Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 126

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 126: Surprising changes

Returning to White Tiger Mountain, Third Elder Bai Yanhu sat in White Tiger Hall, looking worried.

Tonight, he had taken action in person but returned in a sorry figure. The circumstance was worse than he had ever expected.

With great demon king as a backer, the cultivation as well as the prestige of Ye Chuan will definitely grow with each passing day. Like this, no need to talk about Ye Chuan firmly sitting in the position of sect’s Big Disciple, before long, he would truly take charge of a section becoming his formidable adversary. At that time, even if he wanted to, could he be able to get rid of him? Could it be that he had to helplessly look at Ye Chuan gradually grasping the power of the sect and shatter his plan just like this?

Bai Yanhu’s complexion was overcast and his eyebrows twisted.

Before taking the action, he had doubts, and he was walking back and forth in dysphoria. But now that he had personally made a trip to Heavenly Dragon Peak and understood what was going on, he worriedly sat on the chair of White Tiger Hall.

Letting Ye Chuan left to grow strong, not only was as simple as voiding all of his schemes to control Cloud Mist Sect, the Dark Underworld Emissary would also not let him off. At that time, waiting for him was not only people rebelling and friends deserting, perhaps he would also die!

No, I cannot helplessly watch that brat Ye Chuan getting strong like this!

Absolutely cannot!

Bai Yanhu suddenly stood up, then gnashing his teeth, his face twisted looking ferocious. Now, his eyes flashed with an ominous glint, quickly thinking of an insane idea. Then with a clap of his hand, a guard entered and bowed.

“Little Seven, come here!”

Bai Yanhu waved his hand making this guard walk over, then he whispered the instruction in his ear.

The guard Little Seven was respectful and didn’t dare to disobey. But after listening to the instruction, his complexion changed, and was panic-stricken, “Third……, Third elder, I……”

“What, you don’t dare?”

Bai Yanhu coldly smiled and said sinisterly, “How did I treated you usually, you are very clear in your heart, now what, I want you to do this minor matter, but are you going to push it to Third or Fourth?”

“Third Elder, that……, how is that a minor matter? If people got the wind of this, I…..” Little Seven sweated profusely and didn’t dare to agree.

“Why are you afraid of people knowing this? Let me think, ten years ago, what was the name of that young female disciple, it was Qing something, how did she die? A few years ago, didn’t disciple Qing Hong accidentally fell down from the cliff? Moreover, just a few months ago, when Ye Chuan and others went to pick medicinal herbs, who suddenly ambushed them?”

Bai Yanhu sinisterly stared at Little Seven as if a fierce tiger with its stomach rumbling with hunger, making him feel nervous. Pausing for a bit, he patted the shoulder of this guard Little Seven and said: “Little Seven, you have to understand that we are in the same boat. If I do not do well, then you will also have to suffer. Rest assured, take action freely, I will handle everything else.”

The guard Little Seven became pale, and in front of Third Elder Bai Yanhu who was watching him intently, he sweated profusely. He remained silent for a long time, and he finally nodded his head reluctantly, and said deciding to risk everything “Fine, rest assured, elder.”

“That’s right, after this matter is done, you will be rewarded greatly. Go!” Bai Yanhu waved his hand, then sitting on the chair of White Tiger Hall, he closed his eyes and rest.

The guard Little Seven bowed and retreated, leaving the White Tiger Hall. Soon, he led several capable subordinates with their face covered, quietly leaving White Tiger Mountain.

Before dawn, when the world was dead silent, from the direction of Alchemy Hall, suddenly a series of loud explosion sound came, then ear deafening screaming sound resounded. Dozens of Alchemy Buildings of Alchemy Hall, all without exception were caught in a fire, and the flame soared.

“Assassins, there are assassins, catch them!”

“Alchemy furnaces exploded, all of them exploded!”


The disciples of Alchemy Hall made an uproar in panic.

The guards and disciples who had rushed over after hearing the new also became pale. The large fire was quickly extinguished, and there wasn’t much loss in pills, but the broken alchemy furnaces were beyond repair.

Thirteen earth grade alchemy furnaces, all without exception were destroyed!

This news spread throughout Cloud Mist Sect, alarming everyone. Even those who were in the seclusion cultivation came out in succession.

The matter was quickly investigated and made clear, in the large fire, disciples found several corpses of Black Cauldron Sect’s disciples, clearly, this was a direct attack on Cloud Mist Sect. This was a serious attack on the moral and faith of Cloud Mist Sect.

The alchemy furnaces that were destroyed weren’t ordinary alchemy furnaces, rather were earth grade alchemy furnaces refined by Item Refining Great Master. Each one had thousand or even several tens of thousands years of history, and was passed down from generation to generation. Now, all of a sudden, all 13 earth grade alchemy furnaces were destroyed, how could they refine pills, moreover, how will they complete the task of Da Qin King.

Hearing the news, Great Elder also rushed over with ice-cold complexion, his heart was heavy as if weighed down by a boulder.

Although the fire had already been extinguished, but dark smoke was still billowing in the sky of Alchemy Hall. All the disciples were silent here, and the atmosphere was very heavy. More and more people gathered, but the silence reigns on the scene, and everyone felt heavy pressure in their heart.

They had just won the Great Competition of three sects, and Cloud Mist Sect had just shown the symptom of revival, but in the blink of an eye, gloomy clouds covered densely, making the circumstance incomparably serious.

The guards that were responsible to guard alchemy furnaces were quickly tied up and all of them were thrown into the prison, waiting for a trail. Now all of them could only wait for the severe punishment, but, this was useless.

When the sky slightly brightened, all the higher ups and elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect gathered at Cloud Mist Hall to discuss countermeasures. Ye Chuan who was cultivating in Heavenly Dragon Peak also rushed over after hearing this news.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu also came, and like others, he was also solemn.

“What happened, I presume everybody already knows that, Jiajia, speak the current situation of Alchemy Hall.” Great Elder instructed Zhu Sijia in a heavy tone.

Zhu Sijia stood up, since the time Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun had disappeared, she managed all the odd jobs of Alchemy Hall for the time being. “At the moment, we have a single heaven grade pill, Pure Yang Pill, 80 earth grade pills, 2,000 black grade pills, and 6,000 yellow grade pills. Roughly completely only one-third of the task of Da Qin King, and we have only one month time left.”

After speaking, Zhu Sijia quietly retreated and the hall became silent once again.

Even one half of the task wasn’t complete but they had already spent 5 months of time, leaving only last one month. The situation was incomparably worse than expected. Even if the Alchemy Hall was functioning normally, finishing the task would have been very difficult, and now, with all 13 alchemy furnaces destroyed, suffering the attack of the opponent, what should they do?

Everyone had gloomy complexion and were tense.

Soon after the new Da Qin King ascended the throne, when he was talking about the matters in high-spirit, moreover, when he had just annexed South Barbarian King, he attempted to dip his finger in cultivating sect with a spirit that conquers mountain and rivers. At that time, the Great Qin army drowned those many sects that unwilling to submit. Now this time, if they weren’t able to accomplish the task, wouldn’t that attract a fatal disaster?

Inside Cloud Mist Hall, the atmosphere got more and more stifling.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu lowered his head, seemingly crestfallen and was at his wits’ end, but he was sneering in secret, coldly looking at Ye Chuan. As if sensing his gaze, Ye Chuan looked over, and this old man immediately put on a heavy face.

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