Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 15

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 15: Stand Impressively

The strength of Nan Tiandu was obvious to all, both of them feared that they were not his match, so Jin Hua and He Taixu were helpless without anywhere to go. After that turning around and looking at approaching Ye Chuan, they became tense.

“It was not easy to come here, so why are you two in such hurry to leave, am I, Ye Chuan so scary?”

Ye Chuan walked over with a smile on his face.

Right now he had a harmless smile on his face, as if he was not angry at all. But in the eyes of Jin Hua and Adviser He Taixu, that harmless smile however was terrifying than anything else. The more brilliant the smile of Ye Chuan was, that more tense and restless the heart of these two got.

The current Ye Chuan was no longer that cowardly and timid Ye Chuan of before who would let anyone bully him without resisting, but gave people an unfathomable feeling.

“You……, what do you want to do?” The complexion of Jin Hua become rather pale.

Seeing increasingly getting closer Ye Chuan, he tried to force himself to calm down, but don’t know why, he involuntarily got even more nervous.

Alchemy Hall’s elite disciple, only son of the Hall Master, and a Rank two Xiushi expert, was unexpectedly forced to this appearance by Ye Chuan, this name only Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. Just thinking about the lost face, how would he mingle with others hereafter?

The heart of Jin Hua was restless, and with everybody watching, he again lost control of his feeling in embarrassment.

“Heh heh, what do I want to do? Why don’t you say it yourself?”

Ye Chuan grinned, and continued to slowly walk forward, while raising that God Beating Whip in his hand, “Why did the junior apprentice brother suddenly came to Purple Cloud Peak and challenge me to a battle, you two should clearly know the reason, isn’t that so? Sowing dissension, doesn’t this count as a serious felony? Not having rules won’t do, and not teaching you all, these junior apprentice brothers and sisters is I, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother neglecting my duty.”

“Brat, slow down, even if you think we have done something wrong here, that ought to be handled by the Punishment Hall, so what do you want to do?” He Taixu immediately raise the name of Punishment Hall.

The top priority now was to leave Purple Cloud Peak. As long as they could successfully descend this hill, with the identity of Jin Hua of being the noble son of Alchemy Hall Master, it would be easy to handle.

“Sect have sect’s rules and regulation, and I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother also have the laws of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. Under my law, defying superiors will get them buttocks spanking from my, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother’s hand.”

Ye Chuan said without batting an eyelid. From the start, he had never paid any attention to the words of Adviser He Taixu.

Jin Hua and Adviser He Taixu immediately understood that Ye Chuan would not drop this matter easily. Suddenly turning around, they wanted to forcibly break out from the encirclement. One to the left and other to the right, they swept past Nan Taindu. But to their surprise, the instant they brush past him, both of them were knocked down to the ground by Nan Taindu. Even with his Rank two Xiushi level strength, Jin Hua unexpectedly wasn’t even able to see the movement of Nan Tiandu.

“Junior apprentice brother Taindu, well done. Now help me pull down the pants of these two. Today I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother want to carry out the punishment in the presence of everyone. Sect Master is not here, and sect’s public morals are degenerating with each passing day, so if I don’t govern them properly, then some people will really become absolutely lawless. Ai, as sect’s eldest disciple, I have no choice ah……”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and faintly sighed. Right now he had the appearance of having no choice but to punish Jin Hua, this silkpants in public.

Nan Taindu didn’t say a word, but his movement nevertheless was direct and efficient. He seriously pulled down the pants of Jin Hua and Adviser He Taixu in public. The body of two people was still numb, and were basically powerless to resist. Suddenly, two shining white buttocks laid bare in front of public eyes. Apprentice sisters among onlookers screamed, and rather felt embarrassed to watch this, but apprentice brothers among onlookers however were full of expectation. Each and every one of them had their eyes wide open and were waiting for the drama to unfold.

The person with discerning eyes were able to see that this incident was provoked by this silkpants Jin Hua. Sowing discord so that Nan Taindu would leave the mountain and deal with Ye Chuan, so that he could take the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother from him. But now, his scheme failed, instead crushed his own foot while trying to maneuver a rock.

All the people understood the entire process of this matter. But what made them truly excited was, would Ye Chuan truly dare to raise his hand?

Who was Jin Hua?

He was a silkpants with golden spoon in his moth since birth, was only son of Alchemy Hall Master. Rumors says that, he was rather appreciated by Third Elder too, and was expected to inherit the latter’s legacy.

Although Ye Chuan was disciple of Sect Master, and was also the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of the sect, but his power and influence within sect were always too shallow, moreover Sect Master also hadn’t return back for a long time. So even the ordinary disciples would bully him. Every five days, large crowd of people would line up to challenge him for a battle. And compared to tyrannizing Jin Hua, his status was very far away.

Now although Ye Chuan saw through the scheme of Jin Hua, but would he really dare to raise hand against the latter? Could it be that he was not afraid of the retaliation and anger of Alchemy Hall Master?

Everyone was doubtful in their heart, and were taking the position of wait and see.

Ye Chuan however was not thinking anything, he decisively raised his hand’s God Beating Whip. Today, he wanted to whip these two fellows in the public, seizing the chance to stand impressively.

“Brat, you dare?”

Jin Hua was frightened and was also angry. Having his pants down in public was already enough for him to lose face. If Ye Chuan truly whipped him in pubic, and leave behind scar in his shining white buttocks, then afterwards, where would he put his face?

“Actually, I also don’t want this.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and put down his hand’s broom.

The onlookers whispered among themselves feeling rather disappointed. Ye Chuan seemed bold and decisive in action, but unfortunately, at the last moment he still didn’t dare to really strike. In the middle of the crowd, only Zhu Sijia didn’t utter a word, she continued to wait expectantly. Only she knew, Ye Chuan not only dare to hit, but would also dare to resolutely strike in public. He dared to hit even her own pert buttocks, so there was nothing Ye Chuan not dare to not do.

Sure enough, just when Jin Hua and Adviser He Taixu inwardly relaxed, thinking they had dodged the calamity, Ye Chuan suddenly laughed coldly. Suddenly he raised his hand’s God Beating Whip and ruthlessly lashed downward. ‘Pa’ sound resounded, then Jin Hua gave out a blood-curdling scream as if butchered pig, and felt so grieved that he wished he was dead. The physical defense he was so proud of in former days was simply useless in front of that swarthy broom.

“This lash is on behalf of Second Elder for stepping on those medical herbs.”

Ye Chuan coldly said, then without thinking twice, he again raised his hand’s God Beating Whip, then swung downward. ‘Pa’ sound resounded again, and one more bloody scar appeared on the shining white buttocks of Jin Hua.

“This lash is on behalf of Sect Master, for going against superior. And sowing discord, isn’t this a serious felony? Spanking is already a lightest punishment.”

Ye Chuan again raised his hand and swung down. Merely after three lashes, rank two Xiushi Jin Hua lost consciousness in pain. Precisely speaking one half was pain and other half was embarrassment and anger.

Getting beaten this violently, he is finished!

Later, even if Jin Hua thought of a way to ruthlessly take revenge against Ye Chuan, or even killed him, this matter of today would become the object of ridicule, enough to shame him throughout his life.

Hearing the tragic cry of Jin Hua, cold sweat drenched the back of Adviser He Taixu, fortunately God Beating Whip didn’t fell on his own body. But too bad, he was gratified for only a short moment, as a burst of unbearable severe pain came through his buttocks. Now it was his turn to taste the power of God Beating Whip. The tragic cry of both master and servant resounded in the sky of Purple Cloud Peak taking turns.

Witnessing miserable plight of these two tyrannizing fellows, everybody looked towards Ye Chuan with satisfaction and also a trace of fear. Hereafter, before wantonly ignoring the presence of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, they would definitely consider carefully.

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for picking this up. Any chances of you all re-hosting the first 14 chapters since the old website is down now?

  2. Was hoping for a better translator for this novel honestly, though that seemed less and less likely, looking at this chapter your quality hasn’t increased since that naruto fanfic which is a shame since your speed is decent, a good editor would clear up most mistakes though i guess.

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