Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 137

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 137: A gentleman reasons things out and does not resort to force

“Grandpa Hou, do you truly want me to hit?” Ye Chuan asked.

Hou Yuan Chang was already out of control, but on the surface, he still smiled, showing carefree and content appearance.

“Yes, I will hit you until you die, boy, come!”

Hou Yuan Chang angrily set one step forward, and Nine Ring Sword in his hand continuously trembled, preparing a fatal blow, “Come, boy, let me show you what is called the deadly strike of Heavenly Yao Sect. Today, I will use only one hand, and let you make three moves first, then trample you to death like mole crickets and ants!”

“Is it all right to not hit?”

Ye Chuan stood motionless and asked mildly as if was asking for pardon.

“Right right right, don’t hit, don’t fight.”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi hastily nodded his head firmly holding Ye Chuan. He would not let Ye Chuan go into the battle.

They absolutely shouldn’t attack in this battle, once they come to blows, everything would be over!

“Brat, if you have guts to stand out, then attack!”

Hou Yuan Chang said in his hoarse voice, and seeing Ye Chuan was standing motionless with no intention to battle, he didn’t know where to start and felt anxious and helpless, still he suppressed the anger in his heart, and he repeatedly shouted to attack, shouted to kill like a thunder without rain, weakening his aura by one third.

If both people had agreed, then that would be a contest, so even if the sword cut Ye Chuan into two half, later he would be able to evade the blame of the higher level of Heavenly Yao Sect. But Ye Chuan stood motionlessly, so if he were to rush over and kill him, then the situation would change, and afterward, even his father will not be able to protect him!

Hou Yuan Chang was angry, but he still hadn’t thoroughly lost his reason in his heart, so he continuously provoked Ye Chuan to make a move.

“Ever since the ancient times, there is an old saying, a gentleman reasons things out and does not resort to force, and if cannot resort to force then don’t shout attack, shout kill, this is the display of savage and vulgar behavior.” Ye Chuan looked at anxious and helpless Hou Yuan Chang with a smile, and wore off his drive: “Grandpa Hou, how about we sit down, drink a cup of tea and play a game of chess to compete, is this okay?”

“You……, display your fucking dog-ass! Brat, are all the people of Cloud Mist Sect so gutless, all such trash?”

Hou Yuan Chang was so angry that he nearly spat out the blood. After waiting for a long time, he wanted to drink tea and play a chess to settle, what sort of joke was this, later, didn’t they want to mix with Heavenly Yao Sect?

“What did you say?” Ye Chuan squinted his eyes.

“Display your fucking dog-ass, you are a trash, and the entire Cloud Mist is also a trash!”

Hou Yuan Chang was truly angry, and he cursed roundly, “Come, if you have the ability, stand out for a battle, I, this grandpa Hou will use only one hand, and will even let you make three moves, no, let you make six moves first, after that, if I cannot kill you then my surname is not Hou!”

“Well, if that is the case, then I will not use my both hands, and also let you make ten moves in advance.” Ye Chuan indifferently said and walked out.

Outside the courtyard, people who had come to watch the excitement were shocked.

Using only one hand, that was already conceited and arrogant, but not use both hands, what did this mean?

Without using both hands, how will he kill a person? Use legs to kick?

Seeing Ye Chuan had stood out to accept the challenge, the disciples and odd-job men of Heavenly Yao Sect were dumbfounded.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, don’t, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……” Fatty chased after Ye Chuan feeling uneasy, wanting to stop Ye Chuan.

“Fatty, say, don’t you have any confidence in your this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother?” Ye Chuan smiled and pushed fatty away. Then, placing his hands behind him, he signaled that he would not be using them. After that, looking at Hou Yuan Chang, he said: “Grandpa Hou, I am asking for the last time, isn’t it fine to not fight? According to seniority, I am your uncle-master, so pressuring small being big is after all a bit unsuitable, defeating you will be a one-sided battle, and killing you also isn’t good to justify myself to your father.”

“Hahaha, good, good, uncle-master, you can kill me. There are so many people to see, if you truly killed me, then that is just myself being useless!”

The look of Hou Yuan Chang was ferocious, and after speaking, he rushed forward and ruthlessly chopped his swords towards the neck of Ye Chuan. At this moment, after waiting for a long time, he was already very impatient!

“First move.”

Ye Chuan’s indifferent voice resounded. Just before Nine Ring Sword reached his neck, he lightly moved to one side, dodging the heavy attack of Hou Yuan Chang.


Hou Yuan Chang was somewhat surprised, he didn’t expect that the speed of Ye Chuan was so fast. His complexion got cold and casing after Ye Chuan, he initiated ferocious attacks. He moved faster and faster and his strength got bigger and bigger, instantly the entire courtyard was swept over by sword lights. The fallen leaves inside the courtyard floated in the midair, then were cut into two halves by swift and fierce sword lights. Immediately after that, the sword lights flashed again and the leaves changed into four small pieces……, becoming smaller and smaller.

Yao Sword!

Hou Yuan Chang had monkey-like appearance, and he dressed incongruously, but his skill in Yao Sword Technique however was pretty good. He was able to display 100% power of this technique of Heavenly Yao Sect. Under his sword lights, let alone the fallen leaves, even a mosquito would be cut in half. But, Ye Chuan however was not harmed in the slightest. He freely walked in the midst of the crisscrossed sword lights, while counting indifferently.

“Second move!”

“Third move!”


Ye Chuan’s voice resounded in succession.

The onlookers were surprised and had the look of disbelief. Even fatty and Yang Tian Kuang were also same.

Ye Chuan, he……, could he truly accomplish? Not only he took the initiative to place his hands behind him, on the contrary, let Hou Yuan Chang make ten moves first.

People had their eyes wide open, and they frequently rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

In Heavenly Yao Sect where experts were everywhere, Hou Yuan Chang didn’t count as an expert, but in any case, he was Rank 5 Xiushi realm elite in the younger generation, but Ye Chuan was merely a trifling Rank 2 Xiushi, how could he achieve this?

In the view of others, the steps of Ye Chuan appeared very casual, but every time, he skillfully dodged the attack of Hou Yuan Chang. The offense of the latter was fierce and was getting more and more intense as if sea waves, as he had already cultivated Yao Sword technique to the highest degree of perfection. Even Rank 7 Xiushi realm expert might not necessarily be so relaxed under the sword of Hou Yuan Chang, but for Ye Chuan, this however wasn’t a big deal.

At present, Heavenly Yao Sect aspired to be unequaled sect under the heaven, not only it had very long inheritance, moreover, possessed many killing moves passed down from generation to generation. And these many killing moves gave birth to many experts generation after generation sweeping over the land under the heaven. But little did they know that these many techniques passed down from generation to generation were something Ye Chuan had passed to Blue Eyed Yao Empress by Ye Chuan in those years, and the latter passed them to the first generation disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect and then was passed down from generation to generation. Among them, this Yao Sword technique which terrified many enemies of Heavenly Yao Sect was included.

Hou Yuan Chang’s proficiency in the training of Yao Sword technique was very good, unfortunately, just seeing his sword’s movement, and even his slight body movement as well as trivial changes in expression, Ye Chuan know what was he going to do next, so dodging was naturally easy. Even if Hou Yuan Chang practice Yao Sword technique for 100 years, 1000 years, he would still be far inferior to Ye Chuan.

“Tenth move, ready, it’s time to lie down, Grandpa Hou.”

In the midst of crisscrossed sword lights, the sound of Ye Chuan resounded again, shortly afterwards, opening his mouth, Ye Chuan spat, and a small blade light flashed in the sky. Then, Hou Yuan Chang who was attacking like tide suddenly covered his throat and collapsed to the ground, then blood flowed out from the crack of his fingers.

A gentleman reasons things out and does not resort to force, but there is no saying that a gentleman cannot kill a person. Moving a mouth could also kill a person!

When Hou Yuan Chang was unguarded, Ye Chuan opened his mouth and spat out the blade hidden inside his mouth, unleashing a fatal move! The Yao Sword technique passed down from generation to generation in Heavenly Yao Sect was broad and profound, but Inch Light passed down by Cloud Mist Sect’s Ghost Hand Medicinal King although was simple but was even more fatal!

“Boy, you……, you……”

Hou Yuan Chang raised his bloody right hand pointing towards Ye Chuan, wanting to say something, however he would never be able to speak again. With his head crooked to one side, he died with a grievance. Someone quickly stepped forward and pulled open his another hand covering his throat, and was struck dumb with amazement to discover his throat had been severed. Only a thin layer of skin attached his head and torso, so even if they had the legendary elixir of life, they would fail to save the situation.

Great killing move!

The heart of the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect shook.

The explosive force of Inch Light Technique was astonishing, and it paid particular attention to the burst of power close at hand, moreover with three Heaven Swallowing Talismans, the strength of 54,000 jin instantly erupted adding the strength on the extremely thin blade, so let alone Hou Yuan Chang, even the neck of huge war elephant also wouldn’t be able to bear this attack!

“Ai, I had already said at an earlier time, drinking tea and playing chess is enough, but why did you insist on life and death battle!”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then turning around, he swaggered off, leaving behind everybody with a frightened expression.

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