Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 150

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 150: Be careful, I will swallow you in one bite

Heavenly Yao Sect, inside grand Heavenly Yao Hall, quickly the higher-ups of Heavenly Yao Sect gathered.

Since Heavenly Empress was present in person, all elders and sect’s experts didn’t dare to be negligent, and hurriedly rushed over. But today, the focus was not Heavenly Empress, rather was Ye Chuan, this outsider. All the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect looked at Ye Chuan with a cold gaze filled with maliciousness, and also some surprise and misgivings.

The scene of just a moment ago where Ye Chuan had activated Mountain and Rivers Restriction to oppose white-haired Heavenly Empress, everybody had seen it with their own eyes. So they couldn’t help but look Ye Chuan, this disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, with new eyes. Even when everybody thought, they didn’t understand from where such big guts and strength came from in this seemingly ordinary, only Rank 2 Xiushi realm Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple. Confused the guardian beast of Heavenly Yao Sect, and activated the ancient restriction which no one knew, were these something ordinary disciples could accomplish?

“Youngster, speak, for what purpose you came from afar?”

White-haired Heavenly Empress sat on the master position of Heavenly Yao Hall and directly came straight to the point.

Ye Chuan was standing below, and on his either side, rows of experts of Heavenly Yao Sect were glaring at him as wolves and tigers, moreover, he was only 10 meters away from white-haired Heavenly Empress. So only at this time, he was able to clearly see the face of this generation Heavenly Empress.

At a first glance, he saw Heavenly Empress’s long white hair, the ends of this hair was lengthened to the ground, and she appeared to be already very old in age. But looking carefully, her hair was fine and smooth, her skin was glossy and snow-white, moreover, the skin had a layer of healthy gloss, which looked even better compared to the skin of young maidens. And compared to Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia standing behind her, she however didn’t appear to be her master, rather they seemed as if they were sisters.  Furthermore, her natural and at ease gaze was more elegant.

“Boy, what are you looking, still not speaking quickly!” Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia berated loudly.

Sensing the gaze of Ye Chuan was repeatedly wandering about on her master and her body, Heavenly Maiden suddenly got angry. And glaring at Ye Chuan, she panted in rage as if she wanted to attack right away.

Inside and outside the sect, no one had ever dared to be so rude.

Aloof and detached Heavenly Maiden who always set herself above the masses was angry from the bottom of her heart. The more she looked at Ye Chuan, then more she felt he was not pleasing to the eye. On the contrary, white-haired Heavenly Empress didn’t bat an eyelid and she even had a slight very indistinct smile.

“I am looking at you two, how come I am feeling as if you two aren’t master and apprentice, on the contrary, you two are sisters? What’s more, Heavenly Empress seemed a bit younger.”

Ye Chuan made a remark upon a person’s appearance, and the more Heavenly Maiden got angry, the more he looked at them two. He openly observed at them, moreover, consciously or unconsciously, he looked at those towering breasts of Heavenly Maiden, then shook his head as if he felt sorry for her for not being sufficiently big and said, “Grown men need more exercise, but women need quiet rest, if you always get angry, then it will not be very good for your skin. Like that, after few years, your skin will wrinkle and have age spots. At that time, if you stand together with Heavenly Empress, then it would not resemble like you two are sisters, but resemble mother and daughter.”

“Brat, you……” Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was furious to the extreme, but she could only grit her teeth. If her Master Heavenly Empress wasn’t present here, then she would have already flipped out and attacked him.

“Haha, hahahaha, it’s been a long time since someone dared to speak like that in front of this mistress.”

Heavenly Maiden was so angry that she gnashed her teeth, but heavenly Empress nevertheless laughed heartily,  then sizing Ye Chuan up and down, she said, “Speak, youngster, what exactly is your request? As long as it’s not too excessive, this mistress will agree.”

After the competition, Heavenly Empress was very refreshed, and she came straight to the point. Sure enough, it’s easier to speak with Yama, but the little devils are unreasonable and hard to deal. Directly looking for Heavenly Empress was the right decision.

Otherwise, if he had entangled with that mere Protector Hou Shan, then even he didn’t know how much time he would have wasted.

The gaze of all the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect simultaneously rested on Ye Chuan.

The face of Heavenly Empress was beautiful, unfortunately, even Elder Tian Qing whose cultivation was powerful as well as held the power of the sect didn’t dare to look face to face at Heavenly Empress, say nothing about everyone else. In the last thousands of years, only Ye Chuan was fearless enough to openly look around and say they looked like beautiful sisters.

“My request is very simple, I came to look for Heavenly Empress to discuss a matter.  That is……” Ye Chuan paused, then looking at Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he smiled evilly. All of a sudden, still panting with rage Heavenly Maiden felt chill in her heart.

Smelly brat, what kind of dirty plan are you cooking? Could it be……

Seeing the evil smile of Ye Chuan, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was frightened.

In Heavenly Yao Sect, she set herself high above the masses. She didn’t even attach importance to Elder Tian Qing, but if her Master Heavenly Empress commanded her to go with Ye Chuan, then she wouldn’t have any choice.

It had already been a long time since Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect had made a contact, but the ancient treaty of alliance still existed, and two of them were still sworn friends. In her memory, she vaguely recalled that very long time ago, Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect had the tradition of marriage. Many Heavenly Maiden, before becoming Heavenly Empress, all get married to Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple and stay there for a period of time, cultivating in a pair.

This tradition had not continued for a long time, but neither Heavenly Yao Sect nor Cloud Mist Sect had abolished this law, so both sides could still form an alliance by marriage. Now, Ye Chuan was Cloud Mist Sect’s this generation Big Disciple, and she was Heavenly Maiden, could it be that this brat wanted to propose a marriage alliance?

The complexion of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia became incomparably pale, and the evil smile of Ye Chuan scared her greatly. Heavenly Maiden who just a moment ago was so angry that she gnashed her teeth, now, if she had to marry him, then she truly will vomit the blood!

The complexion of Elder Tian Qing and other elders as well as older experts of Heavenly Yao Sect also became bad, and quickly sank. Clearly, just like Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, they also recalled the ancient tradition of Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect.

Unlike the worry of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, they were unhappy not because their Heavenly Maiden would marry Ye Chuan, rather were unhappy because they would form an alliance by marriage with Cloud Mist sect. Current Heavenly Yao Sect was not Heavenly Yao Sect of long ago, and current Cloud Mist Sect was even more not the Cloud Mist sect of former years. Now, if they form an alliance by marriage with Cloud Mist Sect, then not only they wouldn’t obtain any help and support, on the contrary, Cloud Mist Sect would implicate them, moreover, all the sect under the heaven would mock them.

Heavenly Empress became silent, seemingly had also recalled ancient tradition. And surprisingly, she neither agreed, nor refused flatly. She just looked at Ye Chuan thoughtfully, but no one knew what she was thinking.

“Boy, I advise you that it would be for the best to give up your inordinate ambition as early as possible, otherwise, I will kill you personally. Don’t indulge in the wildest fantasy of a lazy toad wanting to eat a swan’s meat!”

Seeing her master Heavenly Empress didn’t speak for a long time, seemingly she was about to agree with the request of Ye Chuan, Heavenly Maiden was anxious, and she impatiently berated in a stern voice.

“Kill me? Do you have that capability?”

Ye Chuan indifferently replied chocking off Heavenly Maiden who was full of killing intent.

Although current Ye Chuan’s cultivation appeared to be not up to much, but she still vividly remembered the scene of him activating the restriction and battling Heavenly Empress. And since even her Master was helpless, how could she kill him?

“I have a shortcoming, the more I cannot obtain, the more I seek. The inordinate ambition in your view is very normal in my view. Who said a toad cannot eat the swan’s meat? As long as, it thought of a way, not only can it eat, it can even swallow in a bite.”

Ye Chuan talked big with a smile yet not a smile on his face. This made the heart of Heavenly Maiden who was standing behind Heavenly Empress even more restless.

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  1. man did the old empress not teach her successors anything seriously to become like this despicable

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