Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 145

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 145: Heavenly Maiden

“Who dares to act wantonly in our Heavenly Yao Sect?”

A simple and vigorous, majestic voice came from far, and a middle-aged person wearing azure war robe flew over. He was somewhat thin, but he possessed a majestic aura of a superior person without anger and power.

“We pay respect to Elder Tian Qing!”

All the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect uniformly knelt down, only Kumu warrior Tian Ku was still standing motionlessly.

“Tian Ku, you are here?”

Tian Qing slightly cupped his hands towards Kumu warrior in greeting, as these two people were of equal standing in Heavenly Yao Sect. Then seeing the huge white snake behind Ye Chuan as well as Hou Shan whose only head was visible in the mouth of the huge white snake, his complexion changed, “What’s going on here?”

“Senior Apprentice-Brother, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Tian Qing, save me, save me ah……”

Hou Shan loudly called for help, he was incomparably nervous and scared.

In the view of other people, the huge white snake appeared motionless, but Hou Shan in its mouth however felt that his body was slowly sliding down the throat of this snake. If no one made the move to save him, then he would certainly kick the bucket and be buried in the stomach of the snake.

“Are you the people of Cloud Mist Sect? Tell me your demands, but first release him!”

Tian Qing was shocked in his heart, he similarly didn’t know how Ye Chuan, this outsider confused Heavenly Yao Sect’s guardian beast White Dragon, but Great Elder after all was Great Elder, he who attended numerous affairs every day and experienced an unknown number of storms quickly calmed down. And his pair of eyes coldly stared at Ye Chuan.

“I don’t have a problem to release him, it’s just a trivial matter, merely I have a small request, I want to see Heavenly Empress.”

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, and calmly said.

Even the Great Elder Tian Qing of Heavenly Yao Sect was alerted, this activity didn’t let him down, now he had again taken another step closer to the success. But, this was still not enough, he wanted to see Heavenly Empress of Heavenly Yao Sect who had the highest status in this sect, all others didn’t have sufficient qualification.

“Oh, I also don’t have enough weight, and not enough qualification?”

Tian Qing’s gaze became even colder, he who talks much errs much, clearly, he had already noticed the activity of this place, but appeared only at this time. He was also an old fox.

“That’s right, still a bit lacking.” Ye Chuan nodded his head and talked big.

“Even with us two together, we still don’t have enough qualification?”

Tian Qing took a step forward, and standing beside Kumu warrior Tian Ku, he lowered his voice: “The two of us, one is Deacon Great Elder, and another is the only guardian of Heavenly Empress, our status is under only one person, and above all the hundred millions followers of Heavenly Yao Sect, and as for our cultivation, we don’t dare to say it is exceedingly high, but is only one step away from Sage realm. Youngster, even if you request thousands of Spirit Veins or even want to overthrow Da Qin Dynasty, we think that we can make the decision. Still, why do you think we don’t have sufficient qualification?”

On the summit, the expression of all the people of Heavenly Yao Sect changed in unison, and they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Spirit Veins were nothing, Heavenly Yao Sect controlled many Spirit Veins, but overthrowing Da Qin Dynasty, this was deliberately exaggerating so as to create a sensation.

After new Da Qin King ascended the throne, he led his army to suppress in all directions, and even attempted to dip his finger in cultivation sects. Although Heavenly Yao Sect’s power was huge and had the solid foundation, but gradually, they also experienced the pressure of Da Qin King. But this time, they publicly claimed that they could help Ye Chuan overthrow Da Qin King, if by any chance this rumor was to spread, then wouldn’t it……

The complexion of Kumu warrior Tian Ku also changed slightly, then looked at Tian Qing beside him, but said nothing. Tian Qing however didn’t bat an eyelid, still coldly stared at Ye Chuan.

“Good big tone, unfortunately, my request is still bigger than overthrowing Da Qin King, so your qualification is still not enough to make the decision.” Ye Chuan indifferently replied.

Beside Heavenly Pond, the complexion of people changed again, now even Tian Qing was the same.

Request still bigger than overthrowing Da Qin King, this boy, what exactly did he want?

Could it be that he wanted to join Heavenly Yao Sect to become the Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple of the younger generation, and directly replace Tian Qing to control Heavenly Yao Sect to reach the sky in a single bound? Or to say, he wanted help to cleanse his tendons and marrows and breakthrough to peak Daoist Master realm in one fell swoop, so he wanted to meet Heavenly Empress in person.

People had their eyes wide open staring at Ye Chuan in disbelief and misgivings.

“Elder Tian Qing and His Excellency Tian Ku together don’t have enough qualification, then what about after adding me?”

Another voice came from far away.

A woman wearing seven-colored war robe as if riding the clouds and flying on the mist came over from far away, then landed beside the Heavenly Pond. And in an instant, the eyes of everyone shone.

The first feeling this woman gave to people at first glance was white, white jade-like pure white. Her hair however was jet-black rolled up on the back of her head. She had exquisite facial features, the more you looked the more you want to look, she was noble but not haughty, and was pure as jade and clean as ice, giving people a feeling that they could only look at her from far. Dressed in seven-colored war robe, she also had an indistinct seven-colored halo behind her head. She was young but her cultivation indistinctly appeared to be equally matched with Elder Tian Qing, clearly was peak Daoist Master realm super expert. Her cultivation level was amazing.

“We pay respect to Heavenly Maiden!”

All the people of Heavenly Yao Sect present here simultaneously bowed to salute, even Elder Tian Qing and Kumu warrior Tian Ku were no exception. This young woman, her status was unexpectedly even higher than these two giants of Heavenly Yao Sect!

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, and suppressed the excitement of his heart.

Heavenly Maiden was the personal disciple of successive Heavenly Empress, also was the only candidate to become next Heavenly Empress. And like Heavenly Empress, although she never leave from her seclusion cultivation throughout the year, her status and position nevertheless were aloof and remote.

Heavenly Maiden came out, now only Heavenly Empress is left?

Ye Chuan was calm without even batting an eyelid on the surface, but in his heart, he was greatly excited. As long as he met Heavenly Empress, the task of this time was half complete!

“Youngster, now you say, with three of us here together, are we still not sufficiently qualified?” Heavenly Maiden slightly looked towards Elder Tain Qing and Kumu warrior Tian Ku and returned their salute, then looking towards Ye Chuan, she calmly said but her eyes were ice-cold. With not a speck of dust from head to toe, she looked transcendent and refine as if a female celestial above worldly material attractions.

“No enough, still a bit lacking.” Ye Chuan shook his head, and the huge white snake behind, Lady White’s throat moved, and Hou Shan slide down even more, now only head was outside the mouth of this huge white snake.

The complexion of the people of Heavenly Yao Sect changed again, but fatty Zhao Dazhi felt nothing as he was already numb, and he looked as if he was already prepared to get boiled or get roasted.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Tian Qing, Heavenly Maiden, save me, save me……”

Hou Shan shouted himself hoarse, now he was just howling without any thoughts in his mind. All the anger, unwillingness and hatred of before, at this moment, were already discarded to the back of his head, and now he was only scared out of his wits.

The complexion of Elder Tian Qing changed slightly, and Kumu warrior Tian Ku also frowned. As for detached and refined Heavenly Maiden, her ice-cold expression didn’t change, and she didn’t even frown, moreover, completely ignoring the shouts of Hou Shan, she coldly ordered: “Everyone under Heavenly Yao Sect, heed my command, kill this devil of Cloud Mist Sect for me, kill without pardon!”


Ice-cold sword light suddenly streaked across the sky. On one hand Heavenly Maiden gave the order, and on the other hand, she pulled out the sword hanging on her waist, then rushed towards Ye Chuan, wanting to take the head of Ye Chuan. Even though Ye Chuan was under the protection of huge white snake, and even though Ye Chuan had Hou Shan as the hostage, she didn’t hesitate to make a move.


“Together, kill this great devil!”

The experts of Heavenly Yao Sect stood up in succession, and instantly, under the command of this Heavenly Maiden, they jointly attacked.

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