Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 123

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 123: Seventh Elder

“Disciple Ye Chuan greets Seventh Elder.”

Ye Chuan immediately stretched out his hand and held the shoulder of Flame Devil, then slightly bowed towards that distant cyan robed person to make his salutation. Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised seeing this Seventh Elder. Unexpectedly, even mysterious and unpredictable Seven Elder who had not appeared for a long time was alarmed this time.

Until now, he didn’t know who was this cyan robed man that called himself Seventh Elder, and also had never heard of the existence of such person within the sect.

The self-proclaimed Seventh Elder, this cyan robed man didn’t speak, just stared at the little soft shoot which had just sprouted on the ground for a good while, then he asked: “Youngster, can you tell me, what is this?”

“This is……, if my guess isn’t wrong then it is Heavenly Dragon Rice seed.”

Ye Chuan hesitated slightly, but said boldly. He didn’t conceal anything, on the contrary, he probed this Seventh Elder with unfathomable cultivation.

Ye Chuan didn’t sense any hostility from this cyan robed man, moreover, being able to appear in the rear mountain twice in the dead of night, even if he wasn’t the member of Cloud Mist Sect, he was definitely someone with profound relation with Cloud Mist Sect. And with his experience and cultivation, even if he didn’t know the origin of Heavenly Dragon Rice, he could definitely see that this was an extraordinary item. Thereupon, even if the other party had evil plans and wanted to seize it, concealing was also useless; on the contrary, if he told him truthfully, he might obtain the support of a super expert!

Heavenly Dragon Rice was not the item of the secular world, just the little soft shoot breaking out from the ground gave rise to such big movement, so in the process of growth, it was certain that it would absorb even more worldly spiritual qi, giving rise to an even greater movement. At that time, it will certainly alarm the experts of other two sects of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, or even alarm those old monsters who had lived for several thousand and several tens of thousands years. And with only the means of Ye Chuan, at that time, Ye Chuan absolutely wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Heavenly Dragon Rice seed?

Flame Devil Yi Yangzi was puzzled, he had never heard about such thing, but the expression of cyan robed Seventh Elder however suddenly changed, and his deep eyes shone and were blazing like torches. And after looking at the little soft shoot which had just sprouted for a while, he carefully sized up Ye Chuan and asked in a lowered voice: “Youngster, are you certain?”

“It cannot be wrong, if I am not 100% certain, then I am 99% certain.” Ye Chuan nodded his head.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Chuan carefully weighed cyan robed Seventh Elder’s words and closely watched his expression in secret. He observed every change in the expression of cyan robed Seventh Elder in detail, and his mind was sure.

His intuition was indeed correct, this cyan robed Seventh Elder wasn’t hostile, even after knowing Heavenly Dragon Rice seed was buried in this place, he was only shocked, and didn’t show even a trace of greed and evil intention.

This is a true expert!

This cyan robed man truly won the deep respect of Ye Chuan.

Even in his previous lifetime, when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, this kind of people was rare.

The side of Evil Dragon Abyss suddenly quieted down.

Ye Chuan only said Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed without too much explanation, and cyan robed man also didn’t ask too much. Now both people were silent.

After a good while, the cyan robed man broke the silence. “From sowing to harvest, how long does it need?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Chuan answered frankly and also was very helpless.

He truly didn’t know, the history of Heavenly Dragon and Heavenly Dragon Rice was truly too old, and there were many matters of that era he didn’t know. In his previous lifetime, when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, he had inadvertently heard the talk of a roaming Sage, only because of this he was able to identify this Heavenly Dragon Rice seed, however he truly didn’t know concrete planting tips and time needed.

“As long as it is a worldly spiritual item, all need a great amount of worldly spiritual qi to grow, is the worldly spiritual qi of this place sufficient?” Cyan robed man asked again.

“I don’t know.” Ye Chuan shook his head again and he was also not sure in his heart.

He knew other better places in the Wilderness World to grow spiritual medicine, where the worldly spiritual qi was hundred times denser than in Cloud Mist Sect. Unfortunately, all of them were far away from Cloud Mist Mountain Range, and some were not even in Heavenly Fire Continent. In his previous lifetime, when he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he was able to freely come and go, but with his current status and cultivation, even if he walked on for one hundred years, he might not be able to reach those places.

Cyan robed Seventh Elder became silent again.

In the horizon, gradually a smear of grey dawn appeared, and from under Evil Dragon Abyss, indistinct roaring sounds which could cause people tremble with fear again came through, and the blood mist intensely seethed once again. But compared to before, it was even more ferocious, as if it was about to overflow from Evil Dragon Abyss and spread throughout the entire Cloud Mist Sect.

“Sage Heartless, heaven and earth, because of straw dogs serving a meal, go disorder under the heaven……”

Cyan robed man muttered to himself, his complexion was somewhat downcast, then faintly sighing, he looked towards Ye Chuan and said: “The unearthed treasure is bound to lead strong evildoers to rob and plunder, youngster, are you prepared?”

“Rest assured, senior, form this moment, my follower Yi Yangzi will stay here and guard it all the way.” Ye Chuan replied pointing at Flame Devil beside him.

After Heavenly Dragon Rice seed was buried, it gave rise to the movement, so he was alert and was prepared to let Flame Devil Yi Yangzi continuously stay here to guard it. With Flame Devil’s Rank 5 Daoist Master realm cultivation, average people would never be able to approach.

“He won’t do, his cultivation realm is still low. Since seeing you is predetermined by fate, youngster, I will help you lay out a simple defense formation.”

Cyan robed man faintly said, then took out a three-foot-long Cyan Jade Ruler from his bosom.

In the next moment, a dazzling cyan light illuminated the entire rear mountain, and countless crystal stones flew out from the Jade Ruler, encircling the ground where Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed was planted, then those crystal stones fused together with the earth, changing the entire peak into a gigantic flat and smooth crystal stones square. Next, the cyan light of Cyan Jade Ruler suddenly rose sharply, and with the emergence of abstruse runes, eight over hundred zhang tall stone carvings descended from the heaven. And landing on the crystal stones square, they held spear, heavy sword, huge cauldrons and so on killing weapons, and as if eight giants, they surrounded the Heavenly Dragon Rice seed in a protective position. [T.N: zhang: traditional unit of length, equivalent to 10 feet or 3.3333 meters]

After that, an energy fluctuation with earth-shaking momentum suddenly spread out which was accompanied by ice-cold killing intent.

The roaring sound under Evil Dragon Abyss that could cause people tremble with fear suddenly disappeared, and that seething blood and qi also settled down. Such dense killing intent made everything in the world to tremble. This uninhabited rear mountain lying waste in former days changed into a dangerous killing formation. Anything that approach this place would suffer the joint attack of these eight giant guards. And feeling the energy fluctuation and killing intent of these eight giant guards, Flame Devil Yi Yangzi trembled.

Cyan light flashed again, then these eight giant guards along with the crystal stones square sunk underground, and the place beside the Evil Dragon Abyss revert back to the previous state, even the ice-cold killing intent also disappeared, and was replaced it by an indistinct obscure energy fluctuation.

Illusion Formation!

In the terrifying killing formation, cyan robed Seventh Elder overlaid a powerful illusion formation. With truth mingled with the false, even Flame Devil was somewhat in trance, and he subconsciously reached out his hand and touched the earth under his foot, but he wasn’t able to see whether this was real or false.

“This is a simple Demon Extermination Formation, put good use of 18 Extermination Demon Hands, youngster, cultivate well, I can only help till here.”

The cyan robed man put away Cyan Jade Ruler, then flew away disappearing without a trace in an instant, leaving behind only his faint voice. In the mind of Ye Chuan, suddenly an abstruse technique appeared.

Exterminating Demon Formation, 18 Extermination Demon Hands, could it be that he is……

The heart of Ye Chuan suddenly moved, in his previous lifetime when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, he was very familiar with all the sect and powers in the Wilderness World, but was only unfamiliar with one, which was Buddhist Sect that was extinct long ago.

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