Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 149

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 149: Mountains and Rivers Restriction

The horizon revealed a smear of grey dawn.

The sky was quickly getting bright, and at dawn, Coiling Dragon Mountain which used to be very quiet in former days, today, there nevertheless was a sea of people on its summit.

In this mountain peak jam-packed with people, beside Heavenly Pond, sands were flying about and stones were hurtling through the air. But Ye Chuan alone was also standing there.

In the sky, a huge palm that blotted out the sky and the sun was pressing down with great momentum. And on the ground, the fierce wind whistled, and the ground sunken little by little, making the handprint clearer and clearer.

Ye Chuan was standing in the middle of this handprint, being first to bear the brunt.

But when the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect were at tenterhooks, Ye Chuan however had his head held high and was coldly looking at approaching huge palm.

“Youngster, make your move now, otherwise you will not have any opportunity!”

White-haired Heavenly Empress’s cold voice resounded.

And the huge palm that blotted out the sky and the sun pressed down even faster.

“Heavenly Empress, you forced me to do this.”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at Heavenly Empress in the sky, then waving his hand, he used an ancient technique. Soon after that, a rumbling sound that was just like the sudden clap of thunder resounded throughout the entire Heavenly Yao Sect.

“What is this sound?”


The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect standing at every peak cried out in alarm in unison.

Instantly, regardless of the people on Coiling Dragon Mountain peak or the people at the distant place watching the battle, all of them saw the mountain peaks underneath their foot were flashing.

In the air, white-haired Heavenly Empress’s complexion also changed, and the hair ends of Heavenly Empress’s very long white hair which had luster circulating on them slightly perked up. Heavenly Maiden who was familiar with her knew that now her Master was angry and was beginning to truly make a move with killing intent. On that frightening huge palm, suddenly runes appeared which multiplied its power, and also speed up pressing down towards Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan however was calm and composed, just continuing to use the technique. His speed wasn’t fast, but every use of the technique seemed to nearly exhaust all his strength.

The rumbling sounds coming from the depth of ground got louder and louder, which completely covered the sound of the huge spirit palm of Heavenly Empress pressing down towards the ground. Then those 972 mountain peaks within Heavenly Yao Sect swayed simultaneously. Kacha, kacha sounds came one after another, and the ground cracked open, creating a starling fissure.

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect standing on every mountain peaks to watch the battle scattered all around in panic, but very soon, they discovered that within such big sect, suddenly there was no foothold.

The ground shook more and more violently, and more and more fissures appeared which became deeper and deeper. But when the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect were trembling with terror, the shaking stopped, then, just when people sighed out of relief, a mountain peak suddenly rose, and as if a revived ancient giants, it held up its head high in the sky.

One mountain, two mountains……, suddenly mountains peak rose in succession. Each mountain peak was a fulcrum, and with the eruption of majestic power from all mountain peaks, an incomparable energy soared and enveloped the entire Heavenly Yao Sect. Moreover, in the middle of the sect, a scorching hot flame slowly rose. But looking at it carefully, that wasn’t the flame, rather was a huge furnace wrapped in the flames.

Mountains and Rivers Restriction!

After obtaining the help of white snake to increase his strength sharply, Ye Chuan didn’t directly confront Heavenly Empress, rather used an ancient technique which no one had seen before, activating the ultimate restriction of Heavenly Yao Sect.

Heavenly Yao Sect had many mountain peaks, but no one had ever thought that, these grand, towering and very steep different shaped mountain peaks were the part of incomparably powerful restriction.

This restriction was the restriction which when Heavenly Yao Sect had just been built, Ye Chuan had helped Blue Eyed Yao Empress to lay out. With mountain peaks as the foundation, and Heaven Burning Furnace as the nucleus of the formation, this restriction could even block the attacks of peak Sage realm expert.

After millions of years, the mountain peaks still existed, but Blue Eyed Yao Empress had disappeared without a trace, so now, everywhere under the heaven, only Ye Chuan knew this restriction. After coming out from the transmission formation, when he had taken a first glance at Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan was somewhat absentminded. At that time, fatty Zhao Dazhi who was traveling together with Ye Chuan had thought that Ye Chuan was just shocked seeing the majestic momentum of Heavenly Yao Sect, little did he imagine, at that time, Ye Chuan was lost in thought thinking about the years when Heavenly Yao Sect had just been built.

Now a rare scene appeared in the Heavenly Yao Sect who mightily dominated the Heavenly Fire Continent.

The entire sect was shrouded with dim red radiance. Looking from afar, this radiance appeared as if a dim red iron pot placed upside down over the sect. Now inside and outside this radiance appeared to be two different worlds, and all the aura, energy and attack of the outside were completely isolated outside.

The complexion of white-haired Heavenly Empress in the sky was already strained at an unknown time, and her spotlessly white jade-like long hair had perked up high. Then that huge palm paused, and suddenly speed up pressing down ruthlessly, but was collided head-on with dim red radiance. In the split second, the radiance flickered, then, that huge palm disappeared. This attack of white-haired Heavenly Empress as if a clay oxen entering the sea didn’t even leave any trace, and the dim red radiance rapidly reverted back to the original state.

“Powerful, what power is this?”

“Restriction, definitely a restriction, but when, did our sect have this kind of restriction?”

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect raised their head to look and were shocked in their heart.

Even they didn’t know Heavenly Yao Sect had such restriction, but how could Ye Chuan, this outsider knew about it?

“Come again!”

In the sky, white-haired Heavenly Empress’s complexion changed again, then shouting loudly, her white hair fluttered and spread out throughout the sky just like spider web, then, they straightly scooped down, like a thickly dotted heavy rain and also liked crowded together arrows, wanting to pierce through the dim red radiance enveloping the entire Heavenly Yao Sect.

Countless white hair instantly hit dim red radiance, but every mountain peaks of Heavenly Yao Sect shook, and the radiance rose suddenly and sharply. Then the white-haired Heavenly Empress’s all-conquering white-hair suddenly burned.


White-haired Heavenly Empress spun hurriedly withdrawing her white hair, and then she retreated 1000 meters away. After that, from high above in the air, she looked down towards the sect and Ye Chuan standing on the ground, and her complexion became solemn like never before.

After Giant Spirit Palm, she had attacked with all her might, but she unexpectedly came back empty-handed! Moreover, if her reaction was even a bit slower, then even she might have suffered the counterattack of Mountains and Rivers Restriction!

In the eyes of outsiders, Ye Chuan was indeed incomparably presumptuous, but no-one had thought that he had come prepared.

The white snake inside Heavenly Pond was merely one of his helpers, and this Mountains and Rivers Restriction that was capable of withstanding the attack of Sage was his real trump card!

The cultivation of white-haired Heavenly Empress was amazing. With her Half-Sage realm cultivation, she could walk anywhere without any hindrance, moreover, she might breakthrough to Sage ream at any time, becoming the first Sage of Heavenly Fire Continent in a long time. But if she wanted to break the Mountains and Rivers Restriction laid by Ye Chuan in his former days, then her cultivation was still insufficient!

“Little White, go!”

Ye Chuan reached out his hand and touched the head of the white snake, then weakly collapsed white snake slowly sunk into the water and disappeared without a trace. Then Ye Chuan again used a technique, and that terrifying dim red radiance in the sky gradually dissipated, the mountain peaks also reverted back to the original state, and the burning hot Heaven Burning Furnace wrapped in flames also sunk into the ground. Furthermore, the shocking energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan also dissipated. Since it was not his strength, he was unable to maintain it forever.

“Youngster, it is impossible for you to be the ordinary disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, who exactly are you?”

White-haired Heavenly Empress solemnly looked at Ye Chuan and asked.

“Of course, I am not an ordinary disciple, I am Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple.” Ye Chuan answered, then with a smile yet not a smile, he indifferently said: “What, Heavenly Empress, you want to go back on your words?”

“Zixia, led him to the Heavenly Yao Hall!”

White-haired Heavenly Empress coldly snorted, then disappeared.

“Yes, master! Hey brat, let’s go.”

This aloof and refined Heavenly Maiden, Hong Zixia bowed accepting the order, then coldly looking at Ye Chuan, she flew towards grand Heavenly Yao hall. Behind, Elder Tain Qing and Kumu warrior Tian Ku looked at each other, then quickly followed after her.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder what gave him the confidence that they’d uphold their word? All they’d have to do is go back on their word and extinguish the Cloud Mist Sect using some random excuse. Nobody would be the wiser or question it afterwards.

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