burning Furnace, but very quickly, they were disappointed, the situation they had expected didn’t happen.

There was no aura of Ye Chuan after he jumped into Heaven Burning Furnace, and Heaven Burning Furnace was also absolutely still, seemingly Ye Chuan, this big living person had disappeared like an air as if a clay oxen entering the sea. It appeared as if he was instantly changed into the air by that high temperature.


Heavenly Empress who was sitting above the hall stood up in surprise, and her white hair rose.

“I will go and see if that kid is dead or not!”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia flew and gritting her teeth, she also jumped into Heaven Burning Furnace. And with her body flashing with cyan color light, the spiritual power within her body changed into dark cyan colored armor, protecting her body.

Heaven Burning Furnace with flames soaring suddenly shook.

Even though she was prepared, after jumping in, Heavenly Maiden Zixia felt the sea of flames shrouding her, her body felt as if she was about to burn, and tingling pain came from all over her body. Under severe pain, she involuntarily collided with the furnace wall, then she opened her eyes with great difficulty, only to see there was flame everywhere. Only in the sky, she could indistinctly see an exit. Inside of Heaven Burning Furnace was truly completely different world.

“ZIxia girl, you really came?” A familiar voice came, and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia looked over only to see Ye Chuan was sitting cross-legged not far from her, and he was grinning with an evil smile. She, a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert was feeling indescribably painful, but he appeared to be completely fine.

“You….., didn’t you die?”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was greatly surprised, then gritting her teeth, she circulated the spiritual power within her body sparing no effort, and sat down cross-legged. She didn’t believe that she was inferior to Ye Chuan.

“If you want to die even with so high cultivation, then I can do nothing about it.” Ye Chuan looked Heavenly Maiden’s curvy figure up and down with a bad smile causing the latter to suddenly have goosebumps.

“Humph, sure enough, good people don’t live long, but bad people destroys for the millennium!”

Heavenly Maiden snorted, but her complexion slowly became pale, and to maintain the cyan armor outside her body, the consumption of her energy increased. If this went on like this, she certainly wouldn’t be able to maintain for long.

“A lot of people said that, ai, it’s not hard to become the bad person for a day, but to be a bad person for a lifetime, that is not easy.”

Ye Chuan smiled and looked at Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, in the midst of the sea of flames inside Heaven Burning Furnace, not only was he not struggling strenuously, on the contrary, he had the look of enjoyment.

This Heaven Burning Furnace was the gift he had sent to Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress. It was once his killing weapon, therefore, with regarding all the mystery of this treasure, he naturally was more familiar than anyone else, and he also possessed his own method to deal with the flames. He could even use this flames to temper and refine his body, strengthening his blood vessels and physique. The mysteries, no need to mention this panting with rage Heavenly Maiden, even Half-Sage realm Heavenly Empress comprehend nothing.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia didn’t reply, as she didn’t have surplus energy to bicker with him, and she did her utmost to contend with more and more scorching hot flames, and the cyan colored armor became dimmer and dimmer. It hadn’t been a long time since she came in, but she was already about to be unable to maintain it.

“Zixia girl, in fact, your look is truly pretty good, if I didn’t already have junior apprentice-sister, furthermore that young lady of Black Cauldron Sect, and Honghong of Five Style Sect, perhaps I truly would have liked you.”

Heavenly Maiden wanted to concentrate her spiritual power to contend against the flames, but Ye Chuan persistently didn’t allow her. He openly stared at Heavenly Maiden’s beautiful face, towering chest, pert buttocks and so on places. Granted that he looked, but what was even more wicked was, he made frivolous remarks about her looks while looking, “You see, you face is exquisite, but, your eyelashes are a bit shorter, still you can wear long false eyelashes, then you will look even better. Your skin, tsktsk, truly is smooth, I wonder how they feel. Eh, how come you have such a long underbelly, no, a woman stomach should be a bit smoother. Zixia girl, don’t get angry, if you sulk for a long time, your stomach will bulge. Eh, what happened, how come you are trembling? Even if you start liking me, you don’t need to be so excited, don’t be like this, I am not a casual man……”

“Ah……, you brat, I will kill you!”

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia couldn’t endure any longer, so much that she couldn’t help but thoroughly went out of control, then palmed towards Ye Chuan wanting to swat Ye Chuan to death. This palm had alarming power, unfortunately, before the palm swatted Ye Chuan, the flames inside Heaven Burning Furnace rose suddenly and sharply, and the cyan colored armor around the body of Heavenly Maiden vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds. After that, her clothing, underwear as well as her robe instantly changed into ashes, revealing her completely naked body. That posture and those curves, seeing them, no man wouldn’t drool.


Heavenly Maiden screamed, and didn’t manage to kill Ye Chuan. Now, she covered her chest with one hand and covered her private part with the remaining hand, then she immediately jumped out of Heaven Burning Furnace, because, no need to talk about giving a glimpse of her body, she was instantly about to get burnt to ashes.

“This figure, it’s truly pretty good!”

Seeing Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s back view, Ye Chuan smiled evilly, then following closely behind her, he also jumped out, shouting, “Don’t fear, Zixia girl, don’t go, wait for me.”

After jumping out of Heaven Burning Furnace, Heavenly Maiden who was more scared than hurt relaxed, then just when she was about to take advantage of the time when people didn’t see her clearly to fly away, she suddenly felt heavy. She lowered her head, and saw Ye Chuan had grabbed her right leg, and looking from his angle, wouldn’t he……

This bastard!

The complexion of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was always eager to do well in everything blackened, and she nearly fainted.

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