Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 124

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 124: Heavenly Dragon Peak

After cyan robed Seventh Elder left, Ye Chuan immediately took the action, he instructed Flame Devil Yi Yangzi to guard beside Evil Dragon Abyss, then, on the same night, paid a visit to Second Elder Nangong Ren. And after a little while, together with Second Elder Nangong Ren, he went to have an audience with Great Elder Zhu Guohong who guarded the sect.

Since Sect Master Yun Feiwu was out, Great Elder Zhu Guohong held the power in his hand, moreover with the presence of Second Elder, it was enough to decide any big matter.

After dawn, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect came out in succession and began discussing the changes of last night.

Since yesterday till now, the worldly spiritual qi of Cloud Mist Sect was much thinner, merely was nearly half of what it was in former days. Since the moment Heavenly Dragon Rice seed was planted, the worldly spiritual qi hadn’t restored.

In the cultivation, worldly spiritual qi was extremely important, if there wasn’t sufficient spiritual qi, then the cultivating would get half the result with twice the effort, even to the extent of ceasing to make any progress.

Many former illustrious sects slowly declined later because the spiritual qi around them was depleted.

Ancient Cloud Mist Sect whose inheritance was millions upon millions old, also seemed to be taking this step, they had just seen a bit of hope of revival, but was it going to decline thoroughly?

Disciples gathered and discussed spiritedly, and people were in the state of anxiety.

Not long after, another astonishing news spread within the sect. Sect’s Big Disciple Ye Chuan wrote a letter to Great Elder, in order to cultivate the elite disciples of the young generation, he especially gave away Purple Cloud Peak with dense spiritual qi, and took the initiative to move to the rear mountain, near Evil Dragon Abyss to cultivate. He wrote that, on one hand, he wanted to give away a place to other disciples, and on the other hand, he also wanted to suppress the yao demons who were getting more and more ferocious with each passing day under Evil Dragon Abyss, stirring up the burden of sect’s Big Disciple. Since then, the rear mountain officially fell under the domain of the sect, and the mountain peak beside Evil Dragon Abyss was named Heavenly Dragon Peak, and Heavenly Dragon Courtyard was to be built on the top of this mountain peak.

After this news spread, the entire sect was shocked.

When Zhu Shjia heard this news, she immediately stepped on her flying sword and rushed towards Purple Cloud Peak, unfortunately, Purple Cloud Courtyard was already empty with no soul on the sight. Pill furnace was still there in the alchemy room, and the collection of books were also in the study, only Ye Chuan and his that servant Yi Yangzi had disappeared without a trace. So big Purple Cloud Courtyard was completely deserted.

“That idiot!”

Zhu Sijia stomped her feet, then stepping on her flying sword, she flew towards the rear mountain, she was anxious and also angry.

Early in the morning, when she heard the news of Ye Chuan had moved to the rear mountain, she thought that this was a fake news, but as it now seems it had really happened.

Compared to Purple Cloud Peak left behind by Sect Master Yun Feiwu, the rear mountain was worse in every aspect. There was no sect’s defense restriction, no dense worldly spiritual qi, was far away from the sect’s other mountain peaks and was solitary, so if someday a strong enemy came to kill him in the dead of the night, then nobody would know. In the end, what did Ye Chuan want to do?

Zhu Sijia didn’t get any news in advance, so she was truly angry. And angrily stepping on the flying sword, she darted towards the mountain peak beside Evil Dragon Abyss, now that was Heavenly Dragon Peak.

On the summit of the mountain, there was only a simple and crude log cabin, but it was also empty inside. There were only a pill furnace, a praying mat, and nothing else. There were not even a bed or a chair inside. She didn’t know from where Ye Chuan brought this servant Yi Yangzi, but he was simply sitting cross-legged outside the log cabin. He appeared all alone, and there was no trace of Ye Chuan.

Zhu Sijia entered the log cabin, looked around for a while, then her nose turned sour and her tears trickled down.

This empty log cabin, no need to talk about being simple and crude, but was also not air proof and was leaky. Even compared to the place inside the sect where the odd-job men stayed, this place was hundred times shabbier. Big Disciple of a grand sect unexpectedly moved over to live in such place, if said to others, then who would believe? Ye Chuan, he was not stupid, was too stupid, in order to cultivate the elite disciples of the sect, was it worth to treat himself like this?

“Miss, this is the letter my master left for you.”

Flame Devil Yi Yangzi walked over and presented a letter respectfully with both hands.

Ye Chuan disappeared early in the morning, but he knew that Zhu Sijia would definitely come, moreover, she would be the first person to rush over, so he prepared a letter for her in advance.

Zhu Sijia opened the envelope, and beginning to read, she felt sad, unexpected, confused, angry, and slowly became surprised.

There were words written in the letter, but, that handwriting clearly wasn’t the handwriting of Ye Chuan, was her grandfather Zhu Guohong’s handwriting. ‘Today this rear mountain is named as Heavenly Dragon Peak, and it is bestowed to sect’s Big Disciple Ye Chuan. He will be the first generation master of the Heavenly Dragon Peak. He has the authority to transfer any resources of the sect to build Heavenly Dragon Peak and Heavenly Dragon Courtyard!’ And this letter was signed by not only Great Elder Zho Guohong, unexpectedly was also signed by Second Elder Nangong Ren, and the date when this letter was written was just yesterday night.

Grandfather and Second Elder already knows? Also granted authority to move any resources within the sect?

Zhu Sijia was shocked, and soon, she came to her senses, and felt as if she was again cheated by Ye Chuan.

Obviously, the reason for the move of Ye Chuan was absolutely not like the rumor outside, he moved to Heavenly Dragon Peak, not to make a place to cultivate elite disciples, instead there must be a hidden secret for him to move here despite the danger of Evil Dragon Abyss!

“That bastard, heartless bastard!”

Zhu Sijia stomped her feet, then throwing away the letter and envelope to one side, she wiped the tears from her face, and then left, feeling so angry that she gritted her teeth.

This Ye Chuan, he unexpectedly had such a big secret hidden from her, and here she became so sad and shed tears for him in vain, truly deceiving people without blinking, making her angry to death!

700 li from this place, when Zhu Sijia left panting with rage, Ye Chuan was lurking in a bamboo forest, quietly advancing forward. In front of him, roughly 20 meters away on the rock, there stood a red-beaked parrot.

With the privilege issued jointly by Great Elder and Second Elder, Ye Chuan was in no hurry to build Heavenly Dragon Peak and Heavenly Dragon Courtyard, rather he went deep into Cloud Mist Mountain Range. His targets were not powerful yao beasts hidden in the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain range, and also not a kind of powerful wilderness mutants species, rather were vole, owl, and so on common little animals.

Without any preparation, if he built Heavenly Dragon Peak, then that definitely will attract the suspicion of observant and conscientious people and spies, moreover, Ye Chuan didn’t have time to lay out large-scale restriction too, so now what he needed the most was some little fellows to guard the mountain, some inconspicuous little fellows to lookout. In many cases, these kind of little fellows were more effective than yao beasts.

Stealthily moving and arriving within 10 meters of the parrot, Ye Chuan took a deep breath, and he suddenly jumped out.

The red beaked parrot staying on the rock immediately reacted, suddenly crying out in alarm, it spread its winds and putting forth its strength, it flapped its wings, charging into the air.

A pair of big hands suddenly chased after the flying parrot and caught its legs.

Ye Chuan had prepared in advance, and with his instant burst of speed, the red-beaked parrot basically didn’t have time to escape. Circulating his technique, he forced out a drop of essence blood, then with a flash of cyan light, tamed parrot entered into Cyan Lotus Lamp. After that, resting for a little while, he went deeper into the forest looking for the next target.

In Wilderness World, some people forcibly fuse with yao beasts, changing into the appearance of yao beast; also some people that tame a powerful yao beast and treat it as a powerful battle pet. But, Ye Chuan was different, after taming the yao beasts using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, he not only wanted them as a capable assistance in the battlefield, or only his eyes and ears, but wanted them to become the part of his body, and become able to freely manipulate as his own hands and legs.

In the past lifetime, relying on his steel-like determination and powerful cultivation, he crushed and killed his opponents, only concealing the heaven with his hand.

But in this lifetime, he had Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique which was even better than Heaven Concealing Tecnhique, and with more and more powerful yao beasts’ legion, what kind of pinnacle will he step into?

Ye Chuan pressed onward towards the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, his steps were steady. As the cultivation progress, there will be more and more enemies, and they will also be more and more powerful, but he was not afraid, instead was full of expectation and hope for the future.

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