Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 144

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 144: Lady showing her prowess and prestige

“Hou Shan, stop!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, watch out……”

People cried out in alarm.

Beyond the expectation of everyone, Protector Hou Shan made a move.

This fellow who was famous for cultivating Yao Sword technique to the acme of perfection, suddenly abandoned the sword and swatted towards Ye Chuan. And even Ye Chuan was caught unprepared.


Kumu warrior Tian Ku who had not reached far away, turned around immediately and a whip appeared in his hand. Unfortunately, Hou Shan wholeheartedly wanted to kill Ye Chuan. And this attack was fast and ferocious, so it was too late for even the whip of Tian Ku to stop it.

Rank 1 Daoist Master realm against Rank 2 Xiushi realm, moreover a surprise attack, the outcome was very clear!

Seeing it was already too late for Ye Chuan to dodge, the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect had different expression, some shook their head and sighed, but even more of them sneered. Brat, who told you to act wildly, this is the price of being presumptuous! Even without the order of Heavenly Empress, you will die here beside Heavenly Pond!

“Hahaha, brat, go to hell, you forced me to do this!”

Hou Shan laughed heartily, seeing Ye Chuan didn’t have time to dodge, his face twisted, and this moment, he was incomparably happy. Not far away, fatty Zaho Dazhi and blinded Protector Yang Tian Kuang rushed to rescue, but they were also too far away to save Ye Chuan in time. Although there were many experts beside Heavenly Pond, but the things occurred so suddenly that no one had enough time to stop Hou Shan.

“No, it’s you who forced me.”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at extremely vicious Hou Shan, and seeing it was too late to dodge, he didn’t dodge, just circulated three Heaven Swallowing Talismans, preparing to counter-attack.


Suddenly a more than 100 meters high wave surge forth along with the fierce wind in Heavenly Pond, and a huge head appeared, then a long white body. After that, it opened its mouth and rushed forward. And then, Hou Shan who was looking at Ye Chuan that was about to get swatted by him was suddenly bitten by this huge white snake. Now only upper half from his waist was visible.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was so scared that his soul nearly flew away seeing this huge white snake called Lady White. It suddenly appeared in front of the public and swallowed more than half of Hou Shan’s body.

In order to alert the highest level person of Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan wanted to stir up big trouble, so even when he was confronting Kumu warrior Tian Ku, he objected to him. But he was being presumptuous, not because of ignorance rather he was prepared. This terrifying huge snake was one of his trump cards. He didn’t come to this Heavenly Pond at random.

Originally, Ye Chuan didn’t want to easily reveal this trump card, but he couldn’t help, Hou Shan, this fellow was bedeviled and was crazy, so he was forced to attack!

“My God, what is this?”

“White Dragon, legendary guardian beast White Dragon!”


The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect cried out in alarm, and everyone hastily retreated, but their legs softened. Seeing the only half section of Hou Shan was visible, everyone was terror-stricken.

According to the legend, Coiling Dragon Heavenly Pond had an ancient White Dragon. Its entire body was white and was the guardian beast of Heavenly Yao Sect. Whenever Heavenly Yao Sect encountered formidable enemy or disaster, it would appear to help Heavenly Yao Sect withstand the disaster. Moreover, there was a rumor that if they pray beside Heavenly Pond in the full-moon night, they would obtain the blessing of White Dragon and their dreams would come true. This rumor attracted many men and women of successive generations to pray for their love life.

The legend of Coiling Dragon Heavenly Pond was passed down from generation to generation in Heavenly Yao Sect, but very few had actually seen this White Dragon. But now, seeing the sudden appearance of guardian beast, all were badly scared.

Didn’t they say only when Heavenly Yao Sect encountered disaster, White Dragon would appear? Could it be that Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect that had come from afar was the embodiment of the disaster?

No, White Dragon was the guardian beast of Heavenly Yao Sect, but why didn’t it attack Ye Chuan, this outsider, instead, swallowed half the body of Hou Shan?

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect were confused, and retreating far away to one side, they looked at this terrifying huge white snake in alarm. Its body that was out of the water surface was already 200 or 300 meters long, furthermore, it had more than half of its body inside the water. Now looking at this former days’ calm and tranquil Heavenly Pond, everyone was frightened.

Kumu warrior Tian Ku quickly rushed back, and looking at this huge white snake that had appeared suddenly, he became tense. He stood at some distance, and didn’t dare to act recklessly.

“Save me, Your Excellency Tian Ku, save me, save…save me……”

Even though half the body was already inside the mouth of this snake, Hou Shan unexpectedly hadn’t died, he just wailed mournfully.

After swallowing half of his body, the huge white snake didn’t make a move, just holding its head high, it stayed behind Ye Chuan, appearing as if it was the battle pet Ye Chuan had raised. Its body was spotlessly white without any flaw, and its eyes were ice-cold without the slightest bit of emotion. It appeared as if as long as Ye Chuan gave an order, it would immediately swallow still wailing mournfully and struggling Hou Shan while alive.

“Save? Who will save you now? Your Excellency Protector, it’s you who forced me, resign yourself to fate!”

Ye Chuan looked at ghastly pale Hou Shan shaking his head, then secretly signaled Lady White. Lady White understood his intention and moved its mouth, now the body of Hou Shan was swallowed to his chest, only the part above his chest was visible outside. Seeing this, this fellow who considered everyone beneath his notice was scared witless, and the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also screamed in terror.

“Enough, stop this here!”

Kumu warrior Tian Ku walked forward with heavy steps, and staring intently at Ye Chuan, he lowered his voice: “Youngster, this lordship doesn’t know what method you use to confuse our guardian beast, White Dragon, but everything ends here. In exchange for this lordship returning to report to Heavenly Empress, ask White Dragon to release him, how is that?”

“This proposal is not up to much, it is your duty to report to Heavenly Empress, why should I exchange for it?”

Ye Chuan remained unmoved, facing intently staring Kumu warrior, he was calm and composed, and he said, “Of course, letting off this Protector surnamed Hou with life isn’t impossible, killing this kind of worthless nobodies is only dirtying my hand. As long as he makes a formal apology and admits his mistake, considering the friendship of Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect, I will not argue about the matters of before.”

“Surnamed Ye, you are bulling intolerably……”

Hou Shan nearly passed out hearing those words of Ye Chuan.

According to this talk of Ye Chuan, Ye Chuan killed his son Hou Yuan Chang, and he was also barely alive, but no need to talk about taking a revenge, he still had to apologize in public, if it wasn’t bulling intolerably, then what else was that?

Hou Shan who was originally wailing mournfully asking for a rescue, now was so angry that he trembled and wasn’t able to speak.

“Your Excellency Tian Ku, you saw it yourself, it’s not that I am ruthless, but Hou Shan himself didn’t want to live!”

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, and huge white snake moved its mouth. Now only the shoulder above parts of Hou Shan’s body was visible from outside.

“Boy, you……”

Kumu warrior Tian Ku roared, he was both surprised and angry, but didn’t dare to step forward. He was also helpless at this moment. Now, the matter had already developed completely outside of his expectation and control, and also was thoroughly going out of control.

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