Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 125

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 125: Stupid bird

Third Elder Bai Yanhu was very vexed and was frowning.

Late at night, all the mountain peaks of Cloud Mist Sect were quiet, but inside the grand and broad White Tiger Hall of White Tiger Mountain Peak, Third Elder Bai Yanhu however was frowning and was walking back and forth.

Three days had passed since the news of Ye Chuan suddenly moving to the rear mountain and naming it Heavenly Dragon Peak had spread, but he was feeling fidgety and had been frowning all along. Without much thinking, he felt that this was strange, and there was an indistinct unease in his heart.

He didn’t want Purple Cloud Peak which had dense worldly spiritual qi, and ran to the rear mountain peak where even birds didn’t shit, moreover, cultivating beside Evil Dragon Abyss, did Ye Chuan went crazy or was he plain stupid?

No, that brat is not only not stupid, but is also very cunning. Just looking at how he did in the Great Competition of three sects, Bai Yanhu knew that. Even Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong wasn’t able to seize any advantage in front of him. He could well imagine how cunning that brat was.

He appeared so straightforward person on the surface, but in fact was an incomparably cunning fellow. Why did he suddenly moved to the rear mountain? What on earth did he want to do?

Third Elder Bai Yanhu’s complexion was gloomy. The more he thought, the more he found this strange.

These two days, he had already sent several trusted subordinates to spy on Heavenly Dragon Peak, but all without exception disappeared without any reply. It appeared as if they had suddenly faded away in the air, but also seemed to have fallen into the Evil Dragon Abyss. Now, this uninhabited rear mountain of former days was hundred times more dangerous than before. But strangely, the ordinary disciples of the sect could stroll around and return without any problem. All said that there was nothing unusual on the peak, and there was just a nothing special, simple and crude log cabin.

Creating such a big movement only to build a log cabin beside Evil Dragon Abyss, how could that be?

Third Elder Bai Yanhu found this hard to believe. The more people say that there was nothing unusual in Heavenly Dragon Peak, the more unease his heart felt.

Finally in the latter half the night, it got darker and darker, the sky was densely covered with dark cloud, and moonlight became dimmer.

At this time, looking at the sky, Third Elder Bai Yanhu who was pacing back and forth suddenly wore a big bamboo hat and flew out.

After repeatedly considering, he was still unable to be at ease, so he decided to take advantage of this dark and windy night to personally take a trip and have a look at what trick Ye Chuan had in Heavenly Dragon Peak with his own eyes!

The rear mountain named Heavenly Dragon Peak had officially entered the domain of the sect, so there were disciples patrolling the mountain. Even this late at night, there was often someone with torch moving back and forth on the foot of this Heavenly Dragon Peak. It was guarded strictly, but to stop an expert of Daoist Master realm, the cultivation of these guards were still far from sufficient.

Bai Yanhu just like his name (lit. White Rock Tiger), although his body was very thin, but just like a fierce tiger going down the hill moved as if wind. He easily passed through the line of defense in the foot of the mountain. Then he calmly looked at the mountain peak shrouded in dim moonlight and advanced forward. But before he took few steps, he suddenly stopped his steps, and he stared at the bush not far away, his eyes shining with pallid light.


A big white cat jumped out from the bush, and fleeing into the dark, it disappeared.

Bai Yanhu relaxed and continued to move forward.

Just now, he thought that he had encountered a powerful hidden lookout, but outside his expectation, it was just a stray cat. He was groundlessly nervous.

Bai Yanhu secretly accelerated his steps, but before he walked far, he suddenly stopped again. Now, his left leg had stepped on the ground and right leg was still in the air, he was so tense that he didn’t dare to step, and his killing intent soared.

After that with a rustling sound, from under the pile of dead leaves under his right foot, a hairy mouse bore out. This fellow still seemed to have not woken up completely, but also appeared to be badly scared of invisible killing intent. After that, it clumsily looked all around for a while, then unexpectedly drilled back into the dead leaves and hide away.

“This stupid mouse!”

Bai Yanhu was somewhat furious, he had seen many mice, but he never had such stupid encounter like this. He suppressed his impulse to trample it to death with great difficulty, then continued to advance forward. Encountering two false alarm in succession when going up the mountain, his hear became increasingly unhappy, but he still diligently rushed forward. Fortunately, it was unhindered this time, in one breath, he dashed halfway up a hill.

“Old fellow, stop!”

Just when the speed of Bai Yanhu reached the peak, and was preparing to rush to the mountain peak like this, a hoarse voice suddenly came through the dark.


Bai Yanhu suddenly stopped his steps and he became tense. Moreover, black light circulated in his fingertip, making preparation to use a deadly attack.

He had already attained the highest degree of perfection in cultivating Evil Wind Finger, and if he went all-out, then even Great Elder Zhu Guohong wouldn’t dare to take it head-on. Moreover, he was confident to defeat any opponent in the same realm as he was.

“Old fellow, are you tired with living?” The hoarse voice resounded again.

The complexion of Bai Yanhu changed greatly. Even after he sent out his divine sense, he unexpectedly discovered nothing, not even a trace of the opponent.


A super expert of later stage of Daoist Master realm or peak Daoist Master realm?

Bai Yanhu sweated profusely, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated. Now, he was unable to suppress his nervousness and got more and more nervous.

If the opponent was only one or two ranks higher than him, then that person absolutely wouldn’t be able to thoroughly hide like this in front of him, obviously, he encountered an extremely powerful expert tonight! Most likely, he was the expert Ye Chuan had invited to help, or might even be his backer the legendary Dark Raven Demon King!

Bai Yanhu became pale and suddenly recalling the reply letter of Rain Demon, he had no doubts that the unusual behavior of Ye Chuan of this time was associated with this.

No wonder, Ye Chuan, this fellow who was uncommunicative and low-key even to the extent that he let people bully him in former days, recently however made a display of his ability. As it turned out, he had really went and seek refuge with great demon king in secret! And suddenly moving to the rear mountain was also for the sake of making things convenient to meet with great demon king, and avoid the ears and eyes of people!

Bai Yanhu suddenly saw the light immediately understanding the true reason behind him moving to the rear mountain. With the help of such great demon king in secret, no wonder, his scheme failed repeatedly, and his disciple Yi Suo as well as Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun lost under his hand!

Whoosh! Bai Yanhu kept his mouth shut, after understanding what was going on with the rear mountain, he turned around and fled!

Dark Raven Demon King’s ferocious name was illustrious, he however was the great leader of all the demonic cultivators of Dark Fire Continent. Legend states that his cultivation was infinitely close to Sage realm! Facing such kind of great demon king, Bai Yanhu who was confident to kill the opponent of the same realm didn’t even think about fighting, he immediately fled!

Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, with this kind of cultivation level, he would walk unhindered within Cloud Mist Mountain Range, but in front of Dark Raven Demon King, he was not even enough to fill up the gap of his teeth. Even Rank 6 Daoist Master realm Rain Demon wasn’t his opponent, he could well imagine how strong his opponent was!

“Old fellow, where are you running?”

The hoarse voice resounded again in the dark which seemed to be following him as if a shadow.

Bai Yanhu was half dead with fright, without turning his head, he crawled and rolled down the mountain. When coming, he had a well-thought-out plan, but when going, he was scared witless, completely throwing off the demeanor of the elder. He fled all the way down to the foot of the mountain, and seeing the torches of patrolling guards, he slightly composed himself.

And on the halfway up the mountain, seeing Third Elder Bai Yanhu’s miserable back view, Ye Chuan came out from the dark and he had an evil smile on his face. Then he whistled, and a red-beaked parrot flew over from the top of a tree and landed on his left shoulder.

“Old fellow, stop!”

“Old fellow, are you tired of living?”

“Old fellow, where are you running?”

The red-beaked parrot called out nonstop, its voice was hoarse and carried slight coldness. Only after Ye Chuan gave it a piece of meat, it swallowed it down and stop calling out.

As an elder, Bai Yanhu was powerful, but not even being able to sense the trace of his opponent, he thought that his opponent was the legendary Dark Raven Demon King, so fled in fear. He never thought that that hoarse voice was coming out from the mouth of a red-beaked parrot, and he basically ignored this parrot standing on the treetop. If he knew that he was scared away by a bird tonight, then how sullen his heart would become!

“This stupid bird!”

Ye Chuan sneered, then retreating into the dark, he disappeared and went to continue his cultivation.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder if they have stuff like video crystals in those times because that would have made a wonderful video.

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