Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 135

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 135: Kumu Warrior

Fatty Zhao Dazhi and Protector Yang Tian Kuang were deeply worried and sick at heart, and their complexion was gloomy. Ye Chuan however was carefree, he directly went into the small courtyard and did what he had to do.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, even without using his cultivation technique, pure worldly spiritual qi gushed towards him as if tidewater from all direction. They nourished his skin, seeped into his internal organs, all the limbs and bones. Inhaling and exhaling, he took in and send out indistinctly liquefied worldly spiritual qi from his nasal cavity. Now, as if he was taking a bath, his entire body was in the sea of worldly spiritual qi.

Ye Chuan cut off all the distracting thoughts and began cultivation on the spot.

The reputation of being unequaled sect really wasn’t empty reputation. The worldly spiritual qi of Heavenly Yao Sect was so dense that an ordinary person couldn’t even imagine. It was several times denser than Cloud Mist Sect. Cultivating here, one could get twice the result with half the effort, no wonder Heavenly Yao Sect had strong people in large number and becoming more and more prosperous every day.

After cultivating for a while, a change appeared within the body of Ye Chuan.

There was no change in his cultivation realm, still was Rank 2 Xiushi, but three Heaven Swallowing Talismans apparently had a change, beginning to swell with dim light stream circulating on them, and they swallowed the pure worldly spiritual qi in the sky like a whale. In the sky of this small courtyard, quickly an energy vortex appeared, and the worldly spiritual qi of all around flowed towards this place.

“Eh, this is……”

Protector Yang Tian Kuang who was sorting out the luggage was surprised all of a sudden and he looked towards the room of Ye Chuan. As for fatty Zhao Dazhi, he didn’t sense anything, but he felt the change in the worldly spiritual qi of this place. So he raised his head and look, only to see, in the sky of this small courtyard, there was energy vortex which was becoming clearer and clearer. Each moment, pure worldly spiritual qi from all direction flowed over, and even more worldly spiritual qi disappeared.

Higher the cultivation realm, more the worldly spiritual qi one should absorb. But to be able to stir up such changes and make energy vortex to appear, one should at least have the cultivation of Daoist Master realm. But what was the cultivation realm of Ye Chuan? He was merely Rank 2 Xiushi, nothing more, it was impossible for him to give rise to such big changes, clearly, he had brought some kind of treasure with him. Most likely, it was a treasure secretly bestowed upon him by Great Elder before leaving the sect!

Yang Tian Kuang pondered for a moment and quickly reached the answer.

Even if the hope of fulfilling the task of this trip was very small, but they still had to try as much as possible, so it was very normal for Great Elder to secretly bestow Ye Chuan a treasure. Merely, Ye Chuan had already provoked a disaster the moment he arrived Heavenly Yao Sect. He bragged so much that perhaps he had already offended many people, so even if he had brought a treasure, what’s the use of it? As long as the other side truly wanted to kill them, even if he had a better treasure to protect, it would be useless, let along borrowing Heaven Burning Furnace.

Yang Tian Kuang shook his head and was heavy-hearted.

At the same time, among the layer upon layer of imperial palaces in the depth of Heavenly Yao Sect, inside a nearly completely dark ancient imperial palace, a woman with completely white hair suddenly opened her eyes and looked towards the direction of the small courtyard where the trio of Ye Chuan was staying. Her pupils were like the legendary bottomless abyss, and had a different world with life and death. All of her hairs were white, but it wasn’t greyish white hair of old people, rather was white jade-like spotlessly white, white without the slightest impurity. Her white hair had sparkling and translucent splendor circulating on them, and was continuously lengthened on the ground, don’t know how many years had it been since it had been growing.

After looking through layer upon layer of imperial palaces, this white-haired woman suddenly clapped her hand.

In the darkness, suddenly the sound of metal friction resounded, and an expressionless guard wearing a heavy armor walked over to the front of this white-haired woman in large strides, then respectfully knelt down.

“Go and see what guest has come in the small courtyard of Coiling Dragon Mountain?” The white-haired woman lightly ordered.


The guard respectfully accepted the command, then turning around, this guard walked out. Inside the hall, he was blindly subservient, but after leaving the hall, a majestic energy fluctuation burst put from his body, which was comparable or even higher compared to Rank 6 Daoist Master realm Rain Demon. His energy fluctuation steadily rose, and his body also expanded, expanding to 6 or 7 meters tall giant. The heavy armor on his body disappeared, which was replaced by coarse but incomparably hard bark, and his muscles also swelled like a heavy wood.

What is this giant, clearly was a Kumu Warrior who had lived for at least 9,000 years!

The guards outside the palace, seeing this Kumu Warrior uniformly knelt down respectfully.


The Kumu Warrior suddenly raised his head, and as if he was finally free from the long restraint inside the completely dark imperial palace, he roared. The guards kneeling on the ground, instantly felt ‘huhu’ sound resounding beside their ears like they were in the middle of the hurricane, and their body floated up. The high and low mountain peaks, and the big and small trees violently swayed. Moreover, the sea of trees seemed to want to transform into tree people.

Coiling Dragon Mountain, inside the small courtyard which was especially used to receive ordinary guests in Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan suddenly woke up from his cultivation. He had a sense in his heart and he looked towards the depth of layer upon layer of imperial palaces of Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Blue Eyed Yao Empress is still alive? No, no, this is……”

Ye Chuan suddenly got excited, then, slowly calmed down, and was replaced by slight disappointed, then he lightly sighed.

The aura coming from the back of layer upon layer of imperial palaces, and the aura of Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress was somewhat similar, but sensing carefully, there was a big disparity, obviously wasn’t the same person. After millions of years, he came out from God Burial valley and stepped into the Wilderness World, but all of his followers of former days had disappeared without a trace.

Old Rabbit, Yaoji and others, in the end, where did they go? Could it be that all of them are no longer in this world, did they ripped the void, going to the world outside the heaven, or they……

Ye Chuan pondered, and suddenly, he had an incomparably strong desire to quickly break through each and every bottleneck, returning to the pinnacle, then go to figure out what had happened in this Wilderness World in the period of time when he was trapped in the God Burial Valley.

Knock knock knock, suddenly a hasty knocking sound came from the courtyard door.

“Did that junior apprentice apprentice-brother come here again?

Ye Chuan stood up, and smiled evilly, thinking this person was Heavenly Yao Sect’s Protector Hou Shan. This fellow must have definitely gotten more upset the more he thought, so he might have come to carry out his vendetta.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi and Protector Yang Tian Kuang were deeply worried. They held this Hou Shan in awe and veneration and feared him, but Ye Chuan basically treated him as nothing.

Who am I?

When visiting Heavenly Yao Sect, if Blue Eyed Yao Empress was still here, then no need to talk about this trifling protector, even if it was the elder or even Great Elder, if they dared to treat him like that, then they absolutely would have one end, death!

Nowadays, Heavenly Yao Sect was flourishing, was aspiring to be an unparalleled sect, but Ye Chuan had helped Blue Eyed Yao Empress to lay out the real foundation. Today, although Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress was not present, but after returning to this sect, Ye Chuan still had cards up his sleeve. This was something the Great Elder, Second Elder and others of Cloud Mist Sect didn’t know, this was also the primary reason he had accepted the task of Heavenly Yao Sect without hesitation.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu was full of evil tricks, he didn’t hesitate to destroy all the alchemy furnaces of Cloud Mist Sect, forcing him to come to Heavenly Yao Sect to get killed. With regarding this kind of vile character, the best way to deal with them was to take advantage of the situation for his own benefit, and when he was being carried away by his success, foil his scheme, uncover him in public and then kill him!

Ye Chuan walked towards the door of the courtyard. But the knocking on the door became more and more urgent, even to the extent that he could sense thick killing intent outside the door. However, he was calm and composed with a sneer on his face.

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