Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 141

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 141: His Excellency Tian Ku

After seeing the corpse of his son Hou Yang Chang, Hou Shan broke his prohibition against taking life, but, facing Ye Chuan, this murderer, he instead was not in a hurry to strike.

Coiling Dragon Heavenly Pond suddenly became quiet.

After Ye Chuan and Hou Shan became silent, all people coincidentally shut their mouth. It was so quiet that they could hear their own heartbeat. It was quiet around, but the bone-piercing cold killing intent was becoming denser and denser in the air.

Suddenly waves appeared on the clear, light reflecting Heavenly Pond even though it was windless. The surface of the water which was smooth as if mirror also rippled due to the dense killing intent in the air.

“Boy, do you know how old I was when I had my son?” Hou Shan said taking the initiative to break the silence and took a step forward. At an unknown time, his bright red eyes had already become clear which flashed with cold pallid light. He had not truly revert back to his calmness rather he had strengthened his determination to behead Ye Chuan.

“I don’t know.” Ye Chuan shook his head.

“73 years old.”

Hou Shan once again took a step forward, and leaving only seven steps between him and Ye Chuan, he coldly said: “When I was 73 years old, at that time, Heaven had pity on me and finally let me have a son.”

“Not bad, Heavenly truly had pity on you for blessing a child in such old age. But, what do you want to explain with this?”

Ye Chuan looked at aggressive Hou Shan and coldly said: “Explain that it was not easy for you to have a son, so I shouldn’t have killed him? Or want to explain that you, junior apprentice-brother, even though was 73 years old, you still had the capability to give birth to a child?”

The on-looking crowds instantly made an uproar, and among the originally nervous people, some people suddenly wanted to laugh.

The heavy atmosphere, because of the words of Ye Chuan suddenly lose its original flavor.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi also wanted to laugh, but he truly was unable to laugh. Hearing the news, more and more disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect rushed over, and their cultivation was more powerful compared to one before. Anyone who was chosen casually among of them could absolutely defeat fatty, so seeing them, the heart of fatty continuously shivered.

The face of Hou Shan reddened just like the dark red liver of a pig. Then taking a step again fuming with anger, he ferociously said, “Brat, do you know, for nurturing my son Hou Yuan Chang into an expert, from his childhood, how much effort, crystal stones and pills I spent? Do you know how much price I paid?”

Thinking about his son Hou Yuan Chang who had just meet with a sudden death, the heart of Hou Shan bled. In this last few years, for nurturing his son, he really had spared effort. When his son grew up, he hoped his son to enter Elite Hall and hoped an elder to select him as his personal disciple. However, one blade of Yew Chuan shattered all his dreams and effort, who would understand this pain?

“I don’t know!”

Ye Chuan honestly answered, then said indifferently: “Unfortunately, if those crystal stones and pills were used to raise pigs, then perhaps they would have become yao pigs, and become useful for guarding the sect.”

Among the crowds, finally, someone couldn’t help but chuckle.

Among the younger generation Heavenly Yao Sect, self-proclaimed Grandpa Hou, Hou Yuan Chang had a nickname in private, which was Pig Hou. Not that Hou Yuan Chang looked like a pig, rather he was stupid like a pig. Many similar aged disciples who had started cultivation at the same time had already broken through to Rank 7 Xiushi by themselves, but he wasted countless crystal stones and pills, moreover, had forcibly seized many resources with the aid of his father Hou Shan’s power and influence, still he was only able to barely break through to Rank 5 Xiushi realm with great difficulty. Worthless, he had always been a joke of Heavenly Yao Sect.

Ye Chuan didn’t know the nickname of Hou Yuan Chang, but happened to speak correctly, speaking out the thinking of many disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect.

Hou Shan was unable to endure any more, his complexion became purplish red. Originally, he wanted to slowly torture before killing Ye Chuan, but hearing people laugh at him, he could no longer endure. He ferociously charged forward while roaring, “Brat, I will kill you with one sword!”

Swift and fierce sword light streaked across the sky, and many disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect who were standing 100 meters away instantly felt as if a cold sword light was pressed against their neck, and they were so scared that, they hastily retreated.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, watch out!”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi screamed, but before he had finished screaming, Ye Chuan kicked him flying. Kacha, a deep sword mark appeared on the ground, if Ye Chuan was even a bit slower, then Ye Chuan and fatty would have cut into pieces.


Protector Hou Shan’s this one sword slash, perhaps would have swept away even the same realm expert! The reputation of One Sword Hou really wasn’t empty reputation!

The heart of all the disciples looking from the sidelines trembled witnessing the power of this Protector Hou Shan. Fatty crawled and rolled to the side of Protector Yang Tian Kuang, and hugging seriously injured Yang Tian Kuang, he looked towards ferocious and mighty Hou Shan, then with his fatty meat trembling, he prayed for Ye Chuan.

“What Sect Protector, so little skill? Sufficient ferociousness but insufficient variation, Yao Sword is not used like that! Ai, such a nice technique, but is there already no one in Heavenly Yao Sect who truly understand it?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and sighed.

In a head-on fight, Ye Chuan naturally was not the opponent of Hou Shan, their cultivation realm was very far from each other. If Hou Shan used other techniques, then the situation might really become bleak, but if Hou Shan only relied on Yao Sword which made him famous, then Ye Chuan was relaxed.

In the eyes of the others, the cultivation of Yao Sword by Hou Shan had already reached the acme of perfection, but in the eyes of Ye Chuan, the founder of this technique, it was far worse.

Just like his son Hou Yuan Chang, Hou Shan had committed a great taboo, unfortunately, they were not aware!

“Brat, don’t dodge if you have guts, I will chop you with one slash!”

Hou Shan shouted angrily and initiated ferocious attacks again, one slash faster than other.

At the beginning, relying on his brilliant eyesight, Ye Chuan dodged skillfully and easily, he often dodged the fatal blows of Hou Shan in one step. But slowly, the great difference between their cultivation began to show, and it began to get more and more dangerous. Sometimes, even if he was fully aware of the attack of Hou Shan, and knew from where the sword slash of Hou Shan was coming, he was somewhat less capable than desirable.

Absolute strength, it really was the Way of the King, could crush and kill all!

Ye Chuan sighed inwardly, he understood that his current cultivation was too low, then insanely circulating three Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, just when he was about to reveal his trump card, suddenly a loud shout come from a distant place, “Stop!”

An earth-shaking pressure suddenly weighed down from the horizon.

Beside Coiling Dragon Heavenly Pond, including Ye Chuan and Hou Shan, everyone felt heavy pressure, as if they were being pressed down by an invisible huge mountain.

Did a great expert of Heavenly Yao Sect come?

Fatty Zhao Dazhi’s eye shone, but he didn’t know whether this was a blessing or a misfortune. Ye Chuan also slightly narrows his eyes, meeting all changes by remaining unchanged.


Hou Shan was shocked in his heart, under this indescribable pressure, his strength and speed were greatly reduced, and he understood that a super expert of the sect was alerted. But after pausing for a bit, he didn’t stop, instead, he pounced towards Ye Chuan with all his strength. He wanted to take advantage of the time before this expert arrived here to kill Ye Chuan. His son Hou Yuan Chang was dead, so he would rather face the wall for 100 years than to not kill Ye Chuan. He was determined to kill Ye Chuan!


The cold voice suddenly resounded. Then something streak across the sky, firmly landing on Hou Shan. After that, this Rank 1 Daoist Master realm Sect Protector, all of a sudden collapsed to the ground and wailed mournfully. From head to foot, a long bloody scar appeared on his body. This was caused not by a treasure, rather by a commonplace dry twig!

Then with a whistling sound in the dark sky, a six or seven meters tall giant landed over here. His body was wrapped around with a large bark-like armor. And after he appeared, a heavy pressure welled up in the heart of people, and they had difficulty in breathing.

“Your Excellency Tian Ku?”

“This disciple is guilty, this disciple pays respect to Your Excellency Tian Ku!”


After seeing the appearance of this giant, the complexion of numerous disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect changed greatly, and they respectfully knelt on the ground. The four limbs of Hou Shan became ice-cold, and his heart was also ice-cold to the extreme. Only a bit more and he could have killed Ye Chuan, however he was stopped, so he was so vexed that he really wanted vomit blood!

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