Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 148

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 148: Return to the pinnacle

The tidewater retreated, and Heavenly Maiden led the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect to heavily surround Ye Chuan.

With the appearance of white-haired Heavenly Empress, all the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect were relieved in their heart. Even though the white snake behind Ye Chuan was powerful, but it wasn’t able to cause any stormy waves!

Fatty Zhao Dazhi hugging Protector Yang Tian Kuang rolled and crawled to the side of Ye Chuan. And looking at the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect who harbored evil designees and also powerful white-haired Heavenly Empress floating in midair, he wasn’t able to suppress his nervousness. His heartbeat got faster and faster as if his heart wanted to jump out.

“You……, are you the person who caused havoc in my Heavenly Yao Sect?”

The white-haired Heavenly Empress floating in midair, calmly and very naturally stood there. Her gaze scanned the sect below her, then with her gaze resting on Ye Chuan, she indifferently said, “This generation’s Sect Master of Cloud Mist Sect seemed to be called Yun Feiwu or something, what relation do you have with him?

“Cloud Mist Sect’s 517th generation Big Disciple, Ye Chuan. Sect Master Yun Feiwu is my master.” Ye Chuan was calm. He was neither haughty nor humble facing Heavenly Empress.

“Yun Feiwu’s personal disciple? No wonder……”

White-haired Heavenly Empress nodded her head and said: “Many years ago, your master and I have met once. Logically speaking, since you come from so far, as a guest as well as you being the disciple of Yun Feiwu, our Heavenly Yao Sect would have warmly welcomed you. But, first, you killed my Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple, and then confused out Heavenly Yao Sect’s guardian spirit of Heavenly Pond, so even if I teach you a lesson, this mistress can explain the high and low of Cloud Mist Sect. Youngster, use all of your skills, let this mistress see, what else can you rely on!”

White-haired Heavenly Empress’s tone changed, then suddenly killing intent rose to the sky, wanting to personally attack Ye Chuan.

This was the end fate for those who acted wildly in Heavenly Yao Sect, even if that person was the emperor himself, he would also die the cruelest death!

Heavenly Maiden coldly smiled, then retreated far away with all other, making a wide vacant lot. With her master white-haired Heavenly Empress personally taking a hand in the work, even if Ye Chuan had the protection of the white snake, he was screwed. Even if he had three heads and six arms, it would be hard to avoid death!

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, quickly make a formal apology to Heavenly Empress, and explain our purpose in coming, quick, Big Senior Apprentice-brother……”

Fatty Zaho Dazhi was anxious, then kneeling on the ground, he rambled, “Righteous Heavenly Empress, we didn’t cause havoc in Heavenly Yao Sect, in fact, Protector Hou Shan and his son Hou Yuan Chang bullied us very badly, we only defended ourselves, that’s all. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you tell, quickly explain the truth and make a formal apology, quick……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi sweated profusely and was at a loss.

At that moment, if they didn’t explain the truth and strive for the understanding of Heavenly Empress, then the crime of causing havoc in Heavenly Yao Sect would fall onto them, and the consequences of that would be very serious. No need to mention about the three of them would meet their death, even their Cloud Mist Sect might be implicated.

“Fatty, get up, don’t kneel down at every turn, men must have a backbone. The battle has not started yet, there is nothing fear!”

Ye Chuan stretched his hand and pulled up stunned fatty Zhao Dazhi, then taking a deep breath, he faced white-haired Heavenly Empress in the sky squarely. His complexion was calm, but the robe on his body however was fluttering slowly even though there was no wind.

Nothing to fear?

Ye Chuan, he……, did he truly wanted to fight Heavenly Empress?

The on-looking disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect made a commotion, they had seen many wildly arrogant people, but it was the first time they had seen someone who was so wildly arrogant like Ye Chuan. With just Rank 2 Xiushi realm cultivation, he wanted to battle with Half-Sage realm white-haired Heavenly Empress who could transform into a venerate Sage at any time. This was not as simple as mantis trying to stop the carriage, was a brain dead madman!

“Big Senior Apprentice-brother…….”

Fatty who was dripping with perspiration and teeth rattling, just like the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, felt that Ye Chuan was a madman.

“Little White, help me!”

Ye Chuan ignored terrified and restless fatty and roared suddenly while insanely circulating three Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and also crushed a seal in his hand without anybody knowing. After that, above his head, energy vortex quickly appeared, drawing the worldly spiritual qi within the radius of 100 meters, then 1000 meters radius, 8000 meters radius……, and the worldly spiritual qi around Coiling Dragon Heaven rapidly emptied.

“Not bad, really have some skill, but this is still far from being enough!”

White-haired Heavenly Empress nodded her head, and her eyes gradually lit up.


The white snake behind Ye Chuan moved, and its huge body swayed, but still didn’t initiate the attack towards white-haired Heavenly Empress, rather used it innate skill. It suddenly soared high up in the air, then diving down straight, when it’s head was about to hit the ground, it suddenly opened its mouth, and spared no effort to spat out its life-vitality at the forehead of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan suddenly trembled, then his energy fluctuation rose at an incredible speed. In a blink of an eye, his energy fluctuation surpassed Heavenly Maiden, Tian Qing and Kumu warrior Tian Ku, these giants of Heavenly Yao Sect, moreover, still continued to rise higher, reaching towards unfathomable white-haired Heavenly Empress. The three Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body also expanded to the extreme like never before, and with the radiance circulating on them, they seemed to have transformed into another form. Like this, each talisman contained far more than only 18,000 jin strength.

“Eh, what is this technique?”

“This brat, did he seize the strength of our guardian beast?”


The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect screamed in succession.

The energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan now made the scalp of other people tingle. And the white snake who was originally glaring others like a tiger eyeing its prey behind Ye Chuan, now, weakly collapsed on the ground. Its vitality was greatly damaged.

“Well, well, you are really capable! Come, if you want to put forward the demand, then first, show me if you have the qualification and capability or not!”

Sensing the energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan, white-haired Heavenly Empress still had a casual appearance, and with her fighting intent surging, she suddenly stretched her hand and palmed the empty air, then a huge palm appeared in the sky which pressed down towards Ye Chuan with a rumbling sound.

On the ground, sands flew about and stones hurtled through the air. This huge palm had still not landed on the ground, but a huge handprint appeared on the ground, and even the five fingers and the lines of the palm were clearly visible.

Giant Spirit Palm!

White-haired Heavenly Empress made a casual move, but all people under Rank 7 Daoist Master realm were unable to stand steadily and had breathing difficulty. Even Heavenly Maiden, Tian Qing and Kumu warrior Tian Ku hastily retreated. And as for fatty Zhao Dazhi, he stamped his leg and hugging wounded Protector Yang Tian Kuang, he crawled and rolled to escape far away. Now countless gazes were fixed on Ye Chuan.

“Heavenly Empress only has such little capability?”

Under the gaze of everyone, Ye Chuan suddenly looked up, and the energy fluctuation within his body rose up once again. Instantly, his gaze became deep, just like an infinite abyss which could annihilate everything and also where worlds were brig born and also extinguished repeatedly.

The life-vitality and lifetime cultivation of white snake accompanied with the technique of Ye Chuan made his cultivation increase sharply for the time being. He had an indistinct feeling of returning to the pinnacle. And instantly, his overweening momentum of the ruler shocked the spirit of all Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples. Even white-haired Heavenly Empress’s heart was shocked and became unstable, and for an instant, she was absent-minded. And after waking up, a pallid light flashed in her eyes, then the huge palm in the sky became twice as big, and also quickened to press down.

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