Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 128

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 128: Then I will not be polite

After a good while, Great Elder Zhu Guohong broke the silence: “Third Elder, then, who will go to Heavenly Yao Sect?”

Despite the small hope, this task nevertheless was weighty, so Great Elder Zhu Guohong decided that this task should be tried as far as possible.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu didn’t answer immediately, rather slowly glanced at the people around. And all the people inside the Cloud Mist Hall became nervous.

It’s coming!

This was the true sinister move of this old man, wanted to borrow the hand of Heavenly Yao Sect to kill him!

Ye Chuan’s mind moved at lightning speed, quickly seeing through the true aim of Third Elder Bai Yanhu.

Sure enough, after looking at all people, the gaze of Bai Yanhu stopped on Ye Chuan for a moment, and in that an instant, a cold sinister and ruthless sneer flashed on his face, then pretending to ponder, he turned to look at Great Elder Zhu Guohong and said, “Great Elder, only you are qualified to go to the capital and face the Sage, and for the business of Heavenly Yao Sect, similarly only one person is qualified, that person needs to have outstanding courage and boldness, also needs to have enough weight, that person is……, sect’s Big Disciple Ye Chuan!”

Everybody of Cloud Mist Hall simultaneously looked towards Ye Chuan. Third Elder Bai Yanhu had said something startling, but indeed was reasonable.

During the struggle of Black Cauldron Sect when they come to form an alliance by marriage, as well as in the Great Competition of three sects of not long ago, Ye Chuan had displayed the integrity of Sect’s Big Disciple, and also had both courage and cunning. If they want to send someone from the younger disciples to Heavenly Yao Sect, then Ye Chuan really was the best choice!

“No, definitely not!”

Second Elder Nangong Ren suddenly stood up and said: “Ye Chuan is the future hope of our Cloud Mist Sect, and is also the next Sect Master, we cannot let him have any mishaps. Great Elder, you go to the capital, as for Heavenly Yao Sect, I will go. Thinking about it, I haven’t gone down the mountain for many years.”

Perhaps because he had seen through the scheme of Third Elder Bai Yanhu or perhaps because he was worried that Ye Chuan might meet with a mishap, Second Elder Nangong Ren suddenly stood up to oppose.

The face of Third Elder Bai Yanhu suddenly sunk and he coldly said: “Second senior apprentice-brother, you cannot, with your wisdom and boldness, expecting you to go to Heavenly Yao Sect and return borrowing Heaven Burning Furnace, it’s a bit off.”

“Fine, I cannot, then you can, you go!” Second Elder Nangong Ren opposed with equal harshness, and he was so angry that he was about to flip out. He couldn’t endure at all.

The complexion of Third Elder Bai Yanhu became even more unsightly, snorting, he suppressed the impulse to fight with Second Elder Nangong Ren, and swallowing an impulse, he looked towards Ye Chuan and said: “As a sect’s Big Disciple, in the critical moment, you have to choose to take heavy burden. In any case, Ye Chuan, do you dare to go or not? Do you truly want to hide behind the elders all the time?”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu was unable to find a way to deal with absolutely lawless Second Elder Nangong Ren, so he had to direct the spearhead towards Ye Chuan. Together with Great Elder Zhu Guohong, all the people in this hall simultaneously looked towards Ye Chuan again, thinking how he would answer.

“Honestly speaking, I truly don’t dare.”

Ye Chuan honestly nodded his head, then calmly facing Bai Yanhu’s question, he looked at the people all around and said, “How is current Cloud Mist Sect and how is current Heavenly Yao Sect, Third Elder, you should also understand it very clearly. Moreover, I am just a trifling Rank 1 Xiushi realm disciple, I am not even enough to fill the gaps of the teeth of their guards. But, what Third Elder has said is also correct, as the sect’s Big Disciple, in the critical times, I have to stand out to take the heavy responsibility, so even if this Heavenly Yao Sect is dangerous, I have to go. Naturally, I also have a request.”

“What request, speak!” Third Elder Bai Yanhu asked quickly, he didn’t want to give Ye Chuan any chance to back out. As long as he accepted the task in public, Ye Chuan was screwed, doomed to be gone forever.

“My request is simple, Heavenly Yao Sect is very far away, so I need an expert to escort me throughout the journey. Third Elder, I see your cultivation is pretty good, and you are also very experienced, how about you lead the group on this trip of Heavenly Yao Sect? Ye Chuan said sincerely, but was sneering in his heart.

The complexion of Bai Yanhu suddenly changed.

Lead the group going to Heavenly Yao Sect, at that time, when Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts got angry, the overwhelming majority of the fury will come down in torrents on him, this elder. Ye Chuan wouldn’t die, but he, the elder will definitely kick the bucket first.

“No, I can’t go!”

Bai Yanhu flatly refused, and said with stern righteousness, “Great Elder will leave, Second Elder alone can’t prop up a tottering building, I need to stay to assist Second Elder. Otherwise, if that old fellow Tuoba Xiong heard this news, then he will seize this chance to come and destroy the foundation of our Cloud Mist Sect in one fell swoop. At that time, even if we were able to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, it would be meaningless.”

He obviously didn’t dare to go to Heavenly Yao Sect, but here this Bai Yanhu was speaking with stern righteousness, so shameless. But, those words also sounded somewhat reasonable.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……” Zhu Sijia secretly pulled the sleeve of Ye Chuan, signaling he should seize this chance to find an excuse to decline. The task of Heavenly Yao Sect was too dangerous, just thinking about it made her worried.

“Junior apprentice-sister, don’t stop me, I will definitely go to this Heavenly Yao Sect. Master has difficulty, and as sect’s Big Disciple, at this moment, how can I dilly-dally?”

Ye Chuan not only didn’t find an excuse to evade, instead he accepted loudly, making Zhu Sijia so angry that stamped her feet, then pausing for a bit, he turned around and said: “Since Third Elder has a grave responsibility and you are unable to go, I will also not make things difficult, but, I have a small prerequisite, request elders to satisfy it.”

“What prerequisite?” Bai Yanhu struck while the iron was still hot.

“Ye Chuan looked at Bai Yanhu and said indifferently, “This trip to Heavenly Yao Sect is too dangerous, since there is no expert to escort me, I need to refine a cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid to quickly strengthen my body. I have already prepared the main herb, and only need few supplementary herbs. Great Elder, I heard you have ten thousand years old tortoise shells, it happens to be useful for reining the Grand Medicinal Liquid. Second Elder, I want your that eight hundred years old water lily, it just happens to be useful to well distribute the efficacy of the medicinal liquid. Third Elder, I heard you have a bottle of nine thousand years old Dragon Saliva Ointment, can you bestow it to me?”

Bai Yanhu had a whole bag of tricks, but Ye Chuan was also long been prepared. He took this chance to propose the request.

After the reincarnation, he chose to lie low in Cloud Mist Sect, on one side was to be familiar to this ancient sect, and be able to use the status of this sect’s Big Disciple. On the other hand, it was also because he had taken a fancy to Cloud Mist Sect’s great verity of pills and medicinal herbs. Moreover, he knew that they were in the possession of elders, so unusually it was not good to demand them, but now, it just happens to be a good opportunity.

Refine a cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid?

The experts of Cloud Mist Sect exclaimed in unison.

Cloud Mist Sect was famous for refining pills, but only some people knew that Cloud Mist Sect was even more skilled in refining Grand Medicinal Liquid that was capable of cleansing tendons and marrows. But, along with the decline of the sect, available resources became less and less, and most of the techniques to refine Medicinal King Liquid were also lost. The younger generation disciples didn’t even hear about Grand Medicinal Liquid, but how did Ye Chuan know this?

“No problem, Ye Chuan, take it!” Great Elder Zhu Guohong took the lead to declare his position. With a flick of his finger, many pieces of ancient tortoise-shells fell on the palm of Ye Chuan. All the tortoise shells were different, they contained obscure energy fluctuation, obviously was the tortoise shells left behind by wilderness mutants.

“Humph, I knew you were keeping your eyes on that water lily, you can dig it out yourself!” Second Elder Nangong Ren also agreed with reluctant to part appearance.

Now, only Third Elder remained, all the people of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously looked at Bai Yanhu.

The complexion of this fellow was gloomy, Ye Chuan wanted to refine Grand Medicinal Liquid, but he also wanted. He had prepared this Dragon Saliva Ointment many years ago to refine a cauldron of Grand Medicinal Liquid, he wanted to refine it at the crucial moment to make a breakthrough. If he gave this to Ye Chuan, then wouldn’t his preparation of several tens of years be wasted, moreover, wouldn’t this serve as the wedding dress for Ye Chuan?

Bai Yanhu didn’t utter a sound, Ye Chuan also didn’t speak, silently waiting with indifferent appearance.

Inside Cloud Mist Hall, slowly it became noisy, the disciples began to talk in whispers.

“Fine, take it!” Soon, Bai Yanhu gritted his teeth and flickered his finger, giving away Dragon Saliva Ointment he had obtained with great hardship to Ye Chuan. His heart was bleeding, but on the surface, he had to assume a generous appearance. No one could say that he was unwell and in a bad mood, but for the overall situation, he had to part reluctantly with his treasure.

Brat, I use a bottle of Dragon Saliva Ointment to exchange for your life!

Bai Yanhu was furious in his heart, he hated Ye Chuan to the marrow of his bones. Even though he clearly knew that Ye Chuan was seizing the chance to extort, he still had to endure!

“Third Elder, do you want to reconsider? Even a normal Dragon Saliva Ointment is very rare, let alone nine thousand years old Dragon Saliva Ointment.” Ye Chuan smiled and said looking at Bai Yanhu who was angry in his heart.

“I said take it then take it, don’t talk nonsense, just quickly set out to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, do not delay the important matter.” Bai Yanhu said suppressing the anger in his heart. The more he looked at Ye Chuan, the more he was not pleasing to his eyes.

“Fine, then I will not be polite. And as for going to Heavenly Yao Sect, I will leave tomorrow, now I am leaving first to prepare.”

Ye Chuan kindly accepted, then took his leave. But when he was just about to exit Cloud Mist Hall, he suddenly turned around and looking towards Third Elder Bai Yanhu, he said: “Third Elder, thank you for your support, later, when I need to refine any pills or Grand Medicinal Liquid, I will look for you again.”

Finished speaking, Ye Chuan left with a smile, leaving behind Third Elder Bai Yanhu with a blackened face.

After extorting a bottle of Dragon Saliva Ointment, he was still not satisfied, furthermore, there was also later. This completely broke his rhythm.

No, must kill him as early as possible, the sooner the better!

Third Elder Bai Yanhu panted in anger, the more he thought the more unwell he felt, and he also left hurriedly. A perfect scheme, because of Ye Chuan’s sudden extortion, he had to bear the consequences, the more he thought the more upset he became.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder if he’ll unlock any new abilities once he ranks up. His methods are limited by his cultivation after all.

  2. omfg seriously it just seems like dude is so passive only blocking hits and not going for the offence

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