Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 143

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 143: Bedeviled

The alarming sentence of Ye Chuan dumbfounded everyone.

Compared to other sects, Heavenly Yao Sect had one biggest difference, which was, the person who controlled the entire sect was not Sect Master, rather Heavenly Empress. All the successive generation of Heavenly Empress were women selected from the midst of female disciples.

Every Heavenly Empress, all were the loftiest personage of Heavenly Yao Sect and also were super experts whose cultivation was far higher compared to even numerous elders. In every few decades, the protectors change, and in several hundred years or in at most thousand years, the elders would also change, replaced by new experts. But as for Heavenly Empress, she would not change in even three thousand years, or eight thousand years or even several ten thousand years.

Moreover, one could say that Heavenly Empress wouldn’t change, only inherited. Only if the predecessor Heavenly Empress pass away or achieve the enlightenment on the great dao and went to the world beyond the highest heaven, then new Heavenly Empress would rose. Usually, Heavenly Empress would basically never make an appearance, staying in seclusion training for thousands of years, so all the big and small matters of the sect were handled by elders. Unless there was an earth-shaking great matter, Heavenly Empress would never appear. Nearly all of the disciples that joined Heavenly Yao Sect wouldn’t get the opportunity to see Heavenly Empire even once throughout their life, they just indistinctly hear about such person, nothing more, let alone outsiders.

How old was Ye Chuan, still how did he know the existence of Heavenly Empress?

Why was he looking for Heavenly Empress?

Everyone was confused and shocked in their heart, even fatty Zhao Dazhi and Protector Yang Tian Kuang were feeling same.

Although Yang Tian Kuang in the bosom of fatty was not able to see due to his bloody eyes, but his ears were perfectly fine. Even he had never heard of Heavenly Empress’s existence, and before leaving, Great Elder Zhu Guohong also hadn’t told him anything about this, so suddenly hearing Ye Chuan mentioning about Heavenly Empress, he was also shocked and confused in his heart.

“Why are you looking for our Heavenly Empress?”

The expression of Tian Ku became cold and stern after Heavenly Empress was mentioned, “Youngster, you better give me a reasonable explanation, otherwise, this lordship doesn’t mind killing you, then take your corpse to Cloud Mist Sect to demand an explanation, and then exterminate your entire Cloud Mist Sect, completely tearing up by the roots!”

The sky was still not bright, and under the hazy moonlight, the leaves floating in the sky suddenly fell down to the ground vertically.

Kumu warrior didn’t attack, but the pressure in the sky suddenly soared, and he began to emit unconcealed killing intent.

The surface identity of Tian Ku was the elder of Heavenly Yao Sect, but in secret, he had yet another identity which was the personal guard of Heavenly Empress, moreover, he was also the only guard who stayed beside Heavenly Empress. His position was very high, and had a noble identity, even compared to Great Elder Tian Qing, he wasn’t any inferior, and merely was below Heavenly Empress one person in the position.

Ye Chuan said his weight was insufficient, for Tian Ku, this counted as a joke and the fearless of ignorant. But Ye Chuan clearly pointed out to see Heavenly Empress, this was a different matter. Even if the Sect Master of Cloud Mist Sect came in person, he also didn’t have the qualification to request an audience with Heavenly Empress, so what does Ye Chuan count? Did he have enough qualification?

Putting it nicely, Ye Chuan was presumptuous, he didn’t know the height of the heaven or the depth of the earth! And to put it bluntly, he was blaspheming, blaspheming the prestige of Heavenly Yao Sect’s sovereign, Heavenly Empress!

“I said, I came to borrow a thing. As for concrete details, after seeing Heavenly Empress, I will naturally say to her.” Ye Chuan replied, then calmly looking at Kumu warrior Tiang Ku, he indifferently said, “Your cultivation is pretty good, but, if you want to exterminate our Cloud Mist Sect, then you are still very far away. First, no need to mention whether you have the ability or not, your Heavenly Empress will be the first person to stop it. Neither you all, the junior member of the sect can understand the alliance between of Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect of millions of years ago, nor you all can afford to profane it. Hereafter, pay attention when you are speaking, don’t speak these kinds of things that will make the ancestors of your Heavenly Yao Sect feel ashamed.”

Ye Chuan was calm and composed, under the pressure of Tian Ku, he didn’t even flinch nor feel nervous, on the contrary, he lectured Tian Ku in public.

In the view of the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, Tian Ku was aloof and remote, but he truly was nothing in the eyes of Ye Chuan.

His these words, in the ears of people, sounded harsh to hear, presumptuous and ignorant, but for Ye Chuan, this truly was nothing. If it was the time when he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, then the Heavenly Empress of Heavenly Yao Sect would have to respectfully request for an audience to see him, even when the founder of Heavenly Yao Sect, Blue Eyed Yao Empress, saw him, she had to treat him with courtesy. But now, he paid a visit and request an audience to Heavenly Empress, this could already be regarded as somewhat condescending, if Blue Eyed Empress were to know this, then she would have already become nervous and restless.

The expression of people was incomparably brilliant, surprised, disbelief and dumbstruck.

“Hahaha, Hahahaha, boy, who did you say that needs to pay attention? Believe it or not, now this lordship will kill you!”

Kumu warrior was also stunned, then, he became so angry that he laughed. He spread open his palm, then suddenly a 100 meter long dry twig coiled up in the sky as if a withered yellow python, and the energy fluctuation suddenly rose in the sky, which suffocated even peak Rank 1 Daoist Master realm Hou Shan, making him feel harder to breathe. It appeared as if, if Tian Ku lashed out this whip, then a tear would appear in the sky.

“You don’t dare, your duty is to just report to Heavenly Empress. Whether to kill me or not, that is the decision of Heavenly Empress.” Ye Chuan indifferently looked at Tian Ku, and still standing motionlessly, he secretly held an ancient seal.

In clear light reflecting Heavenly Pond, at an unknown time, waves had appeared, and those waves got bigger and bigger, hitting the rocks on the shore. Listening carefully, there seemed to be angry roar within the waves. It was so indistinct that it was hard to tell if it really existed or not, but this caused the heart of people trembled, and they couldn’t help getting scared.

Seeing the waves of Heavenly Pond, a trace of uneasiness flashed in the eyes of Tian Ku, and his complexion became hard to determine. The power of long whip suspending in the air was frightening, but he didn’t dare to lash out.

The words of Ye Chuan were incomparably harsh to hear and presumptuous but he truly was not speaking wrongly. Although the status of Tian Ku was high, but he was merely a guard, nothing more, and this time he had left Complete Darkness Hall under the order of Heavenly Empress to examine the identity of the guests who were staying in the small courtyard of Coiling Dragon Mountain. So although his killing intention was soaring, but if he truly wanted to kill Ye Chuan, this Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, then he had to think thrice.

“Kill, kill, kill him!”

Hou Shan, on one side, was ferociously staring at Ye Chuan while mumbling to himself. He earnestly hoped for Tian Ku to make a move and kill Ye Chuan immediately!

Unfortunately, the more he hoped, the greater the disappointment, Hou Shan was disappointed again.

After hesitating for a while, Tian Ku withdrew the whip, and said, “Boy, well, this lordship will go to report. Pray for your good luck, otherwise, you are dead!”

Beyond all expectation, Tian Ku turned and left to report back to that white-haired Heavenly Empress.

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect kneeling on the ground raised their head in disbelief. As for fatty Zaho Dazhi and Protector Yang Tian Kuang, both of them relaxed, and even Ye Chuan was the same.

“No……, brat, His Excellency Tian Ku didn’t kill you, but, I will kill you!”

Hou Shan kneeling on the ground suddenly rose violently, then he rushed to the front of Ye Chuan, and ferociously swatted towards Ye Chuan with full power!

Unless he killed Ye Chuan, he wouldn’t be reconciled, recalling the corpse of his son Hou Yuan Chang, anger rose from the bottom of his heart. And after Tian Ku turned around to leave, the flames of fury in his heart erupted like a volcanic eruption.

Outside the expectation of everyone, when Ye Chuan was in his most lax state, regardless of everything, Hou Shan attacked with all his strength. This moment, he was bedeviled, and as if mad, he only wanted to kill Ye Chuan. Now he paid no heed to the command of Tian Ku, discarding everything to the back of his mind!

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