Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 127

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 127: Old dog’s sinister move

Ye Chuan looked at the pretentious Third Elder Bai Yanhu, and became lost in thought.

This accident came too suddenly.

Black Cauldron Sect and Cloud Mist Sect had always been completely incompatible as fire and water, moreover, Sect Master Tuoba Xiong had always been handling affairs by fair means or foul, so sending out people to do this kind of things wasn’t surprising. But what was surprising was, Cloud Mist Sect had layer upon layer of defense restrictions, moreover many patrolling guards too, so how could the people of Black Cauldron Sect quietly sneak in, and succeed so easily without obstruction?

“Can it be that, Bai Yanhu, this dog……”

Ye Cuan looked Bai Yanhu up and down, secretly deducing in his heart.

If outsiders wanted to enter secretly and destroy, then they need to pass through layer upon layer of checkpoints, but it was different if there was a traitor!

Ye Chuan saw the light, the more he thought the surer he was of his deduction.

Yi Suo died, Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun had also died, leaving behind Bai Yanhu with little time. So this old fellow would certainly be unable to control himself from taking action, this point, Ye Chuan had already expected. He had spread voles, owls, red-beaked parrot and so on little animals all over the Heavenly Dragon Peak, not only to guard against that mysterious and unpredictable Sea Demon, even more, was to guard against this old man Bai Yanhu. And in fact, that turned out to be truly effective, with the help of Dark Raven Demon King’s false reputation, he was able to completely frighten this old fellow.

Ye Chuan had already made preparation, but still he hadn’t thought that Bai Yanhu would unexpectedly do this kind of thing. If this matter was not handled carefully, Cloud Mist Sect would not only simply suffer serious injury, even might be ruined in the hands of people of this generation.

Didn’t this old man want to usurp the authority and control the sect?

Doing this, isn’t he worried about not owning a thing, and obtaining only an empty shell?

Insane, this old dog is truly insane!

Ye Chuan maintained his composure on the surface, but secretly he was full of killing intent, and regretted that he didn’t think of a way to kill Bai Yanhu as early as possible. Although he was prepared in advance, but he still underestimated this insane old dog!

“Let’s see, what should we do next?”

Great Elder Zhu Guohong who was silent for a long time finally spoke, and sweeping his eyes over the people, his gaze stopped at Second Elder Nangong Ren and he said: “Nangong, speak, tell us your views.”

“The most pressing matter of the moment is sending someone to go to the capital and request an audience with Da Qin King, then request him to reduce or waive the task, or, at least postponed the task to next year, winning over valuable time.” Second Elder Nangong Ren said, his complexion was solemn, completely different from his former appearance when he only paid attention to the matters of growing medicinal herbs.

“Yes, go to the capital to see Da Qin King!”

“This is the only way!”

The eyes of people shone and chimed in in succession.

“Well, then who will go?” Great Elder Zhu Guohong nodded his head.

Cloud Mist Hall instantly became silent again.

This mission of going to the capital was very significant, moreover, whoever took this mission, that person was very likely to never return. The words of the monarch were of enormous weight, after the sect had already agreed to deliver within half a year, how could the monarch easily agree to the delay of Cloud Mist Sect? The people who go to the capital to pleaded for mercy, before they could finish speaking, they might be put out in the noon and beheaded, even high-level cultivation realm would be of no use. The capital was the place with hidden dragon and crouching tiger, moreover, Da Qin King had many experts beside him. Before and after ascending the throne, no one knows how many experts he had recruited, so even if an expert of Daoist Master realm went, he might not even be able to escape unscathed.

Ye Chuan was also silent, secretly looking at Third Elder Bai Yanhu.

The aim of this old man is certainly not destroying the alchemy furnaces in itself, it is to seize the opportunity to make things difficult and get rid of me. Obviously, this is his scheme. Well, now the opportunity has come to make me go to the capital. Like this, he can calmly get rid of me, his threat, borrowing the knife!

Sure enough, Third Elder Bai Yanhu stood up, and looking at the people all around, his gaze stopped for a moment on Ye Chuan and he said: “Great Elder, Going to the capital and facing the Sage isn’t simple, I fear average people cannot handle this, it’s impossible for the people without the ability to assume responsibility to accomplish this. In my view……, other than Great Elder yourself, no one else is qualified!”


All the people inside Cloud Mist Hall create the commotion. Everybody was startled.

After Sect Master had left, Great Elder had done his best to hold up the heavy burden to take direct charge of the sect for many years. If he also encountered any mishaps in the capital, then wouldn’t it be……

People were shocked but thinking about this carefully, Third Elder Bai Yanhu’s words were also reasonable. Going to the capital to request reduce or waive task or postpone, only Great Elder Zhu Guohong had this ability, also only if he went personally, that would have enough weight. Otherwise, if they send only young disciples to go, then perhaps they would die without even seeing Da Qin King’s face.

Looking at Bai Yanhu, Ye Chuan was very surprised in his heart.

He had basically thought that this old man would seize this chance to frame him, but to his surprise, he unexpectedly suggested Great Elder go to the capital. Could it be that he was over suspicious? Or, this old dog still had some other despicable scheme?

“Fine, I will personally go to the capital! During the time I am absent in the sect, Second Elder will lead the sect, no one is allowed to disobey!”

Great Elder Zhu Guohong pondered for a while, and made a prompt decision.

“Great Elder, this still won’t do.”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu’s eyes flashed with pallid light, then looking at Great Elder Zhu Guohong, he said: “Putting hope only on brutal Da Qin King, the risk is too big, we must plan for the aftermath in case the task of the capital is failed.”

“Speak directly.” Great Elder Guohong directly said, taking a decisive action in a complex situation.

Bai Yanhu looked at the people all around once again and said: “To complete the task of Da Qin King, we still have a way, immediately look for substitute alchemy furnaces. Earth grade alchemy furnaces are hard to find, and there is also not much time to find. But we can send some people to go and look for our former days’ ally, Heavenly Yao Sect, and borrow Heavenly Yao Sect’s treasure, Heaven Burning Furnace. That however is Heaven grade alchemy furnace passed down from millions of years. As long as we borrow it, no need to talk about a month, half a month is more than enough to fulfill the task!”

Heavenly Yao Sect?

The complexion of Great Elder Zhu Guohong and Second Elder Nangong Ren changed, and especially Great Elder Zhu Guohong, his complexion was gloomy.

If they could borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, then that naturally would be the best, as the problem in front of would be solved easily. The problem was, who would go to borrow Heaven Burning furnace?

Very long time ago, when Cloud Mist Sect was the foremost sect of Heavenly Fire Continent, Heavenly Yao Sect was merely a small sect attached to Cloud Mist Sect.

Later, Cloud Mist Sect began to decline, and two sects stood on the equal footing, so they became allies. Again later, Cloud Mist Sect steadily deteriorated until it could not even maintain its control over the complete area of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, then with the rise and development of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, Cloud Mist Sect fell even lower. But, Heavenly Yao Sect however firmly keep on making progress and was like the sun at high noon, nowadays, it faintly showed the sign of becoming the foremost sect of the Heavenly Fire Continent. These two sects had no dealings with each other for many years, and they don’t know whether Heavenly Yao Sect had already thrown away the treaty of alliance or not, and Cloud Mist Sect was also ashamed to claim a connection with the people in the higher level.

If they went there to borrow one or two ordinary treasures with thick-face, then considering the relation of former days, and also considering their sect’s reputation, Heavenly Yao Sect might lend them. But what was Heaven Burning Furnace? That however was Heavenly Yao Sect’s defining treasure ever since the ancient times, legend says that, it suppress the destiny of Heavenly Yao Sect, and only on one day of each year when they offer sacrifices, they would bring it out. Hastily go to borrow, what’s the possibility?

Great Elder Zhu Guohong remained silent, didn’t speak for a long time. The purpose of Third Elder Bai Yanhu was good, unfortunately, the difficulty to accomplish was too hard, even harder than going to the capital and face the Sage. The person that went to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, no need to mention about being ridiculed, under the rage of the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, they might tear apart that person, and shatter his soul!

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