Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 129

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 129: Grand Medicinal Liquid

After leaving Cloud Mist Hall, Ye Chuan went straight the medicine field of Second Elder Nangong Ren, and dug out that eight hundred years old water lily, then quickly returned to the rear mountain Heavenly Dragon Peak beside Evil Dragon Abyss to refine a cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid.

Originally, to refine Grand Medicinal Liquid, it not only needed the best medicinal herbs, but also needed the best alchemy furnaces as well as needed the best environment for bathing and dressing. But, because of time constraints, Ye Chuan was forced to adjust to local conditions.

Flame Devil Yi Yangzi came over to help Ye Chuan with all his effort. Releasing purplish red flame from his palm, he heated the alchemy furnace until it was bright red. After resolving heart demon, not only he passed through the disaster, his cultivation also become more consummate, and his Divine Yang Body was also become more outstanding, indistinctly showing the signs of making a breakthrough.

Pouring a refreshing and sweet Cloud Mist Mountain spring into the alchemy furnace, the mountain spring was heated until it boiled, then he slowly added Violet, Cyan Ginger Tree Juice, Golden Fruit and so on medicinal herbs in succession. And after stewing them for four hours, he added wilderness mutated tortoise shells powder, eight hundred years old water lily and Dragon Saliva Ointment he had extorted from Third Elder Bai Yanhu. After that, again stewing for four hours, he added saffron crocus, datura, clove and so on condiments.

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged beside the alchemy furnace, adding all kinds of medicinal herbs one by one. He was very skilled, and frequently he would use a dao formula. The liquid inside the alchemy furnace slowly rotated, and rolled about. And all the medicinal herbs slowly fused together, accumulating pure worldly spiritual qi little by little.

This was an ancient technique, because it required one to constantly pay attention to the changes inside the alchemy furnace, and make the appropriate adjustments in due course, millions of years ago, people called this technique Pill Frying Hand. Cloud Mist Sect once had many techniques to refine Grand Medicinal Liquid, but the major one was still this Pill Frying Hand. The founder Ghost Hand Medicinal King once was world-famous for attaining the highest degree of perfection in learning Pill Frying Hand, refining best pills and Grand Medicinal Liquid. But what people didn’t know was, this technique of Ghost Hand Medicinal King which he was proud of was actually passed down to him by Ye Chuan.

This technique had been passed down from generation to generation within Cloud Mist Sect, but later, Ye Chuan was trapped in God Burial Valley, Ghost Hand Medicinal King also disappeared without a trace, and all the sect’s experts of former days died one after another, and slowly, this technique was lost. Finally, in this generation of Sect Master Yun Feiwu, the experts of Cloud Mist Sect only grasp few alchemy techniques.

Flame Devil Yi Yangzi sat cross-legged on the opposite of Ye Chuan, and these two people were separated by burning red alchemy furnace. At the beginning, Flame Devil was calm, simply used All Direction Scorching Sun Technique to help Ye Chuan refine pills, but slowly he was shocked.

He didn’t understand the technique Ye Chuan used to refine Grand Medicinal Liquid, but he was sure of one thing, this technique was absolutely a kind of extremely brilliant technique. Such technique, he had never seen before! Common alchemy furnace, and even common medicinal herbs, under Ye Chuan’s hand, they slowly passed through extraordinary refining process!

Flame Devil who had once wandered around Heavenly Fire Continent for many years became more and more shocked seeing this.

Inside the small log cabin, the fragrance got denser and denser. This fragrance spread out, floating beside Evil Dragon Abyss and spread all over the Heavenly Dragon Peak, and then even the entire Cloud Mist Sect.

The patrolling guards at the foot of the mountain suddenly looked up, and all of them coincidentally took a deep breath.

Within several towering peaks, Great Elder Zhu Guohong, Third Elder Bai Yanhu and others also smell this fragrance and all of them looked towards the direction of Heavenly Dragon Peak practically at the same time.

Ye Chuan, is he truly refining a cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid?

Several elders were startled simultaneously, they had thought that Ye Chuan was merely talking, but unexpectedly, he truly did that. In just these several hours, how did he accomplish it? Again reading the book? Did he discover a secret alchemy book left behind by an expert?

Great Elder Zhu Guohong was lost in thoughts, Third Elder Bai Yanhu however had gloomy complexion. He wanted to go and secretly see what was going on, but thinking about his previous encounter with mysterious Dark Raven Demon King in the rear mountain, he had no choice but to dispel such thoughts, merely the more he thought, the more he was not reconciled.

He had strained himself to the limit to obtain that bottle of Dragon Saliva Ointment, moreover, he had provoked many formidable enemies for this, and had expended nearly hundred years to kill all of them. This cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid with Dragon Saliva Ointment should be his, but to help Ye Chuan achieve his aim, he (Third Elder) had to pretend to be generous and give it to him, this furthermore made him even more dejected.


The wine cup Third Elder Bai Yanhu was holding changed into fragments and he gnashed his teeth.

In the rear mountain, Heavenly Dragon Peak, beside Evil Dragon Abyss.

When Third Elder Bai Yanhu was gnashing his teeth, Ye Chuan was crowned with success. Now there was Grand Medicinal Liquid inside the cauldron, and Ye Chuan plunged into it.

Instantly, Ye Chuan felt that every pore in his body opened up, and from all around, the efficacy of drug seeped into his skin, internal organs, bones and muscles. He felt inexplicably comfortable. Now, on his body, dark golden luster circulated. Muscles were quickly filled with blood and expanded. It seems under every inch of his muscles, there was a volcano, which wants to explode.

When the muscle expanded to the limit, this state maintained for several breathe of time, then quickly shrunk, forcing out the impurities inside the skin and muscles. Next, the muscles slowly expanded again, beginning another cycle. This rapid muscle expansion and contraction process gave rise to the indistinct sonic boom sound, making Flame Devil Yi Yangzi who was standing at one side dumbstruck, and his heart also shook.

On the basis of cultivation, Ye Chuan was merely Rank 1 Xiushi realm, this was simply not worth mentioning in the eyes of Flame Devil, but this cultivation technique of Ye Chuan, as well as the strength of his body made even him who was Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert amazed. Ye Chuan had personally refined this cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid, emotionally affecting him endlessly. His body started to wriggle and he had a strong desire to jump into this cauldron.


A crisp sound suddenly came from inside the body of Ye Chuan.

The Buddha Bone Ring he was wearing on his finger which looked ordinary and mediocre suddenly emitted a luster and sitting and standing Buddha’s phantoms appeared, some held an abstruse magic seal, some held a pagoda, and some were sitting cross-legged on the lotus throne. After that, ancient majestic energy fluctuation suddenly erupted, pouring into the body of Ye Chuan, furthermore, dignified low voiced Buddhist singing indistinctly resounded.

This cauldron’s steaming hot Grand Medicinal Liquid not only strengthened the body of Ye Chuan, but also truly activated the ancient Buddha Bone Ring he had robbed from the foreign loose cultivator!

Ye Chuan closed his eyes, completely soaking in this streaming hot Grand Medicinal Liquid. His body was motionless, but dantian’s qi cyclone was rotating rapidly, condensing more and more. In the blink of an eye, this qi cyclone changed its form thousands of time. Slowly, the qi cyclone began to calm down and it condensed in the indistinct form of Buddha phantom. This Buddha’s facial feature was blurred, and the entire body was enveloped with an inexplicable nihility, but just condensed form contains boundless strength, when circulating it was as if bearing down with the weight of Mount Tai and when not circulating it was calm without a wave.

Buddha Talisman!

Third Heaven Swallowing Talisman, finally took shape.

Strictly speaking, this still couldn’t be counted as a real talisman. It was incomplete, could only be counted as a half talisman, but the strength however was strongest among all three Heaven Swallowing Talismans, exceeding both dragon-shaped talisman and skull-shaped talisman.

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